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Goodbye Mother's Day: Bill Gates Wants to Stop Kids William Davies

Genetically engineered organisms might wreck the cycle of existence but they provide a synthetic cycle, not of life but of profit.

Bill Gates

(NEW YORK ) - The destruction of our earth is coming from the massive industries behind fossil fuels, deforestation, industrial agriculture, extraction of natural resources, and the synthetic drug industry. But the wealthiest people in the world are pinning the blame on babies. And parents who made them. And they have a solution - vaccines!

Not only are vaccines now being touted for everything from tooth decay to smoking to bad breath to addiction, they are being used by the wealthy to cure the world of what they consider the biggest problem in the world, people.

Gates purports to be a humanitarian interested in helping save the lives of the poor children of the world but William Engdahl exposes the absurdity in that.

Health experts point out that were the intent of Gates really to improve the health and well-being of black Africans, the same hundreds of millions of dollars the Gates Foundation has invested in untested and unsafe vaccines could be used in providing minimal sanitary water and sewage systems. Vaccinating a child who then goes to drink feces-polluted river water is hardly healthy in any respect. But of course cleaning up the water and sewage systems of Africa would revolutionize the health conditions of the Continent.

Gates has formed a club with Rockefeller and some of their rich friends which they have named the Good Club. Gates and his friends just happen to also be the driving forces behind the most destructive industries on earth and the cause of the very global warming they are allegedly so keen to stop.

So, what are they doing to help? Their industries are blocking non-destructive renewable energy and organic farming both of which the world is now demanding. Renewable energy can ultimately provide limitless (but, the wealthy note, profitless) energy, and in the case of organic farming, it can reverse global warming (but it, too, is profitless to those in the Good Club).

Gates and Rockefeller, calling themselves "Good" are "doing good" for themselves financially as major investors in Monsanto and genetically engineered crops which depend on massive amounts of fossil fuels (Rockefeller owns those, too) and are destroying the natural cycle of life on earth, threatening the soil, bees, butterflies, animals and people. GMOs are, coincidentally, also destroying reproductive organs and animals are going sterile.

Genetically engineered organisms might wreck the cycle of existence but they provide a synthetic cycle, not of life but of profit, and through patents they turn ownership of life itself over to Gates and others - the ones who are blaming mothers and babies for doing the damage.

.... the central theme and purpose of the secret Good Club meeting of the plutocrats was the priority concern posed by Bill Gates, namely, how to advance more effectively their agenda of birth control and global population reduction. In the talks a consensus reportedly emerged that they would “back a strategy in which population growth would be tackled as a potentially disastrous environmental, social and industrial threat.”18

While it may appear unseemly to use the word "eugenics" when talking about Mother's day, and not nice in general to think about, Engdahl is blunt and talks directly about Gates and a "Global Eugenics agenda."

    Gates and Buffett are major funders of global population reduction programs, as is Turner, whose UN Foundation was created to funnel $1 billion of his tax-free stock option earnings in AOL-Time-Warner into various birth reduction programs in the developing world.19 The programs in Africa and elsewhere are masked as philanthropy and providing health services for poor Africans. In reality they involve involuntary population sterilization via vaccination and other medicines that make women of child-bearing age infertile. The Gates Foundation, where Buffett deposited the bulk of his wealth two years ago, is also backing introduction of GMO seeds into Africa under the cloak of the Kofi Annan-led ‘Second Green Revolution’ in Africa. The introduction of GMO patented seeds in Africa to date has met with enormous indigenous resistance.

A recent New Yorker article by a woman who has written over and over again on global warming, eerily echoes the sentiment of the Good Club, as described by William Engdahl, that "human beings seem to be a form of pollution equal to CO2." In the article, procreation itself is treated as overpopulation ignoring that birthrates have already dropped below replacement levels in numbers of developed countries (where presumably are those able to read the article) and that there are available solutions to global warming other than the end of Mother's Day and babies and human beings in general. Elizabeth Korbert presents "The Case Against Kids" and asks "Is procreation immoral?"

Consider the claim that having a child benefits the child. This might seem self-evident. After all, a child deprived, through some Knowltonian means, of coming into existence, loses everything. She can never experience any of the pleasures life has to offer—eating ice cream, say, or riding a bike, or, for the more forward-thinking parents among us, having sex.

Overall rejects this argument .... nonexistent people have no moral standing. (There are an infinite number of nonexistent people out there, and you don’t notice them complaining, do you?)

