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Secret Terror, The Price of Ignorance

A Very Real Masonic Plot

Breivik's Real Uniform, his suit of armour

(CINCINNATI) - The slaughter in Norway last week, dramatically punctuated by mysterious photographs of a reputed mass murderer in odd regalia, festooned with symbols of the Masonic Order, is unlikely to bring rise to some important questions. This is a mistake, in this case a fatal mistake and not for the first time as you will read below.

The highest levels of Freemasonry, after World War II, formed parallel governments, engaged in terrorism and were the subjects of investigations across Europe when it was proven that they threatened the very foundations of free societies.

This week, we learned that threat is alive and well.

Breivik was allowed to buy assault weapons, silencers, tons of explosives all while on terror watch lists. Why? His Masonic friends in the police, the same police whose helicopters were disabled on “terror day,” much as NORAD was mysteriously “closed” on 9/11, were looking out for him.

Norway’s police and security services are controlled by Freemasons and have a long history, dating back to 1957 when NIS Director, Vilhelm Evang stumbled on a secret organization within his own Psywar and Counter-intelligence command that had compiled “death lists” of individuals, progressives, liberals and intellectuals.

In 1978, Norwegian financier Hans Otto Meyer was arrested on what would today be termed “terrorism” charges. Tons of arms and explosives along with radio equipment were found at a cabin he owned.

Meyer said the cache belonged to Norwegian intelligence for use by clandestine civilian groups, such as those operating in Italy at the time.

Meyer was imprisoned, there was no investigation but the parallels are there, decades later, cover stories, denials, misinformation.

On April 27, 1961, President John F. Kennedy, in a speech on press censorship, did something very unexpected. He warned America and the world of the extreme dangers of Freemasonry.

For those in America and Europe, decent simple people, who, by the hundreds of thousands, men and women, even children, that belong to Freemasonry and related organizations, the idea of their organization, their secret society as a threat to freedom, as a cover for international terrorism, must seem unreal, or at least did.

Norway changed all of that. I was warned, I didn’t listen. Dimitri Khalezov, the Russian nuclear intelligence expert, told me there was a Masonic terror organization in Europe, closely aligned with Israel, one that penetrated security services, ran police and counter-terrorism forces and used them more than once to perpetrate acts of terror, London 7/7, Madrid, now Norway.

I didn’t listen, so many of my friends are Freemasons, I have been asked to join repeatedly and refused. I have been invited to join other organizations, some “highly exclusive” whose membership includes Bill Clinton and Rupert Murdoch. I am not a joiner, I am deeply suspicious but obviously not suspicious enough.

What I do, like everyone else, when faced with surmountable odds, almost everyone else, I turn away. Taking on Freemasonry is a death sentence. It was for John F. Kennedy. I knew that those who murdered him were Freemasons, those who orchestrated his death, who executed him with sniper rifles that day in Dallas, who turned out the Warren Commission Report.

Years later, when the 9/11 Commission Report came out, it was written by Freemason’s too. As a document, it is so absurd, so patently false that those responsible have talked of little else since, the lies, the intimidation, the pressure to bury the truth in a cacophony of lies, as we have done so many times, forgotten scandals like Iran/Contra or the dozens, perhaps hundreds that have been squashed by the secret handshake.

Few know that, in the late 1980′s, Freemasons were instrumental in bringing down communism, collapsing the Soviet Union. Today, as we look back on those heady times, we see a Russia run by a gangster elite, utterly corrupt but powerful, as technologically advanced as ever, better rockets, better air defense systems, better small arms, unimaginable secret weapons, awash in cash, power centralized in one man.

Russia is run by Freemasons. I didn’t listen.

America? Broke, busted, divided, preyed upon by a cancerous oligarchy of financial criminals, corrupt politicians and a massive police state bureaucracy of, yes, Freemasons.

I didn’t listen.

British culture is filled with spy stories and detective yarns. The British air their dirty laundry so much better than America. Their news is censored, almost beyond belief, more than any American would guess unless they have lived in the UK, but their TV heroes, their authors and screenwriters, they understand.

A major theme in British conspiracy lore is Freemasonry. Freemasons run the police and security services, they run the Home Office kind of like “Homeland Security” on steroids, a government bureaucracy that has its hands in everything. Freemasonry in Britain and Norway is a secret government, the organs that manage everything from political terror to fixing a parking ticket.

