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Why Does Hillary Clinton Want to See a Holocaust Jew Killed?

Is Hillary Clinton antisemitic?

Hedy Epstein
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(SALEM, Ore.) - In this entire world, even the universe, you will not find a person with a bigger heart or more interesting life than Hedy Epstein. Born in Germany during a terrible time in history, Hedy was sent to England as a small girl and her family was taken and sent to their death in Nazi concentration camps.

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What in the world would possess Hillary Clinton to back the Israeli military which has threatened to have Epstein attacked by dogs from their dangerous Oketz Unit? They don't have a good reputation as a military group; known for cruelty and war crimes. Maybe that is why they were selected, and Clinton approves.

Frankly, it is more than insane that there is even a discussion taking place. The people of Gaza live in an open air prison that is routinely bombed and blasted by Israel's U.S. supplied planes and munitions. There is not a legitimate point on Israel's side. Israel wants to possess all of the land around it and Gaza is a part it can't have, so therefore Israel wants to ensure their suffering continues.

There is no justification for illegal international behavior. But then the U.S. is war crimes central in many respects; guilty a hundred times over when compared to many supposedly 'terrorist' governments.

Residents of Gaza are held out to dry for rocket attacks that have killed a total of 28 Israelis, yet Israeli bombs dropped on civilians have killed over 1400 in a single, relatively brief military event known as 'Cast Lead'.

The people of Gaza are cut off from export business; they are denied the supplies needed to rebuild their homes from Israeli attacks; they are denied anything close to proper amounts of food and medicine, and they live with massive levels of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and health problems as a result of the illegal weapons Israel drops on their heads like white phosphorous and depleted uranium (DU).

Yet Clinton and Obama support this treatment of human beings and they clearly don't support peace activist's efforts to rescue them from Israel's illegal blockade that traps them like animals.

In her article, "Israel is Going to the Dogs", Greta Berlin discussed the growing evidence that the Israeli military has boasted it will use trained attack dogs on the Freedom Flotilla II passengers.

These attack dogs, from the Oketz Unit, are trained to immobilize enemies by biting. "The dogs are weapons in every sense -- like snipers or tank shells -- but they are biological weapons," Yehida, an online military magazine, said in an article about the unit.

Is Israel really going to follow in the footsteps of the Nazis in Dachau and Buchenwald concentration camps and use dogs against the Jews, Muslims, Christians, and others on board flotilla ships?

Today in his article, "Washington Okays Attack on Unarmed US Gaza Flotilla Ship", Professor Stephen Zunes wrote:

The Obama administration appears to have given a green light to an Israeli attack on an unarmed flotilla carrying peace and human rights activists - including a vessel with 50 Americans on board - bound for the besieged Gaza Strip. At a press conference on June 24, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton criticized the flotilla organized by the Free Gaza Campaign by saying it would "provoke actions by entering into Israeli waters and creating a situation in which the Israelis have the right to defend themselves."

International Observers fired at by Israel aboard fishing boat

The thing is, last year's deadly attack on the Freedom Flotilla ship Mavi Marmara took place in international waters; the vessels and the others with her were not even headed toward the waters of Gaza. Clinton and others in the U.S. has to essentially overlook this profound fact that the ocean is not Israel's; it is Gaza's.

This is part of why Hamas is continually demonized and never credited for the things they actually do, but rather for what Israel and its supporters want people to believe is taking place. Those waters belong to Palestine; they belong to Hamas and the people of Gaza.

I don't know how to process the support we have felt for Hillary Clinton in the past. I think we gave it the old college try, same for Obama. To see these people betray humanity; specifically Hedy Epstein and Mary Hughes and other longtime human aid activists who seek to see the people of Gaza live in, assures me that they are on a team that I can't define. It isn't American; they don't act like Americans; they don't make statements or express sentiments that are American. Every bit of disgust I ever felt for easily applies to these two today.

But whatever, right? We're only talking about human lives here; versus the extended importance of Israeli pride and control and friendship. Israel believes it is more important to kill people like Hedy Epstein, than to allow them to reach Gaza and deliver aid. That is as bad as anything in history.

I love Hedy Epstein and Mary Hughes Thompson, co-founder of the Free Gaza Movement; and the wealth of amazing, brave people of this precious effort. We stand against their oppressors and promise that any misdeeds against them will be publicly disclosed and never forgotten.

