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Open Letter to Amnesty International - Please Help!

Urgent appeal begs justice for Musa family and Maurice Kirk.

Musa family at left, and Aviation Adventurer and Veterinarian Maurice Kirk
Musa family at left, and Aviation Adventurer and Veterinarian Maurice Kirk

(LONDON) - An open letter to Amnesty International from John "butlincat" Graham, clarifies what is taking place with the Musa family, whose children were taken by government agents over false allegations.

It also reaches out to include the story of activist Maurice Kirk, who has been on hunger strike in Cardiff prison for about 3 weeks now, which the prison denies. He had lost 14 kg as of a couple of days after entry to the prison - he has been beaten...

I hope many people involve themselves and reach out to public officials to help this unfortunate family, originally from Nigeria, who seems to be running into dead-ends everywhere they turn; and also the high-spirited Maurice Kirk, who should immediately be freed from this terrible ordeal.
- Tim King, News Editor for


Open Letter to Amnesty International

Dear Ian, and all at Amnesty International,

Firstly, I am proud to be a member of this organisation. Secondly, please may I encroach upon your time for a few brief minutes as I have to tell you about 2 very serious ongoing situations which are affecting the lives of some totally innocent people who have done no wrong, but whose lives now are becoming seriously affected by the rancid corruption and unspeakable conspiracies by people drunk with power who don't give a damn about anybody else apart from themselves.

Both subjects I have to tell you about have grave injustices affecting them - the first subject being a person by the name of Maurice John Kirk, age 60+, and secondly a Nigerian family by the name of the MUSA family who have had 6 children snatched by Haringey council whilst they were residents there. Although both are inexorably linked, I will talk here primarily and firstly about the plight of MAURICE JOHN KIRK, for reasons I hope will become obvious before trying to bring to your attention the facts surrounding the MUSA family ordeal as the present situation is extremely urgent regarding Maurice's health, and also totally unacceptable.

Maurice Kirk has been on hunger strike in Cardiff prison for about 3 weeks now and has been refused all medical treatment up till a day or so ago, that is if the information given by the 'prison chaplain' is to be believed. Judging by the many untruths he came out with during our conversation at 7.30 this morning I have no reason to believe anything he says is valid as it is obvious not only to me but to other supporters that he has spoken outright lies whilst taking to me. Lies which can be systematically proven as lies too. The conversation I had with this chaplain is below, number 1 from this morning Wed 16 Nov. at 07.30 GMT.

Maurice as I said has been on hunger strike for the best part of 3 weeks, has chronic bleeding stomach ulcers, terrible swollen ankles, {could this swelling be the result of liquid - blood etc - which is exuding from his stomach ulcers? He is refused an urgent endoscopy by the prison staff} and has been denied many basic Human Rights too, such as:

  • being denied medication AND release of his medical records
  • denied blood tests,
  • hemorrhoids needing medication/treatment - {qu.}"the size of my 2 thumbs" {unqu. by M Kirk on Mon 15 Nov letter from him I received and is attached called MAUR 15 NOV},
  • denied certain mail in/out, especially from his lawyers about vital elements in his cases
  • denied blankets for his freezing cell, {with a permanently open window for some reason which makes the cell freezing cold},
  • limited postage stamp issue to what his allowance is,
  • limited phone call allowance and phone numbers denied.

For many weeks his bail applications were not delivered to the court as mail out was denied, and whilst at court on Friday prison staff refused to give them to the court. {Latest update we are told is that the CPS Wales are okaying the bail apps,. but very probably the judge will deny it, based, as M's letter reveals, on the fictitious report from the doctor {as written in the letter as transcribed + shown on my site www.butlincat.wordpress,com - + shown number 2 below - {basically the doctor concerned has made a report some 2 years ago which states Maurice has a brain tumour and is incapably dangerous and needs to be locked away for the safety of everybody - and him.

Maurice does not have any such thing, and this doctor was prevented from doing further damage to Maurice, even though he succeeded in getting him locked away for 8 months, because fellow professional doctors refused to sign and agree with this corrupt doctors report - it took 3 signitures to make the report valid, and no 3 doctors could be found to validate the report - and thank God!

The prison denies he is on hunger strike, now on about day 21-ish -He had lost 14 kg as of a couple of days after entry to the prison - He has been beaten, and we have been given 2 lapel nos. of officers who were involved, be they official prison staff, or contract workers in the prison.

There are other rights denied I'm sure other supporters can enlighten you about.

His sites carry much fuller details: and - other satellite sites exist too. {Musa case / M Kirk -

There are many letters, detailing various corrupt actions by govt. parties, police etc., many phone calls are recorded detailing serious irregularities re: the prison, courts, S Wales police etc. and videos of calls on my site dedicated to these cases + more at

Maurice believes they will kill him. He is refused hospital treatment on orders from "someone high up" as he states. He has not been told the reason he is being held in Cardiff prison - one of the friendlier staff tell him by his name is written "charge = unknown" on the prison computer and the prison deny he is on hunger strike also.