On November 5, 1990, The Guardian reported on what they termed:

Over the past few weeks, government after government, with the notable exception of the British, has been forced to admit that the organisation – whose original purpose was to set up resistance groups against occupying Warsaw Pact forces – still exists. It has come be to known as Operation Gladio, after its Italian branch.

Two threads have emerged. Ministers, let alone parliaments, knew nothing about the secret units; second, while nominally established as “stay-behind” sabotage groups to combat communist forces, in some countries they soon had internal political targets in their sights.

Representatives from these units have been meeting regularly in Brussels in the Allied Coordination Committee. This consists of civilian and military personnel, according to Italian and Belgian sources. Guy Coeme, the Belgian defence minister, has said it last met in Brussels in late October.

The network was not confined to Nato countries. An inquiry in Switzerland recently revealed the existence of a secret organisation, P26. It had 400 agents with access to guns and explosives with a German radio system, Harpoon, set up in 1985 to contact parallel groups in neighbouring countries.

One early task was to take over plans for a Swiss government-in-exile in south-west Ireland in the event of invasion. Another was to prepare for action against “subversion”.

P26 was backed by P27, a private foreign intelligence agency funded partly by the government, and by a special unit of Swiss army intelligence which had built up files on nearly 8,000 “suspect persons” including “leftists”, “bill stickers”, “Jehovah’s witnesses”, people with “abnormal tendencies” and anti-nuclear demonstrators.

On November 14, the Swiss government hurriedly dissolved P26 – the head of which, it emerged, had been paid £100,000 a year.

What isn’t mentioned, however, is that the force described, a mix of civilians, extremist political parties, anti-immigration groups, police, military and security services had gotten totally out of hand and had, in fact, begun operating as terror organizations, robbing banks, assassinating political leaders and partnering with other organizations from Israel’s Mossad to the PLO.  Two other things are left out of the Guardian’s story, the fact that these were Masonic Organizations, named as such but not clearly identified in the story and that they were never really dismantled.  The Guardian continues:

Although the Ministry of Defence has repeatedly refused to comment on Britain’s involvement, Sir Anthony Farrar-Hockley, a former commander of Nato forces in northern Europe, has confirmed that a secret network of arms – to be handed out to a civilian guerrilla force in the event of an invasion – was set up in Britain after the war.

The Guardian has learned of a secret attempt to revive elements of a parallel post-war plan relating to overseas operations. In the early days of Mrs Thatcher’s Conservative leadership, a group of former intelligence officers, inspired by the wartime Special Operations Executive, attempted to set up a secret unit as a kind of armed MI6 cell.

Those behind the scheme included Airey Neave, Mrs Thatcher’s close adviser who was killed in a terrorist attack in 1979, and George Kennedy Young, a former deputy chief of the Secret Intelligence Service, MI6.

Mrs Thatcher is said to have been initially enthusiastic but dropped the idea after the scandal surrounding the attack by the French secret service on the Greenpeace ship, Rainbow Warrior, in New Zealand in 1985.

British co-operation with the Gladio network since the 1950s appears to have concentrated on offering training expertise for continental cells. Werner Carobbio, a member of the Swiss parliamentary inquiry, referred the Guardian to Swiss press reports that P26 personnel had received training in Britain.

General Gerardo Serravalle, a retired officer, told the Italian parliamentary inquiry that a Gladio unit trained in Britain in the early 1970s. General Fausto Fortunato, head of the Italian Gladio cell until 1964, referred to a “crucial” meeting of the network held in Britain, followed by others in France, Belgium and Luxembourg in the early 1960s.

Revelations about the Gladio network have provoked embarrassed reactions. Wilfried Martens, Belgium’s prime minister almost continuously since 1979, has said he was never told about its network, now under investigation after allegations that it was linked to a series of terrorist attacks in the 1980s.

The Dutch prime minister, Ruud Lubbers, told parliament last month that a secret organisation had been set up inside the defence ministry in the 1950s originally to provide intelligence to a government in exile. Members of the cell are believed to have taken part recently in a training exercise in Sicily.

