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Daughter with Downs Syndrome Needs Her Father - Let Enrique Gonzales Go

As is typical all too often, as an inmate, Enrique has been denied adequate medical treatment.

Enrique Gonzales
Enrique Gonzales and his family

(SALEM) - Enrique Gonzales and his family; including his four children, 13, 5, and two 2-year old twins, have lived in Florida for twelve years, but now his family is suffering without him as he sits in jail on a driving charge.

Enrique was pulled over by police in mid-June as he left his place of employment; a construction site, for allegedly driving on a private road.

Not cited for that violation; this working family man and father was arrested for driving without a license and sent to the county jail.

After a month in jail, on 17 July, this family man was transferred to the Broward Detention Center where he finds himself today.

His two year old daughter has downs-syndrome; she also suffers from a heart condition and the unfortunate child is unable to receive food orally.

As he was held in jail Enrique developed a kidney condition and is currently urinating blood. He is unable to get the medical attention he needs.

As has reported in the past, this is a problem affecting inmates everywhere. (see Dying Prisoner with Hepatitis C Calls Oregon Out for Denying Medical Treatment)

The presence of this family was not placing an undue load on any entity. Enrique was the sole provider for his family, they are unable to meet their basic needs.

The agonizing part is that it is costing tax-payers $166 every day Mr. Gonzales is held in detention.

Senator Rubio:
Washington D.C.: 202-224-3041
Orlando: 407-254-2573

Senator Nelson:
Washington D.C.: 202-224-5274
Orlando: 407-872-7161

Dear Senators,

I am William Nicholas Gomes, Human Rights Ambassador for

I have been contacted by Dream Activists and informed of the inhumane condition of Enrique Gonzalez.

I write to ask that you immediately release Enrique Gonzalez (A#097-135-389) from the Broward Transitional Center. According to John Morton and the Obama administration, Enrique is a low-priority for removal and should not be in detention.

Enrique Gonzalez needs medical care; he is currently urinating blood. He can't sleep 2 or so nights every other week due to extreme kidney pain. His 2-year old daughter has downs-syndrome and needs him.

On June 15th Enrique was pulled over for allegedly driving on a private road when in fact he was leaving a construction site after a day of work. Enrique was not cited for that violation; instead he was arrested for driving without a license and sent to the county jail. After a month in jail, on July 17th, Enrique was transferred to the Broward Detention Center where he finds himself today.

Enrique and his family have been living in Florida since 2000. He has four children, 13, 5, and two 2-year old twins. His two year old daughter has down-syndrome, a heart condition and cannot receive food orally. While in jail Enrique has developed a kidney condition and is currently urinating blood. Enrique has asked for medical attention in detention; however he’s only been given Ibuprofen.

Enrique was the sole provider for his family and they need him at home. Each day he is detained, as tax-payers are spending $166. Instead of spending tax-payer dollars detaining Enrique I ask that you use the discretion as laid out by John Morton, the Director of ICE, and immediately release Enrique Gonzalez from detention.

I will continuously monitor your action for Enrique, looking forward to your immediate response.

Yours sincerely,
William Nicholas Gomes
Human Rights Ambassador for
P.O. Box 5238
Salem, Oregon 97304

______________________________ Human Rights Ambassador William Nicholas Gomes is a Bangladeshi journalist, human rights activist and author was born on 25 December, 1985 in Dhaka. As an investigative journalist he wrote widely for leading European and Asian media outlets.

He is also active in advocating for free and independent media and journalists’ rights, and is part of the free media movement, Global Independent Media Center – an activist media network for the creation of radical, accurate, and passionate telling of the truth. He worked for Italian news agency from year 2009 to 2011, on that time he was accredited as a free lance journalist by the press information department of Bangladesh. During this time he has reported a notable numbers of reports for the news agency which were translated into Chinese and Italian and quoted by notable number of new outlets all over the world.He, ideologically, identifies himself deeply attached with anarchism. His political views are often characterized as “leftist” or “left-wing,” and he has described himself as an individualist anarchist.




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Abbey July 25, 2012 2:42 am (Pacific time)

I have a daughter with down syndrome and a congenital heart defect. It is because of so many illegals taking money from our state, my daughter has lost so much funding for her care. Where is the humanity in that?

Editor: You ever heard of bad karma?  

Anonymouse July 25, 2012 10:45 am (Pacific time)

I think the above poster's comprehension was a pretty fair assessment of the situation. No one is detained for over a month on a drivers license charge, and certainly ICE is never involved. He is illegal, plain and simple. If this was a legal citizen detained in such a manner, I would be the first in line to offer legal or financial aid in light of his condition. But he's not. I understand and wholeheartedly embrace humanitarianism but that does not trump established laws and a nation's Sovereignty. He and his family have broken the law for 12 years. It's time to pay the price. If he REALLY cared about his family he never would have broken the law in the first place by coming here. He could have stayed in his own country and made a better life for himself there, or chosen to come here legally.

DJ: You come across as pretty self-righteous. One saying is that the only people in favour of abortion are those who are already born! Similarly, the only ones in favour of keeping illegals out and those who were lucky enough to have been born here. The earth belongs to everyone and you and your fellow citizens are lucky enough to have been born into a fenced off area called the U.S. Just as I was born in the area called Canada. 

T.K. I want to add that this nameless individual is the exact type of citizen Hitler exploited in Berlin, they think law is automatically legitimate, it is not a creative or functional way of seeing it.  Saddest of all is the general lack of compassion, neither of these two 'law upholders' would be the type of people who would rescue or aid another, hell they'd have to find out first if the victim was 'legal'.  My thought is that they may not be able to understand chivalrous action, but it is real and still a quality among many of us and we don't care where people were born.

Anonymous July 24, 2012 3:17 am (Pacific time)

There must be more to the story. Maybe you accidentally forgot to mention that he committed another crime or even was illegal? Stop the bleeding heart bull shit. Illegals cost the taxpayer billions of dollars every year. So please write the whole story

Editor: This is the aspect of the story that mattered.  We're humanitarians, you probably wouldn't understand.  Your capacity for comprehension is well defined by your comment

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