Korbert goes on:

... Benatar’s logic leads to what might be called the Conclusive Conclusion. If we all saw the harm we were doing by having children and put a stop to it, within a century or so the world’s population would drop to zero. For Benatar, this is an outcome devoutly to be wished. “Humans have the unfortunate distinction of being the most destructive and harmful species on earth,” he writes. “The amount of suffering in the world could be radically reduced if there were no more” of us." [Emphasis added.]

Are they now curing the "suffering in the world" with sterilizing vaccines?

Bill Gates is deeply invested in vaccines and definitely not helping kids with them, unless one considers 47,500 cases of paralysis following his campaign in India a boon. He is on record as saying he wants to vaccinate every single child in the world. He and his "Good" friends want less people. Polysorbate 80, in the vaccines for US kids, is so good at impairing fertility it is patented to do so. American kids are mandated to take 69 doses of it - and counting.

Gates and his Good Club have screwed up the world big time (one might say, industrially) and are doing all they can to prevent renewable clean energy and organic farming. Who funded the stinker of a food safety law that is being used by the FDA to shut down organic farms, and with armed agents? According to Nicole Johnson's article Food "Safety" Reform and the Covert Continuation of the Enclosure Movement, it was Good ole Bill Gates and friends:

.... the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Rockefeller Foundation, the DOE, USAID, the US Department of State, the USDA, the World Bank, the FAO, SYSCO and the Tides Foundation. Winrock International also has long-standing ties with Monsanto, which has benefited from Winrock's help in introducing its products to farmers in developing nations around the world.

Some of his friends, such as the Rockefellers, funded the Holocaust (more "good" guys who saw people as the problem?) and worked on vaccines there to sterilize people without their knowing.

They seem not to be able to let a bad idea go. And the New Yorker is a certainly a strange mouthpiece for eugenics, and even more strange as it is promoting genocide to a lot of Jews in New York.

Of course, this time around they do not call themselves Nazis at all, and they do not rant about getting rid of undesirables. Instead, now they call themselves "Good" and rave about vaccines and saving people from disease. And Bill Gates says vaccine "skeptics" (admitting they're based on faith, after all) are killing children, going McCarthy a big one better. McCarthy just said people who thought differently were Communists. Gates, who's been killing kids in India with his disastrous vaccine campaign, was accusing parents seeking vaccine safety of murder.

But up is down and bad is "Good" these day. And those who have made an unholy mess of the planet and stoked wars to get control of oil when the world doesn't want oil anymore but something clean and free, are pointing to babies and saying "Babies are the problem." And chuckling between themselves, they say "Sterility is the answer! Let's do it through vaccines!"

For Bill Gates, life itself is the problem, not industrial madness. For Gates, the greatest joy in life - children - is the problem.

Are he and his Good friends working on making sure there are no more of us? Just because they can't face taking the blame for what they have done to the earth? That's like Johnny killing his whole family rather than admit he pooped on the floor in the bathroom and saying he is saving them from suffering from the smell.

Mothers and fathers and babies are not the culprits. With solar energy and organic farming, the earth could heal. Takes people to force that to happen. Maybe Bill Gates and his friends know that - billions of people mean whistleblowers and justice seekers and resistance to industrial destruction. And those with children are unstoppable in demanding their kids have decent lives.

It's mothers who fought for breast feeding over the wrong-headed of doctors who were pushing industrial formula, and it's mothers who are putting together a civil rights movement on all our behalves, risking jail right now to protect our human right to real food for all our children.

And it is mothers who first began exposing the dangers of vaccines, and with fathers, it's mothers who have organized and are now demanding vaccine safety for everyone's children, despite Bill Gates' ugly efforts to suppress them.

To sterilize our children would mean the end of Mother's Day.

Sorry. We are not taken in by a bunch of super rich, narcissistic men in suits who have been pooping on the world and hope to get rid of rising human resistance by sterilizing people. Some "Good Club." It's a creepy as hell remake of highly unpopular Nazi approach to people - get rid of them.

Won't fly. People love babies and people love and feel gratitude toward their mothers, and Mother's Day is a way to say thanks. It's a day to celebrate life and real goodness and people are keeping it. The sterilizing vaccines, not so much.

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Anonymous May 13, 2012 3:31 pm (Pacific time)

I have been telling you this for over a year now. The likes of Gates, Oprah etc, are all into being God, and their religion is eugenics..research it. Glad to see ya post an article on it..45,000 children went paralyzed from Gates vaccines. You really should try and listen to the Alex Jones radio

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