The French defence minister, Jean-Pierre Chevènement, has announced that the French section, code-named Gallio, had been dissolved by presidential decree.

The German section, set up with the help of second world war army veterans and the extreme rightwing Federation of German Youth, allegedly drew up plans to assassinate leading members of the opposition Social Democrat party in the event of a Warsaw Pact invasion. The German government has promised to consider winding it up.

In Greece, where it was given the code-name, Sheepskin, a cell was set up by the CIA in the 1950s but was dismantled in 1988, according to the government. Officers in the underground unit were involved in the Colonels’ coup in 1967.

In Turkey, Bulent Ecevit, prime minister at the time of the invasion of northern Cyprus in 1974, has said he was informed at the time of a “special warfare” department within the headquarters of the general staff. He said he was told it had been financed until then by the US but needed funds from Ankara.

A former Italian Gladio officer has said Gladio agents were trained by US instructors at a military base in Spanish Canary Islands from 1966 to the mid-1970s. He said France proposed Spain for membership of the network in 1973 but Britain, Germany and the Netherlands blocked the move on the grounds that Spain was not a democracy.

Scene of the Bologna P2 Lodge bombing

By “Masons,” we don’t mean uncle Bob and his friends.  Real Freemasons are 33rd degree and above, the 7 levels above 33rd degree that few can imagine aspiring to. 

Therein lies real power.

Before calling any of this conspiracy theory, you have to look at Italy after World War II and the Masonic Lodge, now defunct, known as “P2.”

Established in 1877 as a secret government lodge, “Propaganda Massonica” or “P” became “Propaganda Due” or “P2″ after the war. 

Mussolini had crushed the Masonic lodges during his reign but they reemerged in 1945 and became fervently anti-communist.  About a third of Italy is Communist, then and today.

As the Cold War got hotter, the anti-communist Freemasons became the “go to” secret society for, not only political dirty tricks but terrorism as well, terrorism orchestrated to bring down governments that the United States and CIA were uncomfortable with.

The CIA/NATO cover name for this Masonic terror organization was Gladio.

How many Americans have heard of Operation Gladio? Many ask, how could simple Arabs or even Israel, put together an organization capable of 9/11? If, as 78% of Australians indicate, in a recent Herald Sun poll, America planned 9/11 herself, how did a democracy lose its way? How did America’s intelligence and defense groups become terrorists? When did it happen and why? The answer isn’t simple, it started decades ago, when the world was at the edge of obliteration and two systems, or what we then believed were systems, fought for the hearts and minds of the world.

Today, all that sounds childish. A mature look at the Cold War looks more like two rats fighting over a corpse. Then, however, some saw it as “light and dark,” clear as that. Many believed the Soviet Union would drive its tanks through Europe like a knife through hot butter. To fight this “eventuality,” NATO built a terrorist organization of massive proportions. The remaining cells of Operation Gladio, one of the greatest disasters of military ignorance in history, are busy today.

We call some of them “Al Qaeda.”

Operation Gladio is the heart of world terrorism, alive and well, and built by NATO, built by the United States and used against America and the world. Gladio, created to save us from communism, quickly became a terrorist organization itself, murdering political leaders, rigging elections, terror attacks to blame on one group or another. The “medicine” became the disease. It is now killing us.

In Italy, 1981, prosecutors investigating the Mafia role in the Vatican banking scandal found that the P2 Masonic lodge was at the heart of it.  A list was discovered, 962 members of this secret organization.  Among them was Silvio Berlusconi, current prime minister along with the heads of Italy’s Carbineri, the army and nearly every corrupt banker and major gangster in Italy.

On August 2, 1980, an explosion at the Central Station at Bologna killed 85 and wounded hundreds.  A small “fascist” organization was blamed immediately, part of a coverup orchestrated by security chief, General Pietro Musumeci, but few took his efforts seriously.  It was more than obvious from the political climate that “P2″ was responsible and General Musumeci, a member of the P2 Lodge, was charged with falsifying evidence in order to divert attention from the real planner, Licio Gelli, Grand Master of the P2 Masonic Lodge.

The trials continued through 2004 with Gelli convicted of “obstruction” and the original patsies, part of an anti-nuclear group, to languish in prison.

