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Probate Court: The Largest Business in the World

(and the deepest, darkest, dirtiest, yet wealthiest secret of our government)

Probate court

(WASHINGTON D.C.) - Consider this, the probate court is the largest business in the world, for through its portals pass the entire wealth of the world, sooner or later.

Now, pay close attention:

In this post, I will mathematically prove this allegation. Though this well-kept secret does not appear in the Fortune 500's list, the probate court trumps them all, including Wal-Mart, Wall Street, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet. These businesses and individuals are all dwarves compared to the probate court.

Follow carefully, for this will help the reader understand and comprehend the magnitude of the "business of the court", specifically the probate court.

Now, before I lay out a hypothetical (ball-park) figure of the gross annual income of the probate court, you must understand that the probate court is the most unaccounted for court; for there is typically no jury, no oversight and a judge vested with an authority that is typically void of credibility to adjudicate the matters before their court.

If they are not in possession of mathematical credentials and certification that surpass those of its practitioners, then what credentials must they possess to be qualified for the probate bench? A superior knowledge of the law should be a given. Yet, with factoring in an almost unaccounted for court overseeing the largest business in the world, it invites corruption, and a subversion of the law becomes a rule as opposed to the exception.

Let me interject here that in Davidson County, TN, where the 7th Circuit Court's bench is occupied by a man who, from inside information, graduated in the lower half of his class from Nashville School of Law, Judge Randy Kennedy is not a scholar, but a politician, and this further invites and suggests lack of interest in the citizenry and favor towards its practitioners and all state agencies that do business in the court, including our Attorney General, Robert E. Cooper, Jr. (we will present evidence in a future post that puts Cooper and Kennedy "in bed" together, thus no accountability from our highest state law enforcement public servant).

Judge Jim Everett, two probate judges back, committed suicide in the home of notorious organized corruption king-pin Jimmy Lewis' home, when the TBI (Tennessee Bureau of Investigation) initiated investigations into his actions that are insignificant compared to the corruption Judge Randy Kennedy facilitates and cooperates in routinely. Judge Kennedy is tied directly to Jimmy Lewis, as is Paul Housch, Adam Dread, all one-time attorneys for Jimmy Lewis. There are other probate practitioners attached to this world of organized corruption.

Judge Jim Everett Suicide--Nashville Scene, January 18, 1996

Now I present the mathematical equation that represents the probate court as being the largest business in the world:

In a discussion with respected journalist and probate blogger, Lou Ann Anderson, she represented the amount of money that passes through one probate court in Houston, TX, a county that has THREE probate courts, and this is from just ONE of those courts in one county.  Lou Ann Anderson's' testimonial must start with her involuntarily thrust into the probate hell:

“At a point, I traded in the PTO and Junior League for political activism and a‘concealed carry’ license.  Who knew that and learning more about quiet, stodgy, seemingly boring probate venues would expose a corrupt system of which the American public is largely unaware despite it posing a growing, unbridled threat to both their individual liberties and property rights.”

She reports from Estate of Denial:

In October 2006, Harris County (Houston) Probate Judge Mike Wood – a controversial figure in his own right – testified before the Texas Senate Committee on Jurisprudence and offered interesting insight to the “probate business.”  He told of a 1995 analysis indicating that assets and inventories filed for his approval (and not necessarily including all independently administered estate assets which also he supervises) were approximately $750 million per quarter.  He said the $3 billion annual figure held true five years later.  While this court was described as “probably one of the busiest probate courts in the nation,” that still is a staggering number and to extrapolate even a far-diminished dollar amount to the massive number of probate courts throughout this country helps illustrate the wealth controlled by this venue.

Now, consider that Judge Randy Kennedy brags often of his court having "more conservatorships than any probate court in the state", while Shelby County has a population of 5 million, far more populated than Davidson County.

This approximate calculation of the wealth of the probate court was presented last year at Impeach Randy Kennedy, but in the light of recent activity, it's important to bring this issue back up.

Let's assume every county has one probate court, though the county referred to in Estate of Denial has three probate courts.  One court does 9 billion/year in this county, so we'll underestimate in our hypotheses.

