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Flash Mob's Major Production at Portland Apartheid Supporter 'New Seasons'

I think people are eventually going to learn, the way we all learned about South Africa...

Flash mob goes to town at Portland's 'New Seasons' market
Flash mob goes to town at Portland's 'New Seasons' market

(PORTLAND, Ore.) - With all of the stories about terrible things taking place in the world, it is good to know that flash mobs are out there to embarrass the holy living sh*t out of retailers that want to grease their palms with blood money from Israel.

It's no secret, Israel isn't just slightly over the line in terms of human rights violations and highly documented war crimes, the Zionist government of Netanyahu is almost primeval in its treatment of human beings. The folks at New Seasons in Portland know what is going on, and their stance in support of oppressive Israeli occupation is baffling.

We learned yesterday that Israel's government may reserve their most vicious public assaults for American Jews who dare to voice support for human rights. (see: Israel's Crap Treatment of an American Jew)

Many of us actually understand that the goal of peace can never be reached under the current system. George W. Bush turned the U.S. into a nation guilty of committing Genocide.

After all, Iraq is an unjustified conflict against a civilian population that has a lot of oil. One point five million human lives eradicated by the U.S. led forces? Just imagine how greed transcends right down to the thought that fewer people mean more resources for the nation committing the acts. Fewer human beings to disagree? I saw two types of people up close in Iraq; they were either highly compliant, or bound, hooded and subdued.

The U.S. right wing nearly proclaims the country's 'Christianity' while at the same espousing a system of religions freedom, which is supposed to exist. However President Bush compared the war on Iraq to the Crusades (two wholly unjustified extended periods of bloodshed). Then, just as now, Genocide always happens for the simple reason; because of religious hegemony and oppression.

Israel, like Afghanistan and Sri Lanka, admits that religious freedom is denied - it is written as such. By national doctrine they exist to serve the needs of only one faith, i.e. the 'Jewish State of Israel'. The same goes for the 'Islamic Republic of Afghanistan'. I wouldn't call the Afghan government Genocidal; in fact it was the scene of a Genocidal invasion and war from the former Soviet Union, which the Afghan Mujaheddin banded together and won. Unfortunately, the Afghan struggle for freedom led to destroyed ancient Buddhist statues and a near eradication of Jews. On that note, I had never looked into whether there are any Jewish people living in Afghanistan at all. Here is what Wikipedia says:

"Jews have lived in Afghanistan for at least 2,000 years, but the community has been reduced greatly because of emigration. Afghan Jewish communities now exist mostly in Israel, Pakistan and the United States. Today, it is believed that there is only one Jew, Zablon Simintov, residing in Afghanistan. He cares for a dilapidated synagogue in Afghanistan's capital, Kabul, and receives aid from sympathetic Muslims and Jews around the world." (see: History of the Jews in Afghanistan - rom Wikipedia)

One guy! This is Afghanistan; America's big Middle east 'project', hearts and minds, all of that. I now wish I had gone to see that dilapidated synagogue when I was in Kabul, what a story that would have been. My question is this; if Israel had reduced the Muslim population of Palestine to a single sad broken down mosque, would it be cared for with the proceeds of sympathetic Jews? Would the Muslim running it survive a single day?

In Palestine, the backers of the Genocide are Jews, in Iraq they are Christians, in Afghanistan they are Muslims, and in Sri Lanka they are Buddhists, and good luck to you if you happen to live in one of the latter three places listed, and fail to fit in. But never assume that these terrible behaviors represent the actual religions or their people at large. Not in any case, including Northern Ireland.

Since the people of opposing religions tend to represent different cultures, at least perceptually, it is racism, and as soon as the killings begin en mass, then it is Genocide. The first defense of the Genocidal groups as I have learned in my years of writing, is to accuse the writer of being against the religion of the majority.

The people in this Portland, Oregon flash mob carry the virtues of what is right in this world, they are drawing attention to what is wrong. That is what we are supposed to do as human beings.

