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Open Letter to Paul Kagame Urges Rwanda Peacetalks

A turning point to the lives of the innocent, the defenceless and the downtrodden Rwandan, is at hand...

John V Karuranga of the Rwanda People’s Party
John V Karuranga of the Rwanda People’s Party

(LONDON) - Today, Rwanda is a ticking time bomb that could explode like a volcano. This is only the tip of the iceberg. An iceberg that might still sink this beautiful country of ours in a new wave of genocide, if no dialogue is commenced.

We believe, it is still possible to avert the outbreak of yet another civil war and in our view, the Rwanda Road Map to Peace that we offered is one way out.

Open Letter Urging Rwanda Peace Talks

H.E President Paul KAGAME
President of the Republic of Rwanda
Urugwiro Village
Kigali, Rwanda

Minister of Foreign Affaires and Cooperation (MINAFFET)
P.O.Box 179 Kigali, Rwanda

High Commissioner
Rwanda High Commission in the UK
120 – 122 Seymour Place
London, W1H 1NR, UK

Our Ref: 001PK-U/05-RMT01/RPP1607M/JVK11P

05th May 2011

Your Excellency,


Your Excellency, I am writing to you on behalf of the Rwanda People’s Party (RPP) which has been in existence now for one year.

Our party works inside Rwanda and in the Diaspora but its current leadership is temporarily in Europe.


Your Excellency, you are aware that 17 years of RPF rule has not resolved the problems of Rwanda. The RPF has some credit which our party accepts, but our party also believes any governing must be committed to continuous excellence in service delivery, and in particular in meeting the needs of the common people and improving their conditions and this is where we think your party and government have totally failed and let down the Rwandan people.

I am herein attaching 16 pages of my party documents titled the Rwanda Road Map to Peace for ease of your reference. Your Excellency, there are serious concerns about the direction and trajectory that our country is going and these are principally to do with the aloof nature of your government and your complete failure to implement a genuine policy of national reconciliation and to address genuine grievances within our country.

Your Excellency, since you came to power in 1994, there has been a deep schism in our country and society and we want to tell you now and very frankly that you cannot deny these schisms. They were initially attributed to the FDLR but are now manifesting themselves inside the RPA itself. Former cadres of the RPF (RPA) broke away and there is a prospect of a new civil war breaking out in our country, a prospect that my party and Rwandan people want to avoid.

As of today there have been mysterious grenade attacks and other terrorist activities in our country but nobody knows the perpetrators of these acts. As a party we don’t think our people should be subjected to anxiety and fear, nor risk physical harm or even death on there own streets.

Our proposal for peace talks is predicated on the following grounds:

1. We do not want another civil war in Rwanda. This will lead to a new genocide.

2. We want a new Rwanda that is at peace with itself and its neighbours. UNITY, JUSTICE AND PROSPERITY

3. We want all Rwanda refugees to return home and contribute to the rebuilding of our country.

4. We want to put an end to civil war, whether inside Rwanda or outside it, principally in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

5. We want a new democratic Rwanda that accommodates rather than threatens its citizens, many of whom are scattered around in the Diaspora.

Your Excellency, a failure by your government to accept our offer of peace talks may have very negative consequences. First, it may mean an end to the peace and confidence building measures we and other leaders have been trying to extend to your government. Then Rwanda may have an escalation of armed conflicts inside and outside probably lasting for decades. More and more Rwandans will in consequence flee into exile and the original problem we set out to solve, namely the return of the refugees and national reconciliation will even be made worse.

Your Excellency, our Peace Talks Offer on the other hand is open-ended. We do not come to you with pre-conditions and neither do we expect pre-conditions from you. We come to you with open hands and open hearts. We believe you must talk to us and other concerned Rwandan because we have a lot to contribute to the solution of the current dangerous situation in our country.

Your Excellency, we believe that as a political party that works across all of the ethnic communities in Rwanda and Diaspora, we are in a better position to negotiate a credible national reconciliation policy that will serve Rwanda, unite its peoples, forge and foster good relations with her neighbours and give hope to all our people.

Your Excellency, we come to you, willing to shake hands, wipe away the tears from our children’s eyes, but we come also willing to listen and to be patient.

Your Excellency, we would be grateful to have an audience with you, to discuss this matter further so UNITY, JUSTICE AND PROSPERITY that we can achieve a resolution to the long-running conflict in our country, and so that together as Rwandan, we can do it for the sake of our children and for this beautiful country of ours Rwanda.

Our party hopes you respond positively to this request.

Yours sincerely

John V Karuranga, President

Rwanda People’s Party (RPP)

London, UK

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Cox June 14, 2011 2:03 am (Pacific time)

This guys is just dreaming? Who are you and where are you coming from mr. John??? Hahahaha. This isn't politics, guys jokes, bit of fun, but nasty.

