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Radiated Heat Versus Radiated Energy

Now that the scientists can very clearly see the magnetic loops on the Sun and recognize their importance, many mysteries of Earth and the universe will be resolved.

The sun

(SAN DIEGO) - My concept is that the heat and energy of the Sun is the result of the tremendous external magnetic field of the Sun. It is absolutely impossible for an internal 20 million degree internal heat source of any kind to radiate a 3 million degree temperature to the corona and leave a relatively cool 10,000 degree surface of the Sun between these two awesome temperature extremes.

With my concept the heat and fusion occurs via atoms of gases accelerated to very high velocity by the external magnetic field currents traveling at near the speed of light where the atoms of gases collide and fuse into particles of various compositions.

The sunspots and solar flares do not eject any solid mass from the surface of the Sun. They are created by the collision or convergence of the intense magnetic field current loops in the atmosphere that causes an electromagnetic explosion that radiates an intense flow of magnetic field current from the Sun. It is this flow of energy that stimulates the gases in its path to glowing, visible plasma.

Some of the plasma moves with the current flow but most of the plasma is newly created by gases ahead of the path of the energy flow as they are encountered. Similarly, the auroras are not created by a flow of particles but are created by the energy flow stimulating atoms of gases already in the Earth’s atmosphere to a glowing state of excitement.

Phenomena that violate the laws of physics under conventional logic become easy to explain and demonstrable under my concept. The atomic explosions and volcano eruptions cannot blast particles away from the Earth’s gravity more than a few thousand miles per hour and more than several miles from the Earth.

It is impossible for a common explosion on the Sun to blast particles away from the powerful pull of gravity of the Sun at millions of miles per hour and millions of miles from the Sun. Only an electromagnetic explosion can radiate electromagnetic energy at this speed and this distance. The following newspaper articles substantiate this concept.

Sir Ian Axford passed away in 2001.
Photo courtesy:
Max Planck Institute

Ian Axford, Director of the Max Planck Institute was quoted in the Aug. 2, 1995 San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper article titled “Gusts of Sun”, stating, ”The solar wind more or less explodes from the sun. That appears to rule out almost all current ideas about what heats the solar wind.”

On Jan. 30, 1980 the San Diego Union reported “A giant ‘superbubble’ containing enough hot gas to make 10,000 suns has been discovered far off in the galaxy. Dr. Webster Cash of the University of Colorado said the glowing gas is made up mostly of hydrogen heated to 3.5 million degrees F. What puzzles scientists is finding an answer to how this huge amount of energy got locked up in this gigantic halo in the first place.”

On June 6, 1979 the San Diego Union reported, “The planet Jupiter has a balloon of gases surrounding it that is 100 times hotter than those spawn off the sun’s surface. Dr. S. M. Krimigis, principal investigator on the experiment and head of the Space Physics and Instrumentation Group of Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, said: "Jupiter’s gas cover probably acquires its energy from interaction between that planet’s rapidly rotating magnetic field and the solar wind."

On July 10, 1979 the San Diego Union reported: "Some physicists believe the sun is shrinking. They calculate that it loses about 8.3 miles of its 865,000-mile diameter every year. Of course, the scientists concede, if the shrinkage rate of one-tenth of 1 percent a century had been constant throughout the sun’s lifetime of some 4.6 billion years, the sun would long since have vanished."

On Dec. 8, 1980 the San Diego Union reported, ”One of the most puzzling findings of recent years in physics is that our Sun apparently produces only a third of the predicted flow of neutrinos that strike the Earth, a finding that cast doubt on the basic fusion theory of why the Sun shines.”

Dr. J. Beverly Oke, C.I.T. said, “Some strange quasi-stellar objects emit 100,000 billion times the light of the Sun but are no bigger than the solar system. Nuclear fusion falls short by a factor of ten of producing this power.”

Note that satellites have detected ice crystals in the vicinity of Mercury only 36 million miles from the Sun. The satellites have detected a temperature of 900 degrees F, in the atmosphere of Venus only 67 million miles from the Sun.

NASA reported gases surrounding Jupiter 483 million miles from the Sun are hotter than the Sun And the Earth only 90 million miles from the Sun has a temperature at the equator and the deserts over 100 degrees F. while the poles only 4,000 miles farther from the Sun has a temperature colder than minus 100 degrees F.

Even in the summer in the Northern Hemisphere when the temperature reaches over 100 degrees F, the temperature in the Southern Hemisphere often is minus 100 degrees F., yet the actual relative distance from the Sun is only about 2,000 miles from the Sun. These temperature differentials cannot be the result of radiated heat per se in accordance with the laws of physics. Note that at the summer time in either hemisphere, if you draw a line from the Sun through the Earth, the line would pass through the greatest core mass of the Earth.

This indicates that the greatest electromagnetic mass draws the greatest amount of electromagnetic energy from the Sun. It is the resistance of the magnetic field current in the direct path of this energy that creates the heat. So it is not the singular effect of radiated energy from the Sun but the additional attraction of energy by the Earth that determines the temperature differential.

Again about 70 years ago my science professor explained how the one quarter inch vacuum space between the two walls of a thermos bottle keeps hot items hot and cold items cold for a long period of time, thusly:

“If you had a room full of ping pong balls and pushed on a ball on one side of the room, it would immediately transfer the motion to the other side of the room. However, if there were only a few balls in the room, the motion would never move to the other side of the room.”

Similarly, heat requires the connection of molecules of air to transfer the heat from one molecule to the next through space. There is 90 million miles of near perfect vacuum between the Sun and the Earth so it is impossible to transfer heat per se through this vacuum from the Sun to the Earth.