Israel came to power in 1948 and then attacked neighboring Arab countries in 1967 in the Six Day War and used their
victory to justify a major land grab. Since then Israel has progressively encroached on the remaining Palestinian areas,
forcing them to drive on separate roads, and be subjected to a different set of laws than those that govern Jews. This is
what U.S. taxpayers are funding. Israel is obviously very guilty of years of violent and deadly ethnic cleansing.
Murdering Babies is 'Permissible' When They're Palestinian - Alison Weir

Background on Israeli Occupation: The activists understand that: all of Palestine has been militarily absorbed by Israel, which didn't exist as a government until 1948. Gaza is an isolated coastal strip bordered by Israel on the east and Egypt to the south. The West Bank and Golan Heights are also Palestine, and everything else is Israel. So, you have Palestinians who live in occupied Palestine; Palestinians who live in Israel that are Israeli citizens, and Palestinians in Gaza who have been locked in an open air concentration camp for years.

Every time a person buys a Nestle product, they are funding the diesel fuel of a bulldozer that will mow down a Palestinian family home, sometimes with people inside, almost always illegally. And when they use Caterpillar construction equipment, they directly fund the destruction of Palestine's homes.

All Israeli settlement products are directly funding colonies that exist atop ancient Palestinian villages. The settlers regularly harass the native Palestinians and school kids aren't safe, families aren't safe. The settlers train with deadly weapons and fire homemade rockets into Palestinian neighborhoods. And before people start ranting about Hamas rocket attacks, remember that these rogue attacks from Gaza have killed exactly 28 Israeli people. That is terrible, nobody should have died and the deaths of the Israelis are no less significant than any others, but they are far, far fewer in comparison to Palestinian deaths at the hands of the Israelis, like more than a 100 to 1, far more.

Israel built division walls across Palestinian farmland and they shoot farmers with sniper rifles when they try to work their land, even in the legal zones. The Israeli navy regularly attacks and harasses, detain, confiscate, arrest, etc., the poor fishermen of Gaza who try to earn a meager living in restricted waters. A great writer and peace activist who was killed recently in Gaza, Vittorio Arrigoni, regularly protested the treatment of the fishermen.

And that is all just one tiny glance at the problems people have living under Israel's highly aggressive illegal 'army' called the Israeli Defence Force (IDF).

Learn more about BDS, take part.

In a Google search just now, I saw that anti-BDS sites have high ranking. The first thing I read was, "BDS leaders want to destroy Israel and vilify Jews in the process". They're so completely full of it. has an overt reputation for reporting the truth and everything else be damned.

I can go on forever about this, instead I will let you enjoy this super cool video featuring a unique concept known as 'humanity' that is often the missing guest.

New Seasons, you guys need to drop your products that violate BDS and if you do it we will bring the television cameras to Portland and give you substantial coverage, all on is, to show people that anything and everything is possible once the right amount of education has been applied.

Please do the right thing. I predict that if you drop just a few of your products, that you will earn many customers for life, and those are who you need.

The Portland BDS Coalition Mobs New Seasons Grocery demanding a total Boycott of Israeli Products


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Break down the walls of oppression and while you do it, 'stay human'.

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Anonymous June 15, 2011 10:21 am (Pacific time)

Look at all these brain washed losers. They all look like college kids to me. Don't they have anything better to do as jump around like idiots in a store and make a total fool out of themselves? Damn, I'm so tired of these anti - Israel people who support terrorism. Why don't they all visit Israel and listen to the cries of the Israel people when the rockets fly in to Israel or a suicide bomber kills and injure innocent people? You are all a disgrace including this paper.

Editor: No they don't, they need to do exactly what they are doing and the rest of us need to remember that those who support Israel this way are it extended network of stooges and thugs Standing up for Israel is like being Israel and that makes you a potential child and family killer.  

