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Iran To Be Dropped From Swift System in Belgium

Hold tight to your insurance investment positions...

Iran money transfers

(WASHINGTON, DC) - Iran is to be dropped out of the Swift system in Belgium. That means Iran could neither send or receive bank money wires.

That would slam Iran’s economy.

This is economic war at the highest level of conflict. This could start a greater move of central banks with fears of the West to increase and retrieve their gold positions. It certainly puts cash reserves held by central banks (which are computer entries anyway) into serious question as to security.

This is as serious as it gets in nuclear and economic terms. The only weapon that can be effective against Iran’s nuclear industry is Western nuclear deep penetration bunker busters.

Hold tight to your insurance investment positions.

Special thanks to Jim Sinclair's Mineset

Jim Sinclair is primarily a precious metals specialist and a commodities and foreign currency trader. He founded the Sinclair Group of Companies (1977), which offered full brokerage services in stocks, bonds, and other investment vehicles. In January 2003, Mr. Sinclair launched, “Jim Sinclair’s MineSet,” which now hosts his gold commentary and is intended as a free service to the gold community.

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stephen February 19, 2012 10:19 am (Pacific time)

silver and gold will go much higher..paper investments are history. Oil will continue to go up also...Even tho consumption has dropped dramatically over the last 48 weeks, it only causes refineries to close down, thus leading to higher gas prices...A short term of deflation, then hyper inflation. Sinclair is ok but he doesnt see the bigger picture. The powers to be can manipulate gold/silver/oil prices. its not about capitolism, it is total control. Sinclair said "when gold hits 1764, it will go nowhere but up"...It didnt. But, it is my belief, they are holding a beach ball under water, and their arms are getting tired. There is also the threat of gold/silver confiscation by the government like they did in the 1930's. They lowered the price of gold, had everyone turn their gold in, then they raised the price of gold and made billions.. Problem is? People these days are not as naive as those in the 1930's. They will fight before giving up their investments to a corrupt government... There is another problem..The majority of Americans depend on fiat currency to maintain their lifestyle, not knowing that the fiat currency is dead. SO they will fight anyone who goes against the fiat currency system. In fact, it has already started, FBI and DHS documents are saying that those who invest in gold and silver are potential terrorists..Look it up yourself, its in their OWN documents. Oregon should start their own banking system the same way North Dakota did. It was a success. Yet again: A dime, minted before 1964 will buy you a gallon of gas. It has a little silver in it back then. So basically, in terms of precious metals, gas is only 10 cents a gallon right now, the cheapest it has ever been. I use to get 35 cents for my lunch money. A quarter and a dime. If I would have skipped lunch and held on to those coins, I would be a bit skinny and malnourished, but I would also be rich. :-)

Ralph E. Stone February 19, 2012 6:43 am (Pacific time)

The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) facilitates the bulk of the world’s cross-border payments. The member-owned cooperative has been described as the ‘glue’ of the global banking system with the value of daily payments using SWIFT estimated at more than $6 trillion. SWIFT is vital to international money flows, exchanging an average 18 million payment messages per day between banks and other financial institutions in 210 countries. SWIFT is not a bank and does not hold funds. SWIFT member banks are responsible for the content of these messages and complying with applicable financial sanctions; they are not monitored or controlled by SWIFT. It is involved in 80 to 90 percent of all global payments. SWIFT does not carry out transactions; it is only a messaging system more akin to a telephone service. SWIFT does not hold accounts for members and does not perform clearing or settlement. If SWIFT gives in over Iran, it may well face calls to shut out other countries. China, for example, might want Taiwan excluded. By banning Iran from SWIFT has lost its independence and set a dangerous precedent.

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