Keza June 6, 2011 9:27 pm (Pacific time)

To me, John Vincnent Karuranga is yet another prophet of doom but these people should understand that Rwanda is in the hand of the Almight God and so prophecy of doom are never successiful. This is just like a guy who has been a sleep for a decade and then wakes to narate from where he left the story. This fellow is begging kindly when he has all the rights and has deliberately deprived himself. please be mature enough. this is just childish and simply a foolish joke. Keza

Mwiza S. June 6, 2011 2:37 pm (Pacific time)

Hi. I'm a wife and mother living, working and raising kids. The author of this letter is either clueless about the Rwanda of today or has deliberately chosen to lie for political gain. A few facts - Davos Economic Forum Report of Feb. 2011 ranked Rwanda as the leading tourist destination in the region, World Bank ranked Rwanda in 2010 as the world's top doing business reformer. These are global examples the audience of this paper may relate to. In Rwanda, there is peace and security. There is hope for the future based on what many call 'remarkable progress' to date. City is growing so fast that even I a local am awestruck. God is for Rwanda.

bertrand June 6, 2011 8:12 am (Pacific time)

Let me tell you guys something very important that you should always keep in mind: Africa is where it is because of the bad leadership it has experienced in the past and you know that very well. Unfortunately, you, who always criticize the continent have fled your respective countries leaving them with their problems instead of facing them, as if you were not concerned. And what is very sad is that you keep tarnishing your countries image wherever you are without knowing that you are indirectly destroying yourselves. Stop being so stupid. Shut up and go back to your countries and give your contribution, that is where, you come from, you belong and where the majority of your family is. So don’t be ridiculous. When things are bad in Africa, you Africans complain without giving any positive solutions and when they are good( things), you also complain. Look at the inspiring Rwanda reality that is happening today, it really gives hope to the whole continent that we can change. Remember what we have been taught in schools(for those who could afford it), about the advantages of education, a healthy society, economic stability, security, fighting corruption, etc. That is without any lie what is happening in that small Central African country. Amazing real story despite what happened there recently in 1994 Be realistic, analyze what is a dictatorship, you will find out that those kinds of regime don’t care at all about those whom they are supposed to lead, you will see how they are so selfish that they put the big part of their countries wealth into their own pockets, how they only build for themselves beautiful houses around the world, you will see how they want to stick on power forever, how their government cabinet never changes, how people suffer in their countries, how they are never accessible to those they represent, etc. That is totally different with today’s Rwanda. Accountability is the key over there. You have to be accountable to those you lead, you have to make sure the government projects are implemented for the people’s good, corruption is highly monitored, Rwanda doesn’t care whether you are a minister, his or her brother, Rwanda believes in education for all, that’s why more than 95% of its kids go to school for free( in the primary level), Rwanda believes in healthier nation to build itself, that is why 97% of the Rwandan population is covered by health care system called “ Mutuelle de Sante”; Rwanda believes in technology that’s why very soon it will become the regional hub of I.C.T. hub in East Africa. Rwanda is building an International airport that will be one of the best and biggest one in the Whole Africa by the end of 2012 0r beginning of 2013. Rwanda’s capital, Kigali, is the most clean city in Africa where all its citizens wake up very early the morning once month to clean their country with their neighbors and leaders all together, having fun. Rwanda has an ethic educational program that is offered to students in secondary school that teaches them how to be a good citizen, to avoid divisionism, to be patriotic, to prevent genocide ideology, how to focus and become successful in life, etc. It is rare to witness these good lessons in any country in Africa. So as Africans we should encourage this inspiring and real story so that we emulate it in our own respective countries. Obviously, we have to know that it does not come from haven, it requires a very strong determination and a lot of sacrifices but above all ,patriotism is the main condition. This negative publicity that I am witnessing about that tiny country, is not surprising me at all because behind it they are a lot of its haters, opportunists, criminals, thieves(such as Kayumba, Rudasingwa, Gahima, Rusesabagina, Kigeli, partial journalists,) but one thing I can tell them is that nothing will never ever distract us again after the innocent blood of our beloved people that has been taken when the whole world was watching without any help and ironically, these same people that never came to our help when we were loosing ours, are the same people that are criticizing us. Briefly, Brothers and sisters,wake up and do not absorb anything you hear, without searching for the truth for yourselves. Do not listen to those criminals and thieves that fled the country. Africa is full of those kinds of people, that is why we don’t advance for so many centuries. Do not be surprised of them fleeing, it is because finally there is a leader, in the name of Paul Kagame, that does not tolerate corruption, lack of integrity and discipline, you can’t really be a good leader if you lack those important tools. Paul Kagame cannot work with irresponsible people(which is good for Rwanda) whether you are his brother or not. Also keep in mind that he is the most accessible leader in Africa on Twitter and Facebook but mostly Twitter. How can he then be a dictator when you can find him in so many public interviews all over the world( which usually dictators don’t do) or on social medias ? Go Rwanda, we are all behind you because you inspire us. Thanks.

Dunia June 6, 2011 3:12 am (Pacific time)

I am sorry ,Kagame cannot accept your views .He likes war,confrontation, dictatoriship,, killings,insecurity to stay on power. with peace and democracy , he will loose power. You, Jhon you seem to like peace,but war and Peace cannot sit together.

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