Hell, let's just say it; this is it. An Israeli attack on the Freedom Flotilla will lead to a disruption in society the likes of which has never been seen. This is the day and age of Wikileaks and Anonymous and another less peaceful movement that more closely resembles the actions of 'V' for Vendetta. If the world's supposed leader in democracy has agreed to support Israel's attack on the unarmed peace activists for Gaza, then let the games begin, and remember what it was like when the world still at least appeared to be in a manageable state. I'll toss it over to Eva for Equal Rights, a blogger and poet trying to bring the world a brighter day.

Mary Saves the Day

by Eva for Equal Rights - Gaza Freedom Flotilla II.

Israel's gifts to Gaza come in many forms, one however is lifeless

The activists were slumbering
All lying across the deck,
When those on watch peered out to sea,
And saw a tiny speck
Up in the sky, they thought it was,
And coming closer too,
And now it’s large enough to see
Not just one speck, but two.

“I think that sound’s an engine,
From something flying low,
A helicopter, or a plane”,
Through dark of night they peered in vain,
“Come on! Our boat’s so slow!”

And then they saw two helicopters,
Hovering overhead,
“The attack is now commencing”
Their intrepid captain said.
“What’s that? I heard a noise just now,
It sounded like a bark.”
And slowly, dangling on a rope,
Emerging from the dark,
We saw a dog – a great big dog,
Being lowered fairly fast,
By now our dear friend Mary Hughes
Was half way up the mast.

“Nice dog! Down boy! Good doggy, why
You’re only just a pup!
I’ve got some doggy treats for you,
Come here and eat them up!”
This dog, his job was meant to be
To fight and scare the crew,
And terrify the passengers,
But all the treats that Mary threw
Upon the deck confused the dog,
His doggy mind was in a fog
He didn’t know what to do.
At first he took a bite of Paul
But didn’t like the taste,
Then thought, "Those marvelous doggy treats,
They mustn’t go to waste".
Thus he betrayed his owners,
All the training of his youth,
As, at the foot of Mary’s mast,
Oh boy! That doggy had a blast
His manners quite uncouth.
He gobbled and he slobbered,
He devoured those treats so yummy,
Then rolled right over on his back,
So all could scratch his tummy.
Thus so distracted, this guard dog,
Of activists, no guard could keep,
Well-fed, contented, and well-scratched,
The doggie fell asleep.


Jun-15-2011: Israel Is Going to the Dogs - Greta Berlin for

Jul-01-2011: Washington Okays Attack on Unarmed US Gaza Flotilla Ship - By Stephen Zunes Special to


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Someone who knows law and economics July 3, 2011 12:58 pm (Pacific time)

So, Hillary is evil because she supported the Israeli army. And Israel is evil becuase the world's most financially corrupt governments say so. And they're not corrupt, it's just that math is an Israeli conspiracy, and all those economists who mathemati...


Editor: Forget it, you will not post your lies here.  Approve of Israel's murder of children if you must, that I can't change; however it has been made very clear that this is not a propaganda board for anyone who supports Israel's state terrorism.

Tom Jones July 2, 2011 7:40 am (Pacific time)

I love it the way many western countries have women in position of power and sticking it in the face of the patriarchal middle eastern countries. Yahweh Bless and protect and strengthen Israel!!!!!

Waleed July 2, 2011 7:35 am (Pacific time)

Once the Islamofascist regimes in Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen are democratized perhaps the Israelis will have genuine partners in the peace process. Muslim dictators like Saddam Hussein, al Assad and Qadaffi are not interested in peace.

Editor: What Israel does has little to do with peace on any level since Israel does not desire peace in any way; it i a colonizing government.  Yes, if all of the Middle east nations got on their knees and praised Israel and promised to formulate every decision to benefit Israel, they might be allowed to exist.  At least some have the courage to criticize the murderous Israel. 

xexon July 1, 2011 5:44 pm (Pacific time)

Hillary has long been an AIPAC darling. You people should read some of her speeches to them sometime. Bill is no different, but the zionists prefer to use women spokespeople to issue their messages in the public eye. They used Livni during operation Cast Lead, and Israel regularly uses women to explain military operations inside Israel. The reason being is women are viewed as less aggressive than men. Makes the news seem less threatening. Fortunately, I understand the psychology behind propaganda. x

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