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Ukraine-Official Statement from Liverpool British National Party

What's going on - and what should Britain do?


(LONDON) - With William Hague and other Westminster warmongers traipsing between TV studios to condemn Russian intervention in Ukraine, most clued-up nationalists instinctively reject the controlled media's propaganda.

They are, of course, right. As principled nationalists, we naturally sympathise with the desire of Ukrainians for self-determination and for recognition for the terrible suffering of their people during the genocidal Hunger Holocaust inflicted on them by the Bolsheviks.

But such sentiments do not justify collaboration with the EU and US-based neo-cons, whose long-term aims are to subjugate the whole of Eastern Europe to globalist looting and a Frankfurt School style destruction of traditional identity and culture.

Red terror not 'Russian'

The greatest irony of all is that, while naive Ukrainian nationalists blame Russia for the murder of millions during the 1930s, the Bolsheviks were overwhelmingly not Russian at all, although the majority of their victims were.

Indeed, the radical Jewish racism and supremacism and anti-Christian hatred that in the 1930s produced the Bolshevik terror, now largely find their outlet in the extreme Zionism, anti-white fanaticism and globalism of the neo-cons.

The Ukrainian nationalists who provided the backbone of the recent revolution/coup against the elected but pro-Russian government are undoubtedly sincere, but they have been manipulated, organised, funded and armed by sinister forces in the West, which are in reality very far from being Western.


Their leaders are not naive; they know exactly what they are doing. This is shown by their accepting weapons from Poland and meeting with leading neo-con puppets from Poland (when their ideological forebears were extremely anti-Polish), and by their high-profile meeting with the Israeli ambassador, where they reaffirmed their commitment to all the usual liberal-left shibboleths, including respect for all minorities - except, of course, Russians.

This explains and justifies the Russian intervention in the Crimea, which as well as being a strategic area within Russia's legitimate sphere of influence is also populated by ethnic Russians.

A fact that the controlled media won't let you know is that the Crimea was Russian until the Soviet leader Kruschev 'gave' it to Ukraine. Thus for Russia to take steps now to retain control of the area is as reasonable as it is inevitable - and entirely consistent with the nationalist principle of self-determination.

Protecting civilians

Further, Ukrainian chauvinists have a shocking record of launching brutal ethnic cleansing massacres of minorities, in the 1940s (mainly Poles and Hungarians, who were targets of the hatred now beginning to be displayed towards Russians). So it is not surprising or unreasonable for Putin to show that he is prepared to intervene to protect the huge Russian population of eastern Ukraine.

Nationalists from all over Europe are in touch with contacts on both sides of this tragic potential European Brothers' War urging restraint.

Ukraine is a long way away, but the peaceful settlement of the unfinished tragic divisions there and indeed in many parts of Europe - created by deliberate divide-and-rule population-mixing by 19th century empires and the insanely unjust 'peace' imposed by the victors of WW1 - matters to us.

We see in Ukraine how such old divisions can and will be exploited by sinister globalist power-grabbers.

Principle for peace

The only just and practical solution which will thwart those who would use old tragedies for their own ends is to recognise the right of self-determination by long-established local majorities.

This has to be negotiated through 'velvet divorces' of the kind carried out between the Czech and Slovak Republics, or by copying the canton system that brought permanent peace to Switzerland.

Foreign powers should stay out, which lf course includes Britain and the USA. Rather than lecturing Putin, the political pygmy William Hague should take the crisis in Ukraine as a warning about the growing danger of 'Balkanization' between different ethnic groups here in Britain.

Ukraine is Russia's business because millions of Russians live there and because it is in Russia's backyard, at a time when neo-con warmongers have an openly stated plan to encircle and dominate Russia.

Keep Britain out!

But what happens there is none of Britain's business. So we oppose the British government putting British jobs at risk or adding to international tensions (and higher fuel prices) by wittering on about 'consequences' for Russia such as sanctions.

And we condemn the hypocrisy of the fortunately equally toothless US for accusing Russia of "invading other countries on bogus pretexts" when those WMDs still haven't turned up in Iraq!

Britain has more than enough problems for our government and our taxes to try to put right. So we should steer well clear of the sabre-rattling over Ukraine, because it's not for us to interfere.

- Liverpool British National Party



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Natalie March 7, 2014 8:01 pm (Pacific time)

I find it interesting that you, guys, chose to publish articles about Ukraine from 1)Russia, that just invaded Ukraine, 2)a neo-nazi party that promotes hatred toward other races, and 3)a person who's never been to Ukraine but knows a lot about it from... where exactly? Russian TV? Really? Why do you hate Ukrainians so much, anyway? Did they step on your toes? At least they are fighting for the better life...

Dexter March 7, 2014 7:31 am (Pacific time)

Agreed ...think of the "Aryan Brotherhood" but less Gangster looking .

David Lowdell March 6, 2014 8:12 am (Pacific time)

Do the editors know that BNP is a neo fascist party that calls for the forceful removal of all non-whites from Britain. Having said that I agree with most of what they have said in this statement.

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