According to Wikipedia, here's the definition of a "county", though they may have a different title in different states such as Louisiana and Alaska:

In the United States, a county is a geographic subdivision of a state (or federal territory), usually assigned some governmental authority. The term "county" is used in 48 of the 50 states; Louisiana is divided into parishes and Alaska into boroughs.[1] Parishes and boroughs are called "county-equivalents" by the U.S. Federal Government, as are certain independent cities which are not parts of counties. There are currently 3,143 counties and county-equivalents in the United States; 3,141 according to Wolfram|Alpha knowledgebase, 2011.

Now, if one of three courts has a gross annual income of 3 Billion, that would suggest 9 Billion in one county annually, and these figures come from 1995.  Now, let's multiply that times 3,143 counties or "county-equivalents".  This would gross 28,287,000,000,000.00.  Let me simplify by letting you know this figure is well in excess of $28 TRILLION dollars.  This figure dwarfs the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) $14.582 Trillion

Not to mention the USA National Debt which exceeds $14 Trillion:

According to this "ball-park" calculation based on numbers presented from one probate court in 1995, the gross annual income of the probate court equals the US National Debt and the Gross Domestic Product combined, approximately $28 Trillion.  I believe we can assume this is a modest calculation, understating the fact.

Based upon this calculation, the probate court is not only the largest business in the United States, but this would probably hold true for any country in the world that uses the probate court to liquidate and divide the wealth of their nation.

Again, all the wealth of the world passes through probate, in a court virtually unaccounted for, benched by judges who are not certified accountants (typically), all bills are paid by the court, all attorneys are paid by the court, and the matters of the state in estate matters are adjudicated in the probate court.

Reader, are you grasping what this is telegraphing loud and clear?  Do you think the "powers that be" are going to let go of these purse strings without slinging mud, ruining lives and protecting themselves by "hook or crook"?  You are a fool, or just indifferent, if you think otherwise.

The probate court is the deep, dark, dirty secret of, not only our legal system, but our entire government, for in this unaccounted for court, passes the wealth of the world, houses the largest business in the world, and it can surely, and more often than not, invite corruption.

How can this "business of the court" be wrangled into accountability?

In my experience, here are the options:  In Tennessee, apparently here is no hope for reform on a local or state level, for the agencies charged with investigating crimes are not inclined to take on the largest business in the world.  Legislators are not going to bite the hand that feeds them.  The Court of the Judiciary is not going to charge a judge for judicial misconduct when they've committed the same misconduct.  Former Tennessee Governor Bredesen (refer to previous post) appointed Judge Randy Kennedy to run Davidson County's largest business, so that suggests he might be in on the business of the court.  Attorney General Robert E. Cooper does business in Judge Randy Kennedy's Court (and they've got some side business we will reveal upcoming).

Is there federal intervention that would save us from on high?

I'm in Washington DC as I write, seeking federal intervention from the lack of integrity on a local and state level in Tennessee, but it's hard for me to imagine that the feds are going to "bite the hand that feeds them", though there has been traction here and I will return with a greater confidence that justice will be served.

With the constant bickering between the right and the left, which is nothing but an instrument to distract "we, the people", from all internal atrocities, and from the fact the probate court is looting our estates before we are in the grave, my case being a prime example, "Court-Ordered Hell" , the only reasonable conclusion might be that we must overtake our government, for the voice of "we, the people" is not represented at any level, state or federal, and this MUST be of grave concern.  The probate purse strings will not be let go of without a fight.  And the probate practitioners are the bottom feeders of the legal system, right behind ambu lance chasers.  These are the culprits stealing our money.  WAKE UP!!!  You do not want to wake up one day in this "court-ordered hell", brought on by a protected, illegal, yet sanctioned ambush.

Our Constitution provides the right to raise a militia, used to rise up against tyranny, perfectly represented in the probate courts of America.  It is truly taxation without representation, for once you are in probate, you ARE NOT represented, for all attorneys are on the probate gravy train, having their outrageous and exaggerated fees paid by the probate court, not by the client.  Are you following this line of reasoning?

It may require a coup, a rising up of the patriotic spirit this nation was born from,

"Don't tread on me"
"Give me liberty or give me death".

