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RI primary Apr. 24 and a 'drop-dead' deadline Wednesday, Jan. 25

I can’t believe my friends want four more years of Barack Obama.

U.S. Pres. Barack Obama
U.S. Pres. Barack Obama

(RICHMOND, R.I.) - Barack Obama escalated the war against Afghanistan.  He started or continued wars in Pakistan, Libya, Somalia, Colombia and… without congressional approval.

He has kept U.S. military forces and military bases in countries around the world.

Obama has established the “authority” of the President to order assassinations without trial – even of American citizens.

He prefers to use unmanned drones to kill suspected “insurgents” (and anyone near them).

He continues to hold prisoners without trial at Gitmo and other detention and “interrogation” facilities.

On New Year’s Eve he signed the draconian NDAA which, among other things, codifies indefinite detention without trial (even of American citizens).

When given evidence of war crimes committed by American troops (e.g. Obama lets the killers go free.  Instead he locks up and abuses the suspected whistleblower, Bradley Manning.

b>I can’t believe my friends want four more years of Barack Obama. 

But the only serious 2012 candidate for President who would end these atrocities happens to be a Republican.

I can list as many reasons as the next person not to vote for Ron Paul.  But they pale in comparison to the horrors of endless wars, torture, indefinite detention without trial, and other violations of human rights.

Realize also that any of Ron Paul’s domestic proposals which bother you would require congressional approval, which they probably wouldn’t get.

But Congress (especially the RI delegation) will not reject unconstitutional wars or human-rights abuses.  On those issues, our congresspersons dare not challenge the actions of the President.

In Rhode Island a “drop-dead” deadline is imminent.  If you have ever voted in a Democratic primary and have not “disaffiliated,” you will be allowed to vote in only the Democratic primary on April 24.  Disaffiliation is a simple process at your town hall – but it must be done soon if you want the freedom to vote in the presidential primary of your choice on April 24.  The law requires it to be done no later than Jan. 25.  That’s Wednesday!  Once disaffiliated you are free to vote in any primary, including the Democrat primary if you decide that’s what you want.  (This 90-days-before-the-primary deadline is one which I and others in Operation Clean Government have tried for years to change.)

Mainstream media, such as the NY Times, and much of the Republican leadership have been doing their best to derail Ron Paul’s candidacy.  But he has continued to do well in primaries thanks to support from young people, independents and military personnel.

Guardian: Ron Paul booed at GOP debate for urging "Golden Rule" in U.S. foreign policy

The Guardian reports:

Responding to Gingrich, Paul went on to say: 'My point is, if another country does to us what we do others, we're not going to like it very much. So I would say that maybe we ought to consider a golden rule in foreign policy. Don't do to other nations... [Boos] ... what we don't want to have them do to us. So we endlessly bomb these countries and then we wonder, wonder why they get upset with us? And yet it continues on and on. I mean, this idea that we can't debate foreign policy, then all we have to do is start another war?

I mean, it's warmongering. They're building up for another war against Iran, and people can't wait to get in another war. This country doesn't need another war. We need to quit the ones we're in. We need to save the money and bring our troops home.' This is not what a Republican audience is used to hearing – hence the boos and jeers at an unprecedented level for a GOP debate. Yet Paul continues to poll well despite his heretical views.
South Carolina primary race: Boos for Ron Paul's foreign policy – Tuesday 17 January -

Ron Paul’s comments on US military bases around the world are at

His comments on the recent bill NDAA bill and its provisions for indefinite detention are at

Rod Driver studied engineering and mathematics at the University of Minnesota, receiving a Ph.D. in mathematics in 1960. He worked at Sandia Laboratories in Albuquerque for six years before taking a teaching position at the University of Rhode Island for 30 years. Rod says he became a 'peacenik' in 1951 (thanks to a few weeks on Pariss Island). He became particularly active in opposition to U.S. wars in Indochina and U.S. involvement in overthrowing governments and supporting dictators in Latin America and Iran. As the Vietnam war was winding down Rod began paying attention to the abuse of Palestinians - enabled with U.S. weapons and dollars, which has never stopped. Rod is the founder and president of the non-profit Justice First Foundation.

In Rhode Island Rod was an elected delegate to the state constitutional convention of 1986, Then he was elected a state representative for 10 years. At this time he is not in office. You can write to Rod Driver at this address:

End Israeli apartheid

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Amanda Black January 22, 2012 7:49 pm (Pacific time)

Looking at the other side, where would all the sooldiers go if they came home? To homeless shelters and no work available to even put the present unemployed to work? There is always the last resort: suicide...when the country cannot provide for its homeless veterans.

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