The operations uncovered in Norway had their beginnings in Italy and follow a clear pattern.  This same patter is now emerging in Norway, a pattern seen in the United States with 9/11, in Britain with 7/7 and across Europe and the world, concealed behind the myth of Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda.

The following is a timeline of planning and operations of the Masonic P2 organization in Italy:

1965 3-6- May Parco dei Principi Rome:  In the Parco dei Principi hotel, Rome, a conference is held to discuss the theme “Revolutionary War”; it is organized by the Alberto Pollio Institute of Military Studies, and financed by the REI office of the SIFAR secret services. Its underlying assumption is the danger of the Italian Communist Party coming to power and the need by a section of the right to take on responsibility for reacting to such a danger and, in this activity, to join forces with particularly “sympathetic” parts of the state: men of the secret services, the carabineers and neo-fascist members of the army. In the opinion of some, this conference marks for Italy the planning and start of the “strategy of tension” and “opposing extremes”, part of a wider international operation, “False Flag” or “Operation CHAOS”, aimed at opposing the advance of Communism in the world.

1969 25 April Bombs in Milan:  A bomb explodes in the Fiat booth in the Milan trade fair, wounding six; the explosion took place at 7 p.m., after the fair’s public closing time. A second, unexploded bomb is found in the central station. 1969 9 August Attacks on Trains 8 bombs, placed on various trains, explode, wounding 12. A further two unexploded bombs are discovered in Milan’s central station and in the Santa Lucia station in Venice 1969 12 December Piazza Fontana A bomb explodes in the headquarters of the Banca dell’Agricoltura In Piazza Fontana in Milan. 17 people die and another 88 are wounded. The same day bombs also explode in Rome, in the Banca Nazionale di Lavoro in Via Veneto, wounding 16 people, and at the Altare della Patria.

1969 15 December Giuseppe Pinelli:  The anarchist railway worker, Giuseppe Pinelli, is arrested as part of the Inquiries into the slaughter in Piazza Fontana. During an interrogation by the police commissioner, Luigi Calabresi, Pinelli dies after falling from a fourth floor window of the police station.

1970 22 July The Gioia Tauro Massacre A few hundred metres from the Gioia Tauro railway station there is an explosion resulting in the derailment of the Palermo-Turin fast-train, known as the “Treno del Sole” or Sun Train. The attack results in 6 mortalities and over 60 wounded.

1970 7 December The Borghese Coup:  During the night between 7 and 8 December 1970 there is an all-out attempt at a military coup which only lasts a few hours as it is called off before becoming a real insurrection. A group from the Avanguardia Nazionale movement gathers in the building sites of Montesacro, owned by the builder Remo Orlandini who is close to the secret services headed by Vito Miceli. Just outside Rome, an armed column of forest-rangers from Cittaducale, near Rieti, await orders. Another group of neo-fascists, led by Junio Valerio Borghese, ex-commander of the X Mas, or 10th Assault Vehicle Flotilla, enter the armoury of the Home Office accompanied by Aviation General Giuseppe Casero, the neo-fascist Sandro Saccucci, and Police Major Salvatore Pecorella.

1972 31 May The Peteano Massacre:  After an anonymous tip-off to the carabineer station in Gorizia a white Fiat Cinquecento car is found with two holes in the windscreen. Three carabineers try to open the vehicle’s bonnet; the car explodes killing them all, while a further two are severely wounded.

1973 17 May Milan Police Station:  The self-styled anarchist Gianfranco Bertoli throws a bomb at the Milan police station killing four people.

1974 28 May During a trade union demonstration in Brescia, a bomb explodes in Piazza della Loggia. Eight persons are killed and 94 are wounded.

1974 4 August The Italicus Train:  A bomb explodes in the Italicus train running between Rome and Munich. In coach number five 12 people die and 48 are wounded.

1975 22 May The Reale Law:  The principle writer of this law is the Justice Minister Oronzo Reale; he is a member of the Italian Republican Party. It regularizes the rights of the law enforcement agencies to use arms, extends the use of preventive custody, even if the accused is not caught in the act, and in fact allows preventive custody for 96 hours within which the judicial authorities can issue a validation order. And, finally, it regulates the use of helmets and other elements that might make citizens unrecognizable.