In closing, the entire legal and political system has kept us in the dark as to the largest business in the world, the probate court, and in order for us to take back the power and take control of this probate industry that our leaders have not, and apparently will not, protect us from, it obviously will and must require extreme measures, by any means necessary.

I, for one, am ready to lead the charge.  Who will follow?  Are you an American of the patriotic spirit, or have you sold your soul to the era of thievery and greed spawned by our own "trusted" servants?  Not me, not now, not ever.

You can sit on the sidelines and be a spectator, but that will not do, not now, not at this point in time in American history.

Now is the hour of truth.

I challenge you to rise up and exercise your Constitutional Rights, and lets strip our government of the tyranny that has taken over.  Probate courts are Taxation Without Representation, the very movement that birthed our nation.  Who will follow?

As Jack Nicholson's character stated as the theme in:

"One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest",

 "At least I tried…"

Here is our alter call.  Who will rededicate their lives to the salvation of our individual liberties:
"Where Have the Rebels All Gone"
 by: danny tate and john brannen (c) 1985
"Come on all you saints and sinners, refugees of life,
Is there one among you with the heart to stand alone and fight
Is there anyone in this land who isn't tired and old
I'm just looking for one misfit with a motorcycle soul

Restless winds are blowing in the streets
Who will rise above this crowd and challenge destiny…."
While there is breath in me, I will fight for my individual liberties, which was  paramount as our forefathers authored the Constitution.
Stand with me, stand beside me, and let's rise up against tyranny within our own land.
Keep the faith….

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CMUR December 15, 2016 6:26 pm (Pacific time)

I have spent the last 7 years in a California probate court, In Pro Per, fighting against the blatant corruption perpetrated by my co-beneficiary, his 2 attorneys, and the court. Ignoring the law, probate codes, and my civil rights, they have proceeded to steal from me my entire inheritance of approximately $1 Million dollars (which has literally put me out on the street, penniless and homeless at 60+ years old). "Legalized" grand theft and elder financial abuse! The foxes guarding the hen house! They have the control! Who can you turn to for justice when the courts are participating in the crime? The hearings on my petitions are called last on the docket so there are no "witnesses" while they play their games with me; berate me; laugh at me; and ultimately deny my petitions without a fair and unbiased determination of my allegations and my evidence. No attorney will take my case because they won't commit political suicide going up against the judge! My parents would be horrified to know that all their time, financial planning, and attorney fees paid in executing their trusts, wills, codicils, etc., was for naught and all their hard work and frugal living to provide a comfortable life and financial security for their 2 children (and me being disabled) was simply and "legally" stolen...ripped out of my hands! I am not letting go. I am exhausting every avenue I can think of (which is irritating them no end!). Isn't there anyone out there who can help me and put a stop to this fleecing of hard-working people's assets in the courts by "officers of the court"?

RobynD323 April 10, 2013 11:21 pm (Pacific time)

You have my full support..I'm on the East Coast. What can I do to help you and others? email me at Thanks

author of hemperor herer August 31, 2012 1:07 am (Pacific time)

Take it from the life experience of hemperor herer... In many states such as oregon a guardianship can b obtained against anyone and turn the person into an owned pet to b abused at will. States like california do not allow nor honor guardianships over an adukt regardless of circumstance but like in the case of hemperor herer as a native californian... If u fall in a visiting state qhich does allow the option it can end up condemning you as well. Very scary power indeed this guardianship requet. Also so you know a guardianship can trump a power of attorney and advanced medical directive at the Guardians whim and decision and regardless of what the person decided for themselves prior so again i say "scary power"! A poa amd or medical director can be fired at ANY time but a guardianship/ conservitorship is and are about forever and damn near impossible to reverse even if the person is 100% plus compident making it a true miscarriage of justice for the now victim having to live the nightmare! Great story guys!

AMMAL July 17, 2012 9:01 pm (Pacific time)

Scaling walls to get onto locked tniens courts has a long history on MV. Our knees and our nerve may not be what they used to be, but where there's a will, there's usually a way.

Gail Duncan November 7, 2011 5:19 am (Pacific time)

Most Americans do not know that a Guardianship takes their Constitutional Rights away from them and that they are no longer considered a legal entity…YOU NO LONGER EXIST IN THE EYES OF THE LAW...and have no legal identity and no claim to your bank accounts, retirement, home, clothes, or any physical or financial asset. Your legal identity and all of your possessions are now the property of the Court Appointed Guardian.