You, you're not aware
That we're aware
Of your despair
Don't show your tears
To your oppressor
Don't show your tears

‘Ayn Jalut where David slew Goliath
This very same place that we be at
Passing through the sands of times
This land's been the victim of countless crimes
From Crusaders and Mongols
to the present aggression
Then the Franks, now even a crueller oppression
If these walls could speak,
imagine what would they say

For me in this path that I walk on
there's only one way
Bullets may kill, bones may break
Still I throw stones like David before me and I say
Try not to cry little one
You're not alone
I'll stand by you
Try not to cry little one
My heart is your stone
I'll throw with you

Sami Yusuf / Outlandish- Try Not to Cry

Canadian June 12, 2011 11:28 pm (Pacific time)

Recent City of Toronto decision over use of term “Israeli Apartheid” on banner in a parade. And in Markham Canada the issue of “Israeli Apartheid” is heard on the city agenda:

“Canada's Voice Corporation (CVC) as an independent not-for-profit publisher of high-value alternative multimedia interactive online magazines.
The Canadian Charger, published by CVC, is Canada’s new national independent not-for-profit multimedia interactive online magazine with 60 of Canada’s top experts, writers and cartoonists. In The Canadian Charger, we are committed to presenting a diversity of views and counter-views on issues of importance to Canadians, written by journalists, academics, outstanding professionals, award-winning experts, social and political activists, literary essayists, novelists, poets and artists. We are doing all this for one vital and urgent reason: We believe that Canada deserves better!”

Anonymous June 12, 2011 1:59 pm (Pacific time)

check this out Tim.. closer to home by grand funk railroad written by Mark Farner. not the same link I sent before, but why/how, he wrote it. Get thru the first minute of a song and listen to his remark at about the 1:30 minute mark..its a ten minute video, you dont have to watch the whole thing unless it interests you.

Daniel Johnson June 11, 2011 10:57 pm (Pacific time)

I watched a couple of the BDS videos. Very impressive.
The tipping point can't be very far away.

Daniel Johnson June 11, 2011 10:35 pm (Pacific time)

On 03 February, 2005, before a crowd of 22,000 in London’s Trafalgar Square, Nelson Mandela delivered what is called his “Poverty Speech”. He called poverty a prison and

“Like slavery and apartheid, poverty is not natural. It is man-made and it can be overcome and eradicated by the actions of human beings. And overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity. It is an act of justice. While poverty persists, there is no true freedom."

Anonymous June 11, 2011 4:25 pm (Pacific time) about you write in 3000 words why I am wrong? Using the same criteria you asked of me?
You cant, its impossible. All the info I bring out is readily available to anyone who wants to research.
But ya know what? You motivated me, lets see what I can do. I am a dad of 4 kids and preparing for an economic collapse the world has ever seen, but I am sure I can fit in a few minutes to write ya an email. By the way..your conditions? its reminds me of free speech zones lol.. but hey, grand funk closer to home my friend.
Your suggestion is interesting tho. I will see what I can do. Can I ask you a favor tho? Only takes TWO seconds. Say a prayer that I do this in truth, without personal agendas, and that God guides my thoughts as I write. Thanks. I do pray for you and Bonnie both. I think you are really good people.

The conditions are the same as those that apply in any journalistic enterprise. They apply to everyone at SN, even Daniel. But he's a professional journalist so he knows how to do things.

Anonymous June 11, 2011 2:40 pm (Pacific time)

Another good article Tim. I still say that the queen/rothchilds/rockefellers run everything, and israel, and many other countries are controlled by their banking cartel (and have years of research and evidence to prove it), but may I address that canadian wanna-be? since he censors or edits my posts?
It only seems fair. He wont post my comments, but he gets to post his mondane articles.
Tell ya what Daniel..Just because you and your fellow canadians rolled over for the mommy queen (that owns your country), doesnt mean we, in the U.S. have to. It has taken them over 200 years, by way of deception, taking over our media and education system, and they are still running scared. It only took a very small percentage to beat your mommy queen and her rothchild banking cartel in 1776, we will do it again.
It is our free spirit, our constitution, our liberty. And your mommy doesnt like that. Canadians bowed down...The patriots in the U.S. will NOT back down, and we will win. And for Colli..dont give up, we will win. They beat us bad in 1913, but we still have that 1776 spirit, and nothing can take that away. Our Constitution, our freedom, our liberties...they can take it from other countries such as canada,etc. but they will NOT take if from the U.S. patriots who believe in true freedom, liberty and truth.

Okay, Stephen. Time to put up or shut up. Write up your "proof" in a 2-3,000 word article. But it has to have solidity, not just a bunch of flaky people with unsubstantiated opinions.The sources have to be checkable and verifiable.  Send it to 

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