My conversation with the chaplain where the chaplain astonishingly denied much of what I had to say about recent happenings, which was based upon witness statements, Maurice's own letters to myself and many recorded phone calls from him which I have recorded during his time in Cardiff prison whilst on hunger strike giving a detailed run-down of events and happenings. These recordings are here: - the "sendspace" links which lead to MP3 listening files, or video files with him telling of current happenings.

Maurice Kirk has been campaigning on 2 fronts: 1} as supporter and campaigner for the Nigerian Musa family, of Haringey North London who have had 6 children removed by HARINGEY COUNCIL. Numerous crimes have been committed throughout the entire case which began on April 8 2010 when the 5 children were removed with no notice or paperwork by 8 policemen who let themselves into the Musas abode and simply removed the children without any explanation. PLEASE SEE SUMMARY, and letter to the Chief Constable,below, to whom I have notified and threatened to prosecute many times for dereliction of duty, and also should anything terrible have happened to Favour Musa, now 11 years old, who has been sexually molested also whilst in care. The police do nothing and I have numerous emails from them brushing the entire event of Favours plight aside, and I and others have sent literally hundreds of emails to MPs, and numerous authority figures, such as lords, ladies, Victim Supports Commissioner Louise Casey, Lord Triesman, 5 foster care agencies + many more people who should at least offer a reply to emails sent expressing these shocking crimes and events.

Every communication mentioned in this message can be physically shown to anybody interested at any time. All British newspapers + TV have been told over + over, and given regular updates. Also 5 major internet sites, with audience figures in the millions, have been regularly updated for months along with my 3 blogs. Many other supporters are doing the same continuously in many different countries. A French film channel has a documentary coming out early in the New Year on "Channel Plus".

The Musa case is separate from the Kirk case but both are horrific throughout and very much linked, with Maurice Kirk being a campaigner and supporter, Musa's case having death threats and unbelievable events happening constantly, from serious crimes, perversions of justice, and wholesale witness intimidation affecting at least 7 separate witnesses {most of whom have had their children removed in retaliation it seems for supporting and being a witness for the Musa's} to a witness who had to flee the country lest her sibling be snatched, to another Nigerian supporter who was detained for 4 months in a detention centre for immigrants before being finally released, even though he was innocent of the charge.

The irregularities just go on and on, including the family being evicted from their council home after the removal of the final child, the year old baby, on June 28 2011.

The eldest child has been "inappropriately touched" - sexually molested by one of the foster carers she was placed with and has not been seen since she told her father of this on a contact visit 15 months ago. She is feared dead. The 4 other children have not been seen for approx. 6 months, and the baby has not been seen since the day she was taken on June 28.

ALL ALLEGATIONS USED TO REMOVE THE BABY and the other 5 children HAVE BEEN TOTALLY DISPROVEN, but total corruption and conspiracies between the council, police and judiciary have ensured the children remain removed and everything is kept secret through now numerous injunctions.

Over a £million has spent from the public purse on this case so far, all based on totally fabricated untrue allegations and evidence which can be disproven outright. Even the big legal bundle of the case has been totally reworded and altered during the case, bringing in a whole new set of lies - for example supposed conversations between the defendant and a certain police officer that never took place. This was read allowed in a court, and taken as fact.

I witnessed this personally and could not believe my ears. I am bound by an injunction never to reveal this complete perversion of justice lest i am imprisoned for breaking the injunction. An injunction now exists whereby Maurice Kirk and the Musa family must never ever have contact with each other. A thousand pound reward has been put up for knowledge leading to the whereabouts of the eldest child, but an injunction forbids this reward and its details being made public. These details above are why Maurice Kirk is an active supporter and campaigner for this family, as we all are, and why as such he is targeted by the authorities whereas other supporters aren't as fluent with the law and therefore do not cause as much of a stir as he successfully does and are therefore not seen as such a risk being free.

Maurice has 11 charges to consider in total, and with a successful track record such as he has he is deemed a danger to certain individuals who unfortunately have the power to misuse the law and get clean away with it, as is hopefully on its way to being stopped permanently - either that or something very drastic will happen, to Maurice - life imprisonment via a criminal doctors lies condoned by further corrupt officials, or death if it all does not go well.

Hence us asking for Amnesty International's help. 2} Maurice Kirk has suffered much harassment for 20 years from S Wales police. The entire scenario is far too much to put here, but he faces 11 charges at present, including causing harassment to a doctor who falsified reports so as he was hopefully sectioned to Broadmoor forever. In the past he has suffered many fake charges, been found guilty and imprisoned so unjustly - once for 8 months in a mental hospital due to this doctors dishonest actions with his report. It is this corruption Maurice has knowledge of that they wish to silence along with much more, and he is not the type to remain silent when authority figures are corrupt and blatantly ripping us all off. Please listen to his phone calls as mentioned at, and watch this video from 2009, made in better times, but still in the fray, explaining a tiny bit of what he is made of and why they need to silence him:

We supporters believe that if something positive is not done soon, he will die, or be killed by the authorities who wish to shut him up so much because of what he knows. We also believe something very serious has happened to Favour Musa - that she is involved in a paedophile ring, or that she has been trafficked abroad to a paedo ring, or worst of all that she has passed on. The council have never ever answered any question ever about her well-being put by her parents or the Nigerian High Commission, who have also been refused leave to see her.

The council refuses to let the diplomats see her because they say they have no right as they are strangers to her, but the child is not a stranger to them - none of the children are as the diplomats have met and spent much time with all the children at social events many times.

The father Chiwar Musa is known by business connections to many Nigerian politicians and diplomats, thus contact was always freely available for the children with these Commission representatives and many more.

Gloria Musa is an ordained bishop in the African Evangelical Church, and has a worldwide following having been on African TV many times, making her very popular all over Africa.

Many African newspapers have published their story too - please see:

This is just one of many, and the UK's Sunday Telsgraph's Christopher Booker has written 13 articles since April 2010 on the case. He says it is the worst he has ever seen in all his years of reporting. An example of his articles- an article about Favour being missing, published Sunday 12 June 2011:

"The mystery of Haringey’s missing 'Girl X’ makes a mockery of the Children Act. The family of a girl taken into care have not seen or heard from her for 10 months", writes Christopher Booker. Torn apart: the system of child protection is a national scandal

7:00PM BST 12 Jun 2011

The social workers of Haringey are notorious for having failed to prevent the deaths of Baby P and Victoria Climbié. But in their zeal to avoid any repetition of these tragedies, they are now at the forefront of those councils which have pushed the number of children taken into care to an all-time high. In all the cases I have been following where children have been taken from their families for what seem like dubious reasons, no single instance has been more disturbing than the plight of a 10-year-old girl seized by Haringey last year, who seems in the past 10 months to have vanished off the radar.

“Girl X”, as I shall call her, was taken into care on the basis of three allegations. One turned out to be so laughably erroneous that it was soon dropped; a second was likewise dropped when medical tests completely disproved the council’ s claims. The third, highly questionable, has still not been put to any evidential test.

The last time Girl X was seen by her mother was at a supervised contact session last August. Having complained of sexual abuse by her foster carer’s 19-year-old son, she asked to be given, as a birthday present, a journal with a lock in which she could record her “secret thoughts”.

Since that day she has not been seen by her parents or, since the autumn, by her siblings, who are also in care. It seems she has since been interviewed by three people – an independent social worker, an independent psychiatrist and her guardian, all of whom reported that she wished to see and be reunited with her mother.

No one representing the family has been allowed to see her, including the girl’s grandparents, who came from abroad specifically to visit her. Her parents have been forbidden to telephone her or even send a Christmas card. Her whereabouts are a mystery. When I put questions about her to Haringey last year, the council’s only response was to ask for a court order forbidding me to refer to the case at all. (It was not granted.)

What makes all this particularly disturbing is that, in several respects, it seems to defy the Children Act, which insists that councils must do all they can to encourage contact between children taken into care and their parents, who continue to share parental responsibility until a child is adopted. “The responsible authority,” says the Act, “has a duty to endeavour to promote contact” with the parents and “any relative, friend or other person connected to the child”. In particular, parents must be allowed to see medical or school reports relating to their child. The law also insists that, if children are old enough, they should be allowed to appear in court to express their wishes. None of these things has happened.

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04 Jun 2011 - Why – when even Baby P’s mother was last year allowed out of prison to enjoy supervised contact with her surviving children – has Girl X been shut away as a silent prisoner, seemingly denied her rights? What has happened to Girl X?

For legal reasons, comments on this story have been disabled." Hundreds upon hundreds of emails have been sent by supporters, whose number grows all the time, to every kind of authority about the Musa case. And now theyre being sent about Maurice Kirks torture, because denying a man medical treatment when his stomach ulcers are bleeding and he is in great pain but he is denied any medication or an urgent hospital operation surely must amount to torture. But the officials coverup and charade merely increases the more they are pressured - an example of that is I stood as Mckenzie friend for the Musa family at the Royal Courts of Justice in London for 4 days in the week beginning the 31 Oct at a fact-finding hearing concerning the removed Musa baby {removed on 28 June 2011} and an injunction prevents me from telling of the outrageous and astronomical figure regarding the amount of lies told by each and every witness acting against the Musa family. And in the final summary the top family judge in Britain, who heard the case, said "professionals do not lie". Well, they do, they did, and they continue to.

He just tows the "party line" which is thriving on total corruption and conspracy while legal teams earn thousands upon thousands of taxpayers money milking the system via cases of horrific child removal based entirely on fictitious allegations conjured up by corrupt council and government employees - especially social workers, condoned by a corrupt judiciary. Of this there is overwhelming evidence. Each and every official complaint, be it a judges review to the OCJ, or regarding a solicitor to the SRA, or regarding the police to the IPCC = all are completely ignored or nullified and brushed aside. I have many emails of evidence to prove this, as have others.

I am pleading to you at Amnesty International to please do what is right, and help Maurice Kirk before he is either killed, or dies through lack of medical treatment, or starvation. He has done nothing wrong nor broken any law.

Thank you for your time.

This is a true sworn statement by John Graham - 16 November 2011..

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