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13 Questions to Dr. Wakar Uddin

Everybody knows that the Magh parties are operating from within the land of Bangladesh; their party head office and media offices are in Dhaka. Why do we fail to do so?

Dr. Wakar Uddin
Dr. Wakar Uddin

(WASHINGTON DC) - As a simple ordinary Rohingya individual, may I ask the following questions to our honorable Director General (DG) of Arakan Rohingya Union (ARU), if you don’t feel infuriated.

1).  Why you have never paid a visit to see any Rohingya refugee that compelled to leave home and hearth after June 2012 genocide in any one of 10 countries i.e. Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Australia, New Zealand? Is it because of visa problem or fund shortage?  Instead you have been found visiting Dubai and Jeddah frequently.

2).  Why not a single person out of the 4 founding permanent members, 5 coordinators or 10 council members is found along with you in your trips? Even those permanent member, coordinator and council member presently residing in Saudia are not found at your side in public meetings and in grandeur dinner parties that you are enjoying while on the tours in Saudia. What is the use of appointing of those coordinators and council members? Do you trust in single-man efforts only rather than team-work spirit? The critics say you like to keep everything as secret, but I think you don’t have anything to keep as secret. Right, Sir?

But, I repeat: But, the opportunists – the same faces who go around and feel proud to take photos with every political figures (whether they are Rohingya leaders, non-Rohingya leaders like Htay Lwin Oo or even Burmese Ambassador in the kingdom) – are only found roaming, buzzing and circling around Dr. Wakar. They can go and visit Burma at any time for business and family trips without any fear of arrest or interrogation. To prove this point, several photos and videos, youtube and facebook clips are available on the internet.

3).  What was the obstacle to visit Bangladesh for an appeal or to seek her advice / her help keeping in mind that Bangladesh, as neighbouring country, is the most important country / the gateway country in our cause because of its proximity / accessibility to Arakan?

Everybody knows that the Magh parties are operating from within the land of Bangladesh; their party head office and media offices are in Dhaka. Why do we fail to do so?

4).  India and China have a very strong influential relation, mutual economic interest and strategic geo-political position with Burma in particular and with Arab and Muslim world at large in terms of international trade and economy. The Arab Gulf countries are a very big market for India and China.

If Muslim world ask the said two big countries for a diplomatic support, I don’t think they can easily ignore it. Doesn’t our DG consider the importance of India and China, the need of their support in our cause? Why you fail to visit those countries to seek their diplomatic support?  Have you ever visited any country of “Contact group” of OIC formed exclusively for Rohingya issue? (Please don’t count here Dubai and Jeddah because these are not diplomatic visits.)

5).  Without drawing a constitution which was the main task that was assigned to you, you have launched the World Media Center, Global Rohingya Center (GRC) and appointing a person (Abdullah Marou) who doesn’t know any global language other than Arabic and never ever seen Rohang (Arakan), not to mention he doesn’t know even his mother tongue Rohingya language. How can he promote our cause? How can he represent us? How can he stand for us? Nobody is included / recruited from the whole globe other than a few persons from Makkah only, even not from Jeddah. How can this be a Global organization, Sir?

Above all which constitution empowered you to form those fancy organizations under the banner of ARU, which itself is an umbrella entity comprising 25 organizations? Don’t you need to consult anything with anybody? Is DG of ARU becoming Dictator General instead of Director General, who can do whimsically whatever he wishes to do?

6).  Makkah based Rohingya Community Society (Jaliyat) (appropriate pronunciation should be Zaliyat) is initially and rightly formed to reduce the crimes of Rohingyas in Makkah and later expanded for the welfare of Rohingyas residing in the kingdom. The name itself is self-explanatory. How can they be helpful and lead an organization called Global Rohingya Center (GRC), Rohingya Media Center etc.

Thanks to internet nowadays there is no any hindrance on naming or registering with any futile or exaggerated names without fulfilling any requirements in practical sense. Since all the office bearers of GRC are from Makkah only, why it is said registered in Netherlands, why not in KSA or in USA? Critics say all this is done under your instruction. Is it, Sir?

7).  I wish it is just hearsay that in the next ARU election, the post of DG will be nominated / selected by the said Global Rohingya Center (GRC) or Zaliyat only, not by the 25 member organizations or Congress or Rohingya convention as did before.  They (Zaliyat) have so much influence and convenience in OIC because of various reasons. (Space doesn’t allow me to go in details). It is noteworthy here that 4 Zaliyat bosses signed as witnesses – while only 1 each from OIC (Mr. Talal) and EBO (Mr. Harn) signed – on the first Rohingya convention resolution in which the DG and his team was selected in 2011.

In this connection Zaliyat has already started lobbying, organizing and forming new organizations for the purpose of votes for Dr. Wakar.  How much it is right, Sir? (Please note that Zaliyat in our Rohingya language means people who are professionals in forgery and foul play – Zali.)

8).  In my opinion, those organizations only shall become Congress members which can fulfill therequirements and characteristics of an organization, who can come up with written manifestos, by-laws, aim and objectives, office-bearers names, considerable number of members, sufficient funds and sources of funds etc.  NOT briefcase organizations / one-man-show associations / overnight formed parties.  Would DG agree with me?  It is pity to form 8 sets of organizations with 3 members! (a, b, c, ab, ac, bc, abc, None).

