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UN - From 'Complicity with Evil' to 'Dancing with Devils'

The UN failed to protect civilians in the last months of Sri Lanka's bloody civil war, a leaked draft of a highly critical internal UN report says.


(NEW YORK) - A massive genocide has taken place in Tamil Eelam (Island of Srilanka) and it still does not have its rightful attention in the international arena. If Media's role was the biggest learning from the Rwanda's tragedy, it is high time we used this Media in its highest cause, by swerving the International attention towards giving hope to another human soul.

The UN Internal Review Panel Report, known as “Petrie Report” released in November 2012 has exposed the callousness of the UN and its ancillary bodies working in Sri Lanka during the end of the civil war. The report has made it clear that the massacre of tens of thousands of innocent Eelam Tamil civilians by the Sri Lankan Army could have been averted if the top UN officials had chosen to disclose the death toll at an early stage.

The report though damning of the UN bodies in general and on the incompetency of the Resident Coordinator Mr. Neil Buhne in particular, tacitly underplays the disastrous effect of the “quiet diplomacy” path of the Secretary General, implemented in “ground zero” by his then Chef de Cabinet Mr. Vijay Nambiar and Under Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs Mr. John Holmes. And the report is dubiously silent on the appalling course of actions pursued by other UN high officials Mr. Philippe Duamelle, Country Representative of Sri Lanka, UNICEF (which supplied cricket bats and black boards instead of life saving medicine and food at the height of the war) and Mr. Amin Awad Head of UNHRC in Sri Lanka.

In fact, an independent inquiry conducted by the eminent author Julian Vigo, published in the Sri Lankan Guardian on April 2012, and has indicted the above mentioned UN officials acting in utter disregard of the suffering population, promoting their self interests and in complicity with the murderous onslaught of the Sri Lankan regime. Many of these officials have been promoted to further higher echelons of the UN hierarchy without any deliberation on their accountability. The Human rights violation at Srilanka and the conscious ignorance of the human rights norms by UN Officials like Ban- Ki- Mon, Vijay Nambiyar and John Holmes should be investigated. The UN Public voting on the “Tamil Eelam” which is held by these people should be conducted immediately in order to provide Justice for the Tamils.

Image by Carlos Latuff

Considerable evidences have been gathered against the above mentioned UN officials and their sheer ignorance on the same. Some of the evidences are summarized below,

- The Food, Water and Medical help to the war victims are stopped by UN during the time of war which in itself is a biggest war crime. (The final materials which were sent to the war zone where cricket bats and balls instead of medical facilities) - Withholding the exact figures of people died in the war purposefully and by doing this it encouraged the Srilankan Army to advance further (These details are withheld until today) - The UN officials of the lower cadre in Srilanka were forced to falsely impose the war crimes and the Genocide by the Srilankan Army and the Government on the LTTE. - UN Official Vijay Nambiyar who was sent to look in to the War status, hold peace talks and stop the war has never moved out of his guest house Press Note - Un Official Ban- ki- Moon attending the victorious celebrations of the Srilankan Government and Army after the war.

- Ban- Ki- Moon’s planned screening of Srilankan commercial war videos produced by the Srilankan Government instead of the Channel 4 videos - His ignorant statement saying that “Srilanka will do it’s investigate its own self and there is no need for any independent agency involvement” - The UN officials have vested interest in the war owing to their personal connections with the Srilankan and Indian bureaucracy (Ban- ki- Moon’s son in law is the official who represented the IPKF forces and Vijay Nambiyar’s brother Sathish Nambiyar is the Srilankan Army advisor who was a mastermind behind the entire war.) - There are also substantial evidences that show the way Ban- Ki- Moon giving considerable time to the Srilankan Government to destroy the proofs of Genocide.

Let us all raise in unison against UN who are now proclaiming that the Tamils are treated their best by the Srilankan Government, Let us bring in to light the crimes committed by these officials, let us all fight for the Justice for which more than 18 Tamils set themselves a blaze for. Let us all march to the streets demanding Justice for those numerous people who were victims of war crimes and raise our collective voices against the irresponsive Indian Government and the UNO The report while remaining silent about the findings of the independent inquiry, has an ironic mention of the Brahimi Report (commissioned in 2000 by the then SG Mr. Kofi Annan) in its concluding remarks, which had more scathing comments to say of the UN’s failure in Rwanda. It had warned the UN of “Complicity with Evil” if it fails to identify the perpetrator from the victim.

Sadly, a decade after the warning, the UN - as the “Petrie Report itself admits, has moved a step further – from “Complicity with Evil” to “Dancing with the Devil”. In spite of knowing the obvious, that the Govt. of Sri Lanka was perpetrating a horrendous crime right in front of their own eyes, the UN officials stationed in Sri Lanka and the UN high command, failed to stand against the crime, covered the blood bath, and thrust the entire blame upon those who fought for the freedom of their brethren.

In light of a comprehensive review of UN interventions in conflicts around the globe, and witnessing it in action in close proximity in Sri Lanka, we have come to the conclusion that it is nothing short of an international bureaucracy indulged in parasitic sustenance. In deep consonance with our brethren - Eelam Tamils in Sri Lanka, let down by a heartless bureaucratic machine, we Tamils from Tamil Nadu and the Tamil diaspora, demand justice be done within the machine. We demand a transparent inquiry be conducted, on all the high officials, including the Secretary General for their role of complicity with a murderous regime, which unleashed a brutal genocide right in front of our eyes.

