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GMO Zombie Bill Comes Back to Life!

Please email and/or call your Oregon Representative! Tell them to vote NO on HB 3192!

GMO tomatoes

(SALEM) - Zombie bill comes back to life!

Weeks ago the Oregon Senate passed SB 633 to preempt counties from banning GMO. Now at the last minute of the session, the House is scheduled to vote on its companion bill, HB 3192. The state wants to make all the decisions about our agriculture while they consistently decide in favor of multinational corporations.

SB 633:Makes legislative finding and declaration that regulation of agricultural seed, flower seed, nursery seed and vegetable seed and products of agricultural seed, flower seed, nursery seed and vegetable seed be reserved to state. Prohibits enactment or enforcement of local measures to regulate agricultural seed, flower seed, nursery seed and vegetable seed or products of agricultural seed, flower seed, nursery seed and vegetable seed.

  • Please email and/or call your Oregon Representative! Tell them to vote NO on HB 3192! They must not take away Oregon communities’ rights to control the seeds we plant and the food we eat. Additionally, this bill will cause unintended consequences and is likely unconstitutional because it exempts Jackson County. Here is a link with contact information:


Please email and/or call your Oregon Senator to tell them that we want a YES vote on SB 433 to ban invasive canola in Willamette Valley:

  • Oregon’s anti-GMO forces are coming together! A Monday morning rally is being called for by GMO-Free Oregon and GMO-Free Jackson County from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. on the Capitol steps. Here is a link to the Facebook event invitation:

The end of the legislative session is the most dangerous time for last minute moves and 2013 is no exception. We are strong together and can make our voices heard!

Thanks for all you have done in this struggle!




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Justin M July 29, 2013 2:35 am (Pacific time)

Call them? Thats cute, that has worked for decades, its more effective that the silly protests and riots that get nothing accomplished. Why? Because the men that are voting, are doing so because the people that fund their campaigns want it to be that way, and they aren't stupid. They know that money wins elections, and the masses don't care about voting record, they care about familiarty, name recongition, speech/tone, and wierd illogical things. Hopefully someone on the good side, on the inside, can play the game properly and get the vote somehow. But if this is about money, I doubt it. You guys should use this media, and your partners/friends/associates to start a movement to get families growing their own healthy food again. Prices are going up, I lived in an apartment complex, pretty much empty gardens and grass, a decent amount and more could have been made. But a mother got arrested and charged with neglect for not having money she said to buy veggies all the time.. If every apartment complex, house, condo and what not used its extra space to grow and suppliment their diet, and keep a few chickens, it would be impossible for her to not have some very cheap healthy food. But no, everywhere I go, no one is growing anything but flowers and useless trees, and then complaining about prices of produce. It wierds me out, I've been converting people on my own. But you guys have more influence. The best way to fight this, is to wake the people up, once their hands are in the dirt and they are eating homegrown food, awaken they will I wager.

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