To begin charity at home, first of all, can we know how many members BRANA of Dr. Wakar does have and what is the source of funds to run his organization?

9).    I have no knowledge if media groups are given membership in any parliament or in any political institution.  It is quite clear that media groups are not political organizations, consequently should not have voting right in the Rohingya congress but may be given Observer status.

If the membership of Kaladan Press is not annulled we have to be cautious that there are dozens of media groups emerging nowadays like mushrooms, who are also aiming to get membership in ARU. Am I wrong, Sir?

10).   It is worrisome that around 10 parties are issuing joint statements in Europe headed by Mr. Nurul Islam; another 10 parties are emerging in Europe with the name of ERC; another group is issuing another joint statement in North America headed by DG himself; another 7 parties in Saudia are campaigning for extension of 5 years term / lifelong term for Dr. Wakar as per his direction. Please don’t deny, Sir.

ARU was formed to unite and to bring all Rohingya factions and fractions under one umbrella but unfortunately ARU is seen being divided into several subgroups or camps. In general public view, if big 3 (Dr. Wakar, Dr. Yunus and Mr. Nurul Islam of UK) are able to get united / compromised; we can take as whole community is united. The big 3 are already in their 60s. They need to sacrifice / give up their egoism, in their old age, in their remaining years at least, for the sake of Rohingya community in this crucial time of genocidal Rohingya ethnic cleansing in Arakan.  What do you say, Sir, in this regard?

11).   Many individuals, friends and activists who are still in Burma under strict Burmese regime’s watch list are found in DG’s mailing list / contact list as per his occasional circulars and statements used to address “To Dear All”. But quite astonishingly he doesn’t have updated emails of his colleagues, his associates, his coordinators, his council members, his ARU member organizations.

So he needs the emails of them to communicate now, as per his own words……… “As the first step of communication process between the Secretariat and ARU Member Organizations ……………….... ”. Let’s hope he has good intentions, but obviously seems he is taking us around the bush. Even so, let’s say “Late is better than Never”. Isn’t it, Sir?

12).    Peoples are renaming you as Bekar Uddin, Fakkar Uddin in place of Wakar Uddin. Dr. Wakar is an idle Walker only, not a real Worker. To him the abbreviation DG stands for Dictator General, not Director General. He is a Dealer only, not a Leader etc, etc.

As long as Talal is there in OIC, Wakar has nothing to worry, his post of DG is guaranteed and secured. Let him convene the congress anywhere other than Saudia, then see the result. These are a few public echoes, among others. How do you see such remarks, Sir?

13).    At last regarding the FUND, many people are accusing in many ways, quoting several sources referred to big amounts. They quote who have got how much fund from which sources, from which countries and who are involved. I don’t want to mention all those things here. I don’t want to wash dirty linen in public. If you would like me to do that publicly I can reveal it in my next letter. Our people are very smart in that matter to unearth such informations\. Do you dare to deny those claims, Sir?

Nevertheless, worldwide registered and unregistered refugees, internally displaced peoples in Burma, jobless, shelter-less, foodless hungry peoples and orphans are suffering a lot with inexpressible miseries for whom the philanthropists, donors and charity organizations are donating millions of dollars. They are rightly deserved at least a small portion of those donations in the forms of food, education, medical care, rehabilitation, repatriation and so on.

Allah will never forgive those who are collecting funds from the generous philanthropists and charities in the name of blood of martyrs (Shaheed), tears of orphans (Yeteem) and pains of the oppresseds (Mazloom), BUT in the contrary, misusing that money by treachery (Kheyanat) for their own benefits and luxurious livings of their families.  

Fund handling, Transparency and accountability are very essential and key factors in any organization for its smooth functioning. Isn’t it, Sir?
Note (1):            I have tried my best to short-list the points and to describe it in a very short to the point manner. Still it has gone long. I have intentionally omitted a lot of other points which I originally drafted. I have written this email for pure constructive purpose only, no any personal grudges at all. My intention is to bring the peoples’ remarks and accusations to the knowledge of Dr. Wakar, to whom I admired, so that he can take necessary remedies. Of course I am writing this email not with my true identity just to avoid to be targeted and any possible harm. Because all cannot take the pill of bitter truth. I believe Dr. Wakar and the readers need to know the questions I raised only, not to me in person. I have no intention to hurt anybody’s feelings. I hope honorable Dr. Wakar may forgive me, if he feels bad, for my straight forward criticism for constructive purpose. Please don’t take it personal. I wish you best of luck. Jazakallah khair, Sir; Dr. Wakar!  
Note (2):          It is worth mentioning here that Mr. Han, Mr. Talal and all other concerned officials (I fail to name all) are very serious, honest, selfless and sincere to Rohingya cause and it is highly commended for their relentless efforts.  On behalf of Rohingyas, I would like to ask them for their forgiveness, kindness and continued supports towards the Rohingyas, ignoring some individual’s irresponsible, arrogant and rude behaviours.  
Note (3):          Thanking you all for your patience in reading this letter written in poor English. I am sure the readers will comprehend my points though I am unable to express fully my thoughts in my sub-standard writings as I am born, brought up and living in a non-English speaking country. I apologize for the inconvenience to you, if any, as it is my first letter in the internet. Your feedbacks, opinions and constructive comments are highly appreciated. Thanks again to all.
With high regards,   
Kala Chand.



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