We the “May 17 Movement” from Tamil Nadu have initiated this struggle for justice from the UN, demanding accountability and transparency on the part of UN, challenging it to conduct a free and fair inquiry on all of its officials who were complicit with a murderous regime. We Tamils all over the world are to lay siege to the UN offices on 12 February, 2014 to remind it of its fate in the words of its own Brahimi Report: “People everywhere are fully entitled to consider that it is their organization and as such to pass judgment on its activities and the people who serve in it”.

A seize demonstration has been planned outside the UN office in India, United States, France, Norway, Australia and United Kingdom and Malaysia on the 12th February 2014 in the memory of Martyr Murugadasan who set fire to self-outside the UN headquarters in Geneva.

We would like to bring to your kind attention that, our besieging of UN offices insisting our demands will simultaneously take place in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, in which representatives of major political parties that hold a membership of more than a million, and 40 political movements of strong ideological commitments and 12 human rights organizations will participate. The besieging of UN offices will also take place in our neighboring states of Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, in the capital New Delhi and in front of its head quarters in Geneva and New York. The protest will also be held at Human rights square at the French Capital, Paris and against UN office in London.

UN High Officials collaboration with the Rouge State Sri lanka is a continuing affair till date and we accuse UN for collaborating with the Srilanka to dilute the Demand for independent Nation and insist a false reconciliation process that was forced upon the Tamils by Sri lanka military. Proposal for International Independent Investigation by UNSG legal advisor and UNHRC was neglected by Mr. Ban Ki Moon thus rejected justice to Tamils of Eelam. So we demand the UN to implement what was denied to the innocent Eelam Tamils. The above are noted from the report submitted by the “Panel of Experts on accountability in Sri Lanka” known as ‘Experts Panel Report” established by (UN) Secretary-General and from Petrie Report.

A panel headed by Jan Eliasson, Deputy Secretary General, prepared a report titled “Rights Up Front” which makes recommendations to UN based on its inaction in Sri Lanka. The recommendations have been constructed largely based on the complicity of Secretary General and suggests ripping off most of the critical responsibilities from Secretary General. These suggestions are a huge blow to the UN system as a whole and Secretary General in his speech in General Assembly admitted a systemic failure. At this juncture, it is the moral responsibility of the UN to initiate remedial actions to deliver justice to the victims based on their political needs and aspirations as suggested by Experts Panel Report.

A couple of months back, Permanent People’s Tribunal also gave their verdict on Eelam Tamil Genocide and a brief follows.

About Permanent People’s Tribunal (PPT)

The Permanent Peoples' Tribunal

The Permanent Peoples' Tribunal is an international opinion tribunal independent from State authorities. It examines and provides judgments relatives to violations of human rights and rights of peoples. The Tribunal was founded in Bologna (Italy), June 24, 1979, by law experts, writers and other intellectuals. It succeeded the Russell Tribunal (or International War Crimes Tribunal), which, in 1967, exposed the war crimes committed against the Vietnamese people. The Permanent Peoples' Tribunal was created out of the Lelio Basso International Foundation for the Rights and Liberation of Peoples (FILB), established in 1976 and inspired by the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Peoples at Algiers (also named the Algiers Declaration). The Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal may use International human rights law, or the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples adopted by the United Nations.

About PPT’s verdict on Srilankan Genocide After an assessment of evidences presented by eyewitnesses and experts, judges of the Permanent People’s Tribunal reached unanimous consensus that the Sri Lankan state was guilty of crimes of genocide against the Eezham Tamils and that the genocide is continuing even after the end of the military operations against the LTTE. Concluding the four day session with a press conference at Bremen on Tuesday, the judges also noted that the Sri Lankan military did not have capacity to commit genocide on its own and that it was supported by the UK-USA-India axis.

The Tribunal considers that the proofs established, beyond any reasonable doubt that the following acts were committed by the Government of Sri Lanka

(a) Killing members of the group, which includes massacres, indiscriminate shelling, the strategy of herding civilians into so‐called "No Fire Zones" for the purpose of massive killings, targeted assassina tions of outspoken Eelam Tamil civil leaders who were capable of articulating the Sri Lankan genocid e project to the outside world

(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group, including acts of torture, inhumane or degrading treatment, sexual violence including rape, interrogations combined with beatings, threats of death, and harm that damages health or causes disfigurement or injury.

(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruc tion in whole or in part, including

* Expulsions of the victims from their homes,

* Seizures of private lands,

* declaring vast areas as military High Security Zone (HSZ) to facilitate the military acquisition of Tamil land

These are the highlights from the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal.

Above all, The United Nations failed in its mandate to protect civilians in the last months of Sri Lanka's bloody civil war, a leaked draft of a highly critical internal UN report says. We Demand, 1. UN to conduct referendum for Independent Sovereign Tamil Eelam, Now. 2. International Independent Investigation on Srilanka for Crime of Genocide, Crimes against Humanity & War Crimes We will besiege UN offices wherever we live in this world and demand justice on 12th feb, 2014, the day Mr.Murugadasan self-immolated himself before the UNHRC’s HQ Geneva five years ago demanding UN to save Tamil people from racist government to which UN was a partner.

For reference:

Appendix 1: (UN Complicity - Evidences & Recordings - May17 Movement Report) as attachment 1 Appendix 2: (SCETTAG - ICC – Charge sheet) as attachment 2 Channel4 Video: Photo evidences:

Source: May 17 Movement



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