However, electromagnetic energy travels more efficiently through a cold vacuum. While the inconsistent temperatures related to distance are impossible to explain with the radiated heat principle, laboratory experiments, electrical induction furnaces and even daily experiences prove that the magnetic objects attract magnetic field currents and the level of resistance of one magnetic field to the passage of another magnetic field through its sphere of influence generates heat in proportion to the degree of resistance. So it is not the greenhouse effect that traps the heat and causes global warming but the added resistance of the particulates in the atmosphere that increases the temperature on Earth. While the results are the same, the method is vastly different.

The upward flow of the magnetic field current loops on Earth that I said creates the low pressure areas creates the hurricanes. On the Sun, where the energy intensity is much greater, this becomes a sunspot. The clouds of a hurricane represent the glowing filament around the sunspot. The dark spot of the sunspot is actually the true surface of the Sun with the glowing gases spread around it.

In 1979 I demonstrated for a news reporter, Jack White, in his office at KGTV how I could assimilate the visual appearance of a sunspot shown in the encyclopedia. By holding a magnet under a sheet of paper with steel shavings on the paper, I held a magnet under the paper.

Then with another magnet of like polarity I slowly lowered the magnet downward toward the paper. When it came near, the steel shavings spread out in a halo effect with the bare paper showing in the middle. In this respect, the steel shavings then represented the filament of a sunspot with the bare center representing the sunspot. With this concept, it is apparent that the dark center of a sunspot is actually the true surface of the Sun showing without the interference of the glowing atmospheric gases. Unfortunately, Mr. White said:

“I have only a minuscule knowledge of science so I cannot judge whether your concept is right or that of the experts, so I have to rely of the opinion of the experts.”

If a sunspot was caused by burning gases that seeped from the center of the Sun, as was the common belief, the sunspot would appear brighter, not as a dark black spot.

The explanation of the meteorologists that the clouds act like a blanket to keep the overnight temperature warm is both childish and foolish. It is the rising energy loops that exits from the Earth that created the clouds in the first place that carries the heat from the Earth into the sky that produces the warm nighttime temperature. And, it is the energy loop descending from the cold upper atmosphere that cools the air when there are no clouds in the sky.

Also, just before severe earthquakes an eerie glow has been reported just above the ground. Geologists generally attribute this glow to the friction of rocks caused by the movement of the earthquake. However, they concede that this glow occurs before any movement is detected. A newspaper article several years ago stated:

“Eerie glows coming slightly before, during or after quakes have been reported for decades, but scientists were at a loss to explain them. Scientists with the U.S. Geologic Survey, in a report released today, say the puzzling lights could be generated by frictional heating in the earthquake fault. But Byerlee said that sightings at sea demand some other explanation because the high electrical conductivity of seawater would neutralize the forces we are talking about in our theory.” photo by Bonnie King

The magnetic field current energy loop that stimulates the atmospheric gases to an eerie glow is different than a local underground electrical current created by friction and is not affected by seawater and it is this abnormal current flow that creates this eerie glow.

And it is this loop that continues deep underground that converges or collides with other underground magnetic fields that cause earthquakes. An example of this can be found in “The Boys Book of Science” published in the early 1900’s.

It states: “If a stick of sealing wax is rubbed with wool, it can be made to attract a ball of pith suspended on a silk thread. After clinging to the wax for a time, the ball will b vigorously repelled. A glass rod rubbed with silk attracts the ball and then repels it; but two glass rods rubbed with silk will repel each other.”

Similarly the Earth’s magnetic field currents of the individual plates can increase to abnormal intensity and be stimulated to vigorously repel each other and cause an earthquake.

I formulated my concept of the Sun by recognizing the electromagnetic loops that affect our weather. Now that the scientists can very clearly see the magnetic loops on the Sun and recognize their importance, many mysteries of Earth and the universe will be resolved.


Edsel Chromie is a Detroit Michigan native who moved to San Diego in 1965. Edsel is a World War Two Navy veteran who served as a motor machinists mate on diesel electric systems where he learned about the magnetic field current swirling around the primary current flow through a wire as a part of Navy training to trace the direction of flow of the electricity in case of torpedo damage.

This led to Edsel's unique explanations of many phenomena of the universe. He also has four approved patents on solar energy and Sun tracking systems. Today Edsel writes about this unique set of life experiences for, conveying information that seems especially relevant as nuclear disaster, potential changes in the earth's atmosphere, and what many view as an increasing level of natural disasters continue to dominate headlines. Perhaps many of the answers are on hand, yet unaccepted by the scientific community. You can write to Ed Chromie at this address:

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Oliver K. Manuel December 21, 2011 6:31 am (Pacific time)

Hang in there, Edsel! Thanks for your factual report. You are on the right track, despite all the brickbats and catcalls from government-funded consensus scientists. As noted in this Season's Greeting (that will be updated soon to correct a minor typo) The benevolent Great Reality that surrounds and sustains us can be realized by honest science or religion, . . . by experimentation, observation, meditation, contemplation or prayer, . . . Provided we stay out of the ego cage and accept reality as what is, independently of efforts by politicians, government scientists and propaganda artists to distract and confuse us. HOW to grasp reality? 1. Honesty, 2. Open-mindedness, and 3. Willingness to learn. “There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance - that principle is contempt prior to investigation” ~ Herbert Spencer

F. Davies December 19, 2011 3:09 pm (Pacific time)

Edsel, It's great that you are thinking about such things, but you really should get some peer review before you publish. Perhaps you could run it by a local physicist first so they could help? Quoting from a hundred year old book on science written for children might not be the way to go. You should include the math too. Science is written in English and math, and without the math it's just poetry.

Nikola December 19, 2011 4:36 am (Pacific time)

This is right penetration in essence and heart of mysteriousness of all questions linked with the Sun's phenomena.True way that it needs follow

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