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'Israel seeks to entangle US in Iran war'

"Israel is calling the shots and they know that Obama doesn't really want to go to war with Iran but if Israel strikes Iran first..." - James Morris

James Morris
James Morris on Press TV

(TEHRAN / LOS ANGELES) - Press TV conducted an interview last month with James Morris, editor of, to discuss the issue of Israeli-U.S. military operations and training, and how that coincides with Israel's attempt to involve the U.S. in a war with Iran.

Israel is in possession of a large arsenal of nuclear warheads that are undeclared and illegal under international law; they were provided many years ago by primarily the United States government. Iran is continually suspected of developing nuclear weapons but maintains that its only nuclear aspirations are related to energy.

Press TV: This will be the largest and most significant joint exercise, what will be the outcome of such a war-mongering move?

Morris: Thank you for having me back on Press TV. My website is actually and I very much appreciate Press TV mentioning it on the air in such dangerous times. I think the outcome can be catastrophic; we might be talking about a potential Armageddon situation if the rogue state of Israel initiates a strike on Iran's nuclear facilities when Israel sits there with 200 to 400 nuclear weapons and it will not even let the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspect those weapons.

So what you have in America is a pro-Israel lobby here, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), that John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt discuss in their excellent book The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy and AIPAC has been pushing for an attack or a war with Iran for quite some time now and you also have the neo-conservatives -- which my good friend Dr. Stephen J. Sniegoski discussed in his The Transparent Cabal book and I think we could be on the brink of war; I know the US military is very concerned about it, Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta had made at least one trip to Israel, in two weeks he'd met with the Israelis twice; you had the head of the UK military meeting with the Israelis, I believe his name is Richards, … he is a military commander there and I think we could be on the brink of war.

Now what is incredible about this is why doesn't the US, my country, … I have also got a British passport as well… why don't we talk about what Israel is doing with regard to all those nuclear weapons and how Israel had threatened European capitals. If you look at the background of this, Israeli military researcher historian Martin van Creveld had actually threatened the European cities with annihilation with those 200 to 400 nuclear weapons that Israel reportedly has.

So why do we have to have another war for Israel in the Middle East? If you go to my blog that we mentioned here, you have the former FBI whistleblower Coleen Rowley on a recent radio show with my good friend Phil Turney USS Liberty survivor, Phil Turney … and she said that the ploy by Israel here could be to attack Iran and draw the US into a war against Iran, of course, for Israel while the US troops are still in Iraq.

Now let me also conclude here, President Obama has been disingenuous when he says that he is pulling out US troops from Iraq. They are not going pulled back completely from the Middle East; they are going across the way into Kuwait to keep an eye on Iran and those troops could easily be mobilized for any war with Iran. Again, let's just hope that this is just psy-ops, trying to get stronger sanctions against Iran from Russia and China but when you have these ongoing war games and the rhetoric coming out of Israel and from the US AIPAC-neo-con-influenced government, who knows what is possible. I say prepare for war and I don't want Americans and Brits die as a result of it and Iranians too.

Press TV: Mr. Morris, in your opinion, would you say that the US is planning to use Israel as their proxy, because the American people back home will not tolerate another foreign invasion?

Morris: Well, what I am saying here is that Israel basically uses America as its proxy. I do not believe in what Noam Chomsky says with regard to the US using Israel as its proxy in the Middle East. Again if you look at the Walt and Mearshiemer's The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy book and former Republican Congressman Paul Findley's They dare to Speak Out book, it is clearly shown how Israel uses America as its proxy through the Congress which AIPAC has so much influence on, and also the neoconservatives on the Republican Party.

So what I am saying is that the US here really does not tell Israel what to do. Israel is calling the shots and they know that Obama doesn't really want to go to war with Iran but if Israel strikes Iran first and draws the US into it with all our troops still in the region, all the US troops still in the region, and I just saw a report recently that I think there is like at least one carrier task force that is still in the region with thirty warships. These could all be mobilized in a war with Iran and what I am also very concerned about is what about relations with Pakistan.

You have that arch-neoconservative Max Boot who has been pushing for escalated military action in Pakistan and we saw from my email exchanges with General [David] Petraeus last year which the US media didn't cover either that he was actually advising General Petraeus to take a harsher line in Afghanistan.

I think these neoconservatives, these Zionist Israel first neoconservatives are trying to get us into a much wider war in the Middle East with AIPAC, the pro-Israeli lobby, the neoconservatives are the up pressure in that lobby and it could result in the next world war if Russia and China get involved. We are in very dangerous times here. The world has to wake to what the Zionists are doing in America and in Britain, in the UK as well, and we have got to rise up against it before it is too late, too.

Press TV: What do you think the US rhetoric is? What is the American citizens' feeling on if this plan goes into war like you said?

Morris: Let me give you an example. Americans don't know the pro-Israel biased US media, American media; you have got Wolf Blitzer at CNN who is a former AIPAC newsletter editor. You see him basically leading the charge with this anti-Iran warmongering rhetoric going back to this apparently bogus scheme to assassinate the Saudi ambassador.

That was just incredible. I think the FBI Director [Robert] Mueller said it was like a scene out of a Hollywood script as if Iran is going to go and do that using Mexican drug cartels. That is obviously coming from the neoconservative pro-Israel lobby. I believe you had Maidhc or Mark O Cathail on your show of blog and he had an article out 'Path to Persia' and he talks about how the Zionists' Brookings Institution had said that you had to have a fabricated incident to get the American public to go along with the war with Iran. Lo and behold, a few years after that, whenever that paper was written, you have the scheme with a Saudi ambassador who is about to be assassinated by the Iranians and the neoconservative pro-Israel biased Zionists-occupied the news media in America is pushing that. Back to your question, Americans don't know!


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Really? December 14, 2011 7:48 pm (Pacific time)

The U.S. doesn't need Israel to push it into a war with Iran. The U.S. has enough of a beef with Iran over the past few decades to declare war.

bestrader December 13, 2011 5:55 pm (Pacific time)

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RB December 13, 2011 4:31 pm (Pacific time)

Let Israel, hit another U.S. Asset, like they did in the 1967 6 day War, by hitting an U.S. asset, like when Israel hit the U.S.