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Dec-29-2010 19:39printcomments

The Perfect Crime: Weaponized Conservatorship as a Whistleblower Gag (AUDIO)

Once these wheels start rolling there is no stopping that train...

(PORTLAND, Ore. KBOO) - Investigative journalist, Janet Phelan has hit a deep nerve in the Judicial-Industrial brainstem: What she has uncovered is the Perfect Crime as well as the only legal, airtight bag in which to silence whistleblowers.

Thanks to dubious accidental loopholes in the legal code, it is possible to strip an individual of the right to fight a well as the resources necessary to defend oneself.

Through a system of corrupt conservators, judges and plaintiffs, virtually anyone can lose all forms of freedom and all fiduciary instruments. Essentially your money and your life.

It’s a silent crime because its victims are relieved of the means by which they might shout it from the rooftops. And public prejudice confines it to the elderly and the wealthy.

In America. And it’s so simple: Identify your target; locate a compliant judge (and they abound) and the Middleman, the Conservator and get trumping on the evidence. All you need is a random remark taken out of context, one martini too many, a bad day at the office, a bad joke... It doesn’t take much to make the average person appear crazy – not in a society that values “Normal” to the degree to which this one does.

Once these wheels start rolling there is no stopping that train. And more often than not innocent bystanders wind up under that same train. ‘Loco’? ‘Motive’?

The journalist Susan Lindauer is a friend and associate of Janet Phelan. Lindauer - an antiwar activist as well as a former US Defense intelligence and CIA asset - very nearly ended up under a locomotive.

Lindauer was accused of conspiring to act as an agent for the Iraqi Intelligence Service and engaging in prohibited financial transactions involving the government of Iraq under Saddam Hussein.

She came close to the edge after her co-opted co-workers said she was "prone to mood swings and erratic behavior".

In the end all charges were dropped prior to any trial.

Dec-25-2010 Sacramento Judge Grants Melodie Scott a License - Janet C. Phelan

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Janet Phelan December 31, 2010 7:02 pm (Pacific time)

The interview does not at any point mention Susan Lindauer as being under a conservatorship. Susan has been urged to contact Chris Andraea at KBOO with any concerns she has as to her perceptions of what Chris wrote. I personally do not see where Chris stated that Lindauer was under a conservatorship.

Susan Lindauer December 30, 2010 7:53 am (Pacific time)

Hi there, I'm Susan Lindauer. There's been a mistake in your article and in Janet Phelan's original interview with KBOO. I was never subjected to a threat of conservatorship. Quite the opposite, the Court was at pains to say that I was highly functioning in my daily life and that I had a strong grasp of legal proceedings. Despite all of that, plus testimony by a former Congressional Chief of Staff and a university professor (who authenticated my 9/11 warning), the Court refused to grant my request for a trial. My attorney, Brian Shaughnessy, testified that it was the only time in his knowledge that a defendant was declared "incompetent to assist in her defense" over the objections of her own attorney.

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