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Teenage Pregnancy, Raging Hormones and the Million Dollar Plan B Pill

The cost is $9 billion dollars per year.

Teen pregnancy

(PORTLAND, OR) - There is such a "sky is falling" negative attitude about the "morning after pill" that everybody, male or female, young or old, should be thinking seriously about the regrettable facts of teen pregnancy. The youngest (pre) teen to give birth was a South American nine year old girl. The baby of the young girl was brought up with her young mother as a sister.

The ramifications of teen pregnancy are so severe that I must relate my own experience in this matter. During my medical internship, Doctor of Osteopathy (D.Os.) had to have a rotation through obstetrics and to deliver about 20 babies. I don't recall the right number because I nearly went crazy on my OB rotation, and one day I think I delivered four or five babies. We were on 24-hour service and babies came long before sleep.

One afternoon, about 3:00 p.m., I was called to the delivery room of the hospital. As I got closer to the impending mother, I noticed she was young. When I looked at her chart and face, I found out she was supposed to be 14, but she looked to be 12.

I sat with her all afternoon and examined her frequently to see if her cervix was dilating, when it started dilating I injected a local anesthetic to this small body of about 80 pounds. I was relieved when she finally delivered about a six pound baby, and sweat was running down my face.

When I started my regular medical practice, I had another 15 year old girl with her mother who came in for a pregnancy test. SHE WAS PREGNANT and became that way when she was 14. I was forced to write an Op-Ed article about this to the effect, "Does this high school have a pregnancy course for girls? If not, why not?" The same goes for right now.

I don't know who in the United States is supposed to be in charge of the Plan B Pill, but not having it available or used just one time will cost the taxpayer about one million dollars or more. The girl probably had to quit high school and will not be able to get a decent job and will be on welfare for years. The first year's cost to take care of the baby is probably about ten thousand dollars.

While I am at it, this is what teen pregnancy cost in the U.S. in 2004 --- $9.1 billion dollars, one point nine billion was for health care, $2.3 billion for child welfare, $2.1 billion for incarceration, and $2.9 billion in lower tax revenue.

After reading this, do we still want to restrict the ability of these girls the right of contraception?

There are about 700,000 teen pregnancies in the U.S. per year. This is for girls from 15 to 19, what is worst is that with raging hormones of the preteen and young teen girls, and their five years older "boyfriends", sex relations are almost inevitable. As stated above, there are about 700,000 pregnancies per year.

Somewhere in Washington D.C., some idiots are arguing what is the minimum eligible age for the Plan B Pill. If a girl is old enough for sex, see above, she is old enough to have and use Plan B Pills.

In the United States, three out of ten girls under age 20 will get pregnant.


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Anonymous May 10, 2013 1:51 pm (Pacific time)

I cant agree or disagree, all I can say is it is a shame to live in a television/hollywood induced society that makes us pick the lesser of two evils. Or indoctrination system they call "education" does not help either. Corrupt, corporate/banker owned government is also no help. Its ok tho, go back to your television, american idol and your sports.

Colli May 10, 2013 4:17 am (Pacific time)

Thanks for this article Dr. Leveque. It is probably the only article I have read on the subject that make absolute sense!

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