1975 2 November Pier Paolo Pasolini On the night between 1 and 2 November Pasolini was beaten to death and run over by his own car on the beach near the Ostia seaplane base.

1978 16 March The Via Fani Massacre:  At 9.15 a.m. in Via Mario Fani in Rome, a Red Brigade terrorist group kidnap Aldo Moro, president of the Christian Democrat party. In the attack the five members of his escort are killed.

1978 21 March Special Laws:  The Italian government approves the first of the special laws (decree law n. 59) providing for, amongst other things, life imprisonment for kidnappers in the case of the hostage’s death; an extension of police detention-powers and of phone-tapping; the possibility of being interrogated without a lawyer.

1978 9 May Prime Minister Aldo Moro:  At 1.30 p.m., in Via Michelangelo Caetani in Rome, Aldo Moro’s body is discovered. The corpse of the president of the Christian Democrat party is in the boot of a red Renault 4.

1980 2 August Bologna Station: At 10.25 a.m., in the crowded 2nd class waiting-room of Bologna station, a high-explosive bomb is set off. The blast is so violent that part of the building falls on the passengers inside. 85 people lose their life while another 147 are wounded.

1980 6 February The Cossiga Law:  The law provides heavy sentences for those judged guilty of “terrorism” and gives the police further powers.

1981 17 March Confiscation of the P2 Masonic Lodge Lists:   Castiglion Fibocchi The investigating magistrates Gherardo Colombo and Giuliano Turone, in the course of an inquiry into the alleged kidnapping of the Sicilian lawyer and businessman Michele Sindona, search Licio Gelli’s house in Arezzo, “Villa Wanda”, and his factory, “Giole”, in Castiglion Fibocchi near Arezzo; the operation, undertaken by Colonel Bianchi of the Financial Police, finds in the “Giole” archives a list of almost a thousand members of the P2 Masonic lodge, among them the commanding officer of the Financial Police itself, Orazio Giannini (membership number 832). Michele Sindona himself is also on the P2 list thus confirming the suspicions of the investigating magistrates.

These terror organizations, initially founded with help of former Nazi Abwehr agents and later supplemented by, not just Israeli operatives but terror organizations of every kind, established cells and arms caches in every nation in Europe, particularly Switzerland, never a member of NATO.  Operational “fall back” locations were set up in Ireland, the Canary Islands, Cyprus and even Libya.

What is Freemasonry?  Don’t ask a Mason, they are sworn to secrecy.  More truthfully, they would never know.  Most, almost all, are decent citizens, known for their civic responsibility.  Europeans know them as a cult of police and corrupt petty officials who use their secret handshakes to rig courts, get friends off the hook for crimes, a “social club from hell.”

Europeans also know of the bombings, Octoberfest in Munich, Italy has we have examined already, the acts attributed to the ‘Red Brigades,” and now the slaughter in Norway.

Americans know the Founding Fathers and 14 presidents are known to have been Freemasons, with Truman among the real elites. The founding of Israel may well have been a deal cut between the Freemasons and their Rothschild partners with Truman “carrying the water.”  Americans are very unlikely to ever know what a disaster this as been.

Alexander Hamilton was a Freemason.  He was also the intermediary between that organization and the Rothschild banking family.  His attempts to turn the US Treasury over to that group were stopped by a bullet from Vice President Aaron Burr.

It wasn’t until 1913 that Rothschild banks took over the United States under the guise of the Federal Reserve System.  One could mark their calendar with that year, noting it to be a milestone in the loss of American freedom and independence.  Many American’s, better informed in that horse and buggy era, knew what had happened.  Today, few have an idea, they only know all the money is gone and they don’t know where it went.

The Federal Reserve took it, they, the Freemasons, the Rothschilds and a cabal investigative journalists keep working to name, a cabal that destroys any who get too close.

Gordon Duff is a Marine Vietnam veteran. A 100% disabled vet. He has been a featured commentator on TV and radio including Al Jazeera and his articles have been carried by news services around the world. He has been a UN Diplomat, defense contractor and is a widely published expert on military and defense issues. Duff is Senior Editor at one of the most widely read Veterans Online publications Veterans Today

He is an outspoken advocate for veterans and his powerful words have brought about change. Gordon is a lifelong PTSD sufferer from his war experiences and he is empathetic to the plight of today's veterans also suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to feature Gordon's timely and critical reports on, a news organization staffed by a number of veterans, particularly former U.S. Marines. You can send Gordon Duff an email at this address:

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JamFan August 22, 2011 4:24 pm (Pacific time)

These conspiracy thoeries against Freemasonry date back to the 1800's. I'm still waiting for them take take over the world.....any day now....waiting.....still waiting....

