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Freeing Native Americans from This Sick Culture

Oh, the lovely US government. It's overdrive now, breaking promises to each of us, but those it broke to Native Americans define the very culture we all must live in.

Native American struggle

(SALEM) - Right now Native American kids are killing themselves.

"Native youth are more than three times more likely to commit suicide (a number that increases to more than 10 times on some reservations), and have post traumatic stress symptoms on par with Iraq War veterans."

That's children, killing themselves. 

"Experts say in addition to these factors, a “trail of broken promises” adds to a feeling of hopelessness ...."

Oh, the lovely US government. It's overdrive now, breaking promises to each of us, but those it broke to Native Americans define the very culture we all must live in. The US government did two things - they stole the land out from under Native Americans (and massacred them, as well as the bison, the source of food and way of life for many of them, and the government left the rest of us affected, against our will, by that grotesque immorality.

And having used betrayals and violence to push Native Americans onto reservations, the government then forces assimilation on them, wrecking their cultures by forcing their children into public schools, "where they often face abuse, bullying, and sexual violence."

And "Native American cultures [were] once extremely protective of youth, .... have diminished as tribes are pressured to assimilate."

So, where does that leave them and maybe more to the point, given the extreme debt of gratitude we owe indigenous people for teaching us all about the wholeness of life even as our government fractured theirs, where does this horrific state of affairs leave us?

".... the recently formed DOJ American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) Children Exposed to Violence task force [is] working to address the suicide crisis in this community, though the federal task force has yet to share findings or provide recommendations for helping Native communities cope with these tragedies and prevent future suicides."

So, let's offer our own, as well as our energy to build things where needed.

Here are the issues.  Here are some immediate answers, each of which is freeing.

Alcohol and drug abuse are large problems on reservations.  But there is an answer to drug addiction which seems to apply as well to alcoholism.  It's megadoses of vitamin C.  There is full proof it ends withdrawal symptoms and people can stop using drugs painlessly.  As the video indicates, the government knows about it but won't inform anyone because it threatens the whole structure dependent on people being addicted.  And has anyone noticed the media barrage of attacks on supplements just as we are all learning the vitamins can actually can cure diseases? 

Vitamin C does much more.  It does so much, in fact, with all diseases, that it makes (even more of) a joke of Obamacare.  Take a look yourself.  Click on the video

Suicide is related to hopelessness and unbearable stress.  Vitamin C may not solve what is going on in Native Americans' lives but it would be tremendous physical support, perhaps enough to stave off suicides.  And the question arises, are Native Americans seriously deficient in Vitamin C to begin with?  Stress greatly depletes it and is the Native American diet even close to adequate in it?

"Earlier studies showed that vitamin C abolished secretion of cortisol in animals that had been subjected to repeated stress. Cortisol is a hormone released by the adrenal glands in response to stress. Once it gets into the bloodstream, it is responsible for relaying the news of stress to all parts of the body and mind.

"Cortisol is the hormone, for example, that triggers the “fight or flight” response to stress. That allows us to spring into action when we sense danger. But like many emergency-alert systems, the stress response comes at a considerable cost. Among other effects, frequent exposure to high levels of stress hormones exhausts the body’s physical resources, impairs learning and memory, and makes people susceptible to depression.

"In the animal studies, vitamin C fed to rats undergoing stress not only prevented the expected increase in cortisol levels, it prevented the animals from exhibiting the known signs of physical and emotional stress, including loss of body weight. Animals that did not receive vitamin C had three times the level of stress hormones.

"The present RDA for vitamin C for adults is 60 milligrams—a far cry from the 1,000 mg found helpful in the stress study. But there’s a growing belief that the RDA for vitamin C is vastly outdated. The current RDA was set decades ago and is based on the amount of the vitamin needed to ward off scurvy.

"Current thinking looks at vitamin C from the opposite direction: The amount needed to promote health under varying environmental conditions. That appears to be a lot greater than the amount needed to prevent deficiencies.

"There’s also evidence suggesting that prehistoric humans consumed large amounts of vitamin C in a tropical diet rich in fresh fruits. If so, the physiological constitution we have inherited may require far larger daily doses of vitamin C .....


Diabetes is rampant on reservations.  Vitamin C would be a tremendous help.

"Diabetics should maintain a healthy blood sugar control, because that’s going to prevent a lot of oxidative stress”

This is the exact moment when arteries' clotting and heart disease and stroke will be precipitated; while death is one of their severest consequences.

So, the intake of vitamin C as an antioxidant is much recommended and scientifically proven in diabetics.

On the other hand, vitamin C gives a hand in the production of collagen, that type of protein that gives strength to your body bones, muscles, ligaments, cartilages, blood vessels and teeth.

Furthermore, vitamin C helps nitric acid action. Consequently, it can help you reduce the blood vessels spasms diminishing the risk for heart attacks and related heart diseases.

As a diabetic, you may face gum problems, muscles weakness, and difficulties in the healing of different wounds, especially skin ones. The intake of vitamin C can play a crucial role in reducing all these problems as well as the prevention of scurvy.

In addition, as a diabetic you can face other several diabetes complications in your kidneys , eyes and nerves. This is because of the accumulation of some substances in these organs of your body. Vitamin C can interfere in the production of these substances, and practically, vitamin c can protect you from severe diabetes complications."

How does it work?  If you know addition and subtraction, it's easy to understand.  If you know anything about energy, it's also fascinating.

Thanks to vitamin C, Native Americans, and all of us, have a chance to be free of disease.

