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Dr. Boyce & Wilmer Leon: Did Someone Try to Assassinate Hillary Clinton In Israel?

Dr. Boyce Watkins and Dr. Wilmer Leon discuss the issue.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

(SYRACUSE, NY YourBlackWorld) - This week, it was reported by international news agencies that there was an assassination attempt on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during her recent trip to Israel. Oddly enough, the story was reported on both Israeli radio and Reuters, which both went silent shortly after the reports. Reports from Iranian news sources were not accepted by US media outlets. The mixed reports have left some baffled as to whether or not the Israeli sources and Reuters were making all of this up in the first place or if they’ve been asked to keep the issue silent.

The reports happen to coincide with Right Wing accusations of Muslim extremists being inside Hillary Clinton’s circle of advisers. Additionally, there was an attack in Bulgaria this week, with Israeli officials claiming that the attacks were sponsored by the Iranian government.

Some are speculating that these reports may be connected by the fact that the Israeli government is working to convince the United States to back it’s country in an attack against Iran. It is also noted that the alleged assassination attempt on Secretary of State Clinton was not reported in mainstream US media because some have an interest in suppressing this information. Such a revelation would be an embarrassment to the Israeli government, given that security protocols dictate that a car should never have gotten close enough to fire upon her convoy.

We don’t know exactly what’s going on here, but it sounds like the Israeli government could be duping us in the same way that former President George W. Bush duped us into the Iraq War. By creating an environment in which it appears that war is necessary, the Israelis may get the green light to attack Iran that they are seeking.

Dr. Boyce Watkins and Dr. Wilmer Leon discuss the issue below:

Dr. Boyce Watkins is a Professor at Syracuse University and founder of the Your Black World Coalition. To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here.

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Anonymous July 22, 2012 6:18 pm (Pacific time)

There is absolutely no doubt that Obama is a one-termer, just like the other big failure, Jimmah Carter. Cosidering that it is Chicago Zionists that Obama marches to, and the fact that Romney as a Mormon, has zero interest in the war mongers of Israel, I hardly think President Romney is not going to be a reality. Obama and his cabal have failed, they are utterly corrupt, and if fraud is done and he falsely gets a 2nd term, the country will ignite into a racial war that will be started in earnest by blacks. They will all be quite briefly surprised how quickly their doom comes, as will the anti-American whites out there. You expect us to take care of you, and for this site to see you have an advertising revenue stream, that will be coming to a close before long. Though people who hide their money can expect the state dept. of Revenue and the IRS to see how it finally concludes for some real life felons out there. By the way there are 35.5% registered Republicans, 34% democrats and the rest are Independents, who are trending to the right. All major polls, except Rasmussen, over sample democrats from 5% to 9%, so guess how the real numbers are. You need to look at the internals to see how skewed they are for Obama. Today most polls still have Romney up by 3 points. Wait till summer is over and people start paying attention, like to jobs and the economy. The stories in this salem-news has no significant public interest, and never will. You have a storm coming...

Anonymous July 22, 2012 10:48 am (Pacific time)

glad you posted this. On the last article related I wrote "israel news, lol". You thought my words meant that israel would not do a false flag. The fact is, if there was an attempt on clinton, I already know it would come from israel. What I meant was, I cant find any evidence that the attack actually occured. israel news and reuters were the only places I could find this, and they do nothing but lie...That was my point. This is propaganda that did not happen but is being used by israel to attack Iran..Thats what I meant. Thanks. And Josh, I dont think they care about the elections. The elite have put into place the president they wanted for a long time now. And people think they have a choice. I'd say lol, but its not funny. They dont care if its obama or romney, they are both banker puppets, as long as its just not Ron Paul they are fine. The war drums do seem to be getting louder tho, and Iran is not Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. where the U.S. deals with rifles and homemade IUD's, Iran actually has a military.

Anonymous July 22, 2012 9:21 am (Pacific time)

Josh, Israel will start their final attacks before November's election because they know that President Romney will continue a negotiation profile toward peace. He is an anti-Zionist to the max, he really is, as are most Mormons. My opinion is that Obama will assist Israel in the back channels, and if world opinion is good as Israel destroys Iran's current leadership, he will take credit,as he foolishly does for so many other boondoggles, domestic and foreign, for example: Libya, Egypt and green energy development. You must keep in mind that it is essentially Jews who are in the Whitehouse. Axlerod and Rahm Emmanuel are essentially dual citizens of both America and Israel, and their ultimate loyalty is with the tribes of Israel. I could be wrong, but I doubt that a status quo will continue, there will be a brief war and Iran will be shut down. Expect multiple "EMP's" and few civilian casualties.

Editor: 'President Romney-- wow that really doesn't have a ring to it.  Obama is a terrible disappointment, but to think that rich ass gives a rip about preventing a war with Israel, when he and Bibi are school friends from the early 1970's.... Romney is a dyed in the wool pro-Israel Zionist if one ever walked the face of the earth.  This reminds us why it is so important to monitor comments in person and not let this crap get posted without an official laugh.  Romney has neither done or said anything that would prevent the US from backing Israel in a war with Iran.  It would be finny because it would rip this country in half.  Let's set this straight; I don't know of a SINGLE GOP contender who is not a hardcore Zionist warmonger ready to send our young men and women off to die.  I am not saying that Democrats are that much better.   President Romney... this may be the only place we ever see those words. 

Josh Akers July 21, 2012 5:56 pm (Pacific time)

Oh, Shit. I think this is a very bad sign of things to come in the future. I have a gut feeling that tells me that Israel is waiting until after the next US election to start a war. This, and the Bulgarian bombing is a very bad sign that tells me Israel has shifted it's False Flag operations into high gear. I hope I'm wrong. I hope I'm reading into it too much. You cannot be too careful when dealing with Israeli politics and intelligence.

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