Pete Allen August 22, 2011 4:22 pm (Pacific time)

Has anybody noticed that the picture of Breivik in his Freemasonry garb is not a pic of the guy who was the Norway Shooter. Same last name, different guy than the pic supplied. What a joke!

Editor: That is not our understanding, and you being the first to mention it causes doubt, somebody would have said something by now.

opinion July 28, 2011 8:59 pm (Pacific time)

I dont like how this is written... freemasonary can be amazing, just like judaism can be also amazing is corruption that makes them a tool of control

Don Anderson July 28, 2011 3:07 pm (Pacific time)

Editor either Mr Duff is right or he is wrong. I know he is wrong because he has cited many things speciously. However, few I suggest would check the facts of Mr Duffs article. Mr Duff has connected people and organizations, even named persons as Freemasons who aren't. P2 was not a recognized Masonic Lodge, it had been expelled long before ever coming to infamous public attention. The connection is therefore disingenuous or misleading, the manner in which it was used for the article being demonstrably incorrect. I would be happy to supply a detailed rebuttal with cited information if you and Mr Duff would be prepared to retract and apologize for posting a poorly researched conspiracy article. Baseless articles like this against Freemasonry have been connected to suicides because some people do unfortunately believe everything they read. It can cause tensions in families or places such as work when Freemasons deny or dispute such erroneous articles against Freemasonry. This becomes the collateral damage for freedom of speech.

Editor: I can not count the number of stories where one side says true and one says false.  Why don't you write an opinion piece to counter this one?  I would absolutely consider publishing it, and I would link them together.  Your Orson Wells scenario is alarming, I'd have to think anyone who jumped off a building over a story like this was already close to the edge long before the piece was published.  At any rate you have my attention, so please let me know, and you can write to me at

PittsburghMike July 28, 2011 9:48 am (Pacific time)

This isn't a news article, it's nothing but a giant conspiracy theory. I appreciate Mr Duff's military service and his service to veterans, but he's gone wacky. The theory that Masons run the world is so far out he must be tripping. Mr. Duff - please come back to Earth. Maybe some new meds would help.

Editor: Maybe it is the other way around?  You do know that millions of people believe the group has big scale plans that they don't disclose, right?  People write this crap every time Gordon or myself or other writers generate stories that take people out of their comfort zones.  You would be surprised how much of it is on track,  only time will tell.    

Ralph E. Stone July 28, 2011 8:41 am (Pacific time)

Glenn Beck, our ambassador of goodwill, is getting some press for comparing the victims of the shootings on the Norwegian Island of Utoya to Hitler youth.

JohntheMasterMason July 27, 2011 11:29 pm (Pacific time)

Who ever wrote this article is a complete idiot. JFK's speech was about the Soviet Union and Communism NOT freemasonry. Freemasonry is a benevolent organization, dedicated to light,hope, and charity.

Editor: Do you bait hooks when you go fishing?  What is your title then?  Don't sink in with the insults, the writer is Gordon Duff and you can read that part if you open your eyes,.  Not very enlightened in the practical sense now are you?  Maybe your light bulb just isn't bright enough.  Try leaving a comment that isn't so jerkish and you won't have to deal with me, we are actually interested in all of this, of course.

Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall July 27, 2011 11:59 pm (Pacific time)

Thanks for mentioning the bin Laden "myth." I find it very strange that many US media outlets (including Fox and CNN) seem to have forgotten 1. that they reported on bin Laden’s death and funeral in December 2001, 2. that prior to that date bin Laden consistently denied involvement in 9/11 because it violated his religious beliefs to kill women, children and innocent civilians and 3. none of the bin Laden tapes released after Dec 2001 have been independently authenticated (and are most likely forgeries). Just like Joseph Goebbels said, if the lie is really big and you repeat it often enough, the public will believe it. I blog about this at

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