Food for Native Americans comes as a malign gift from the USDA whose GMO commodity crops are strongly linked to cancer and diabetes

Thanks to the US government, Native Americans have gone from hunting buffalo and being self-sufficient to being wards of a corporate state feeding them commodities that knowledgeable people are now avoiding with all in their power. 
Most people saw huge tumors in rats forced to eat GMOs as a solid warning for human beings.

But that is the food given to Native Americans.

"USDA approved canned fruits, vegetables, juices, canned and frozen meats, cheese, canned and dried milk, cereals, flour, cornmeal, oil and syrup are distributed monthly according to household size. Along with these packaged items, a choice of different types of fresh produce is available such as apples, grapefruit, oranges, carrots, onions and potatoes."


This is what the government offers Native Americans who once lived from nature, and took care of themselves.  How much BPA is in the cans the USDA provides?  How much pesticide is on the "fresh" fruits and vegetables?  Are any of them organic?  How depressed and unwell would anyone be eating a USDA diet?

What we can do


With the okay of the tribes, we could begin donating liposomal vitamin C (the most easily absorbed and most potent vitamin C)  to Indian reservations. 

We could let our friends know how crucial organic supplements are to everyone, in protect everyone and our right to be free of disease.  It's important to combat the media's blitz on behalf of Big Pharma and its vile business model.

"The main principles governing the pharmaceutical “business with disease.” It is not in the financial interests of the pharmaceutical industry to prevent common diseases – the maintenance and expansion of diseases is a precondition for the financial growth of this industry."

We could let tribes know about grounding or earthing, something Native Americans did when they walked barefoot or in moccasins and when they slept on the ground.  Rubber and plastic soled shoes and sleeping in beds separated them from the earth and from its now documented healing energy.

Food itself

Having control over it is essential for human freedom.  So, helping to free Native Americans means making sure that any tribes who wish, have our actual physical support in helping them set up to grow most or all of their own food.  This does not mean traditional gardens but something much freer and very exciting.

Things are changing dramatically in agriculture thanks to permaculture food forest which are permanent food systems imitating what nature does on its own, so once established, this means of growing food can take minimal effort. 

One example of the multiple layers of trees with their understories could offer large chestnut trees, with elderberries and hazelnuts below that, with blueberries and other berries below that, and then diverse ground growing plants.

Layers of a Forest Garden

Layers of a Forest Garden

"These systems are the intellectual opposite of the monoculture systems that currently dominate our food, water, and energy supplies. They are multi-storied, biologically diverse, and ecologically resilient. Every species is chosen for having many usages; for example, a walnut tree provides walnuts & sweet syrup as food sources, timber for building, and vertical structure for shade."

Here is an interview going into detail on how to establish permanent food systems and even how to transition into it from monocropping.

The advantages to animals are easy to see and freeing for them as well.

Cattle grazing under alder in silvopasture system at Las Canadas, Huatusco Mexico.

If tribe raise their own food and have their own lumber (and in both cases, something to exchange), why would they need to make money serving tourists and offering them hunting trips, while Native American children are in school, not learning hunting skills, not helping to provide food, cut off from their history and themselves.


Native American children are in schools as an essential part of a rigged economic and control system that will never allow them much success, when they could be out doing what the luckiest white kids are starting to do, learning to hunt and trap and think about things on their own and gain knowledge from experienced mentors.  Those fortunate children (and their numbers are growing) have their unique lives and their thoughts are their own.

In a word, free.

Many people in the country are questioning current schools and especially with the introduction of Common Core which is a single curriculum for the entire world coming in from the UN and funded by Raytheon, one of the world's biggest military contractors, and Cargill, the biggest hog processor. 

To get away from schools that were already too controlling - even before Common Core and police  in the schools, many are home-schooling and people now are un-schooling, working to break free of the model of imposing what to think on children, and instead giving them tools to learn what is important to the children themselves.  This freedom for the child to be unique is as far from a "global education for all youth that teaches to a standardized testing system where all children’s futures will be tied to how well they perform (obey) through computerized education, as permaculture is from mono-cropping. 

The global elite have now come up with a global system to "grow" children in the same industrially uniform way in which they have grown food, removing freedom of thought from education (though it is the essence of education) and nutrients from food (though nutrients are the essence of food).  Children and food are made into end "products" for corporate control and profit.  But first the life is taken out of both.

The incredible irony is that the most exciting things happening in education are outside of schools and often involve learning exactly the things that Native Americans used to know and live by.

And it is beyond irony - a tragedy, really - that Native American children don't know how revered their cultures and ways of life are to others who are trapped in cities, parts in an industrialized world that has given them gadgets in trade for nature, and is ripping family, morals, life and nature itself apart everywhere now.

To be free and to offer their children freedom, adults only need to know they can walk away from systems that hurt and demean their children and demand the surrender of their cultures.  The old ways of teaching skills and giving children room to be children IS teaching, with Mother Nature instructing all along the way.

".... our sons are educated at home in the context of a life-learning process known colloquially as unschooling. It is our belief that contemporary, institutionalized American educational expectations create “childhood deficit disorder” and do not allow for full maturity of mind and spirit. For both our boys and ourselves, we place a strong emphasis on connection to and appreciation of nature, and allow for as much unstructured time as possible. We do not own a television."

Hualapai Bird Singers

Hualapai Bird Singers

Native American kids don't have to put up with being abused and bullied in public schools, or forced to assimilate.  There is another way to live.  And it is very like the one they have given the rest of the world as a model of freedom and dignity.

It's time they knew they were loved and respected and that people are available to help.



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