Linda Kincaid November 6, 2011 9:28 am (Pacific time)

My mother was abducted from her home and has been held prisoner for over a year in San Bernardino, CA. Her entire estate was stolen by the conservator. The facility holding my mom prisoner is padding their income with Medicare fraud. My mother's "court appointed attorney" sees no problem with the situation.

Don Acree November 5, 2011 9:15 am (Pacific time)

Thank you for posting Danny Tate's informative and persuasive introduction to the world of the Probate Racket and the KKK (Kennedy Kriminal Kourt) of which many of us here in Nashville are victims. Join NASGA or some other organization, or just go to court and support the latest victims in your countym, because the legislators are out-to-lunch and we, the people, have to take down Kennedy and his ilk.

Gail Duncan November 4, 2011 5:13 pm (Pacific time)

Thank you Salem News for helping to bring to light the Forced Guardianship corruption that is destroying the lives of tens of thousands of Americans. Please note: one DOES NOT have to be elderly to become a victim of the Guardianship Cartel. Judges use their ultimate authority and power given to them to force guardiansips upon anyone and intimidate, sanction, and/or jail any who protest or defy them. The cartel is operating their nasty enterprise in EVERY STATE IN these United States. Even when you tell them, people will not believe that this ultimate human abuse is happening in America; so this MUST be publicized often and in a very big way.

Gail Duncan November 4, 2011 5:15 pm (Pacific time)

Thank you Salem News for helping to bring to light the Forced Guardianship corruption that is destroying the lives of tens of thousands of Americans. Please note: one DOES NOT have to be elderly to become a victim of the Guardianship Cartel. Judges use their ultimate authority and power given to them to force guardiansips upon anyone and intimidate, sanction, and/or jail any who protest or defy them. The cartel is operating their nasty enterprise in EVERY STATE IN these United States. Even when you tell them, people will not believe that this ultimate human abuse is happening in America; so this MUST be publicized often and in a very big way.

Maritza Torrent November 4, 2011 4:37 pm (Pacific time)

Thank you for exposing the facts, now let's hope someone actually takes this issue seriouly... been there, donde everything to expose this problem...still, without any investigation nor positive results !

Barb Montrond November 4, 2011 2:39 pm (Pacific time)

Thank you Salem News for your committment in getting the TRUTH out regarding the Probate system. It is a horrible place to be...those that do not understand the seriousness of this abuse have not yet felt the intolerable pain and PTSD symptoms most of us continue to endure. The type of abuse that occurs as attorneys, judges, "guardians" etc use as they collude with one another to maintain their "power" position is "almost" unbelievable...unless you have experienced it. Beware Baby Boomers.

November 4, 2011 11:43 am (Pacific time)

These State and Government officials have ruined so many lives and so many families. I am tired of seeing no one being held accountable. Who cares? Who will listen? Who will do something? We the people-THATS WHO! We the people that have lost loved ones, and stand in the ruins-we are the ONLY ones! Because, until you find YOURSELF or a loved one in the middle of this HELL-NO ONE CARES!!! Not in America!!! Mary

Elaine Renoire November 4, 2011 10:55 am (Pacific time)

Unlawful and abusive guardianships and conservatorships are harming families and pauperizing vulnerable, disabled, and elderly people all over this country. Guardianship/conservatorship law is designed to "guard", "conserve", and "protect" incompetent people and the public. Over the years, the laws have been misused, misapplied, or manipulated to unjustly enrich court-appointed fiduciaries at the expense of and to the detriment of the very people the courts have assigned them to protect: “The largest business in the world.” Who pays the price? Every taxpayer picks up the Medicaid tab when wards are pauperized into indigence under the guise of "protection."

Erna Boldt November 3, 2011 10:40 pm (Pacific time)

Thank you for publishing this article. Judge Kennedy has been on the "Stop Guardeanship Abuse" facebook for a long, long time. I forwarded your article to them, and all my friends to read, and be aware of the "Collusion" and fraud going on, even in Clackamas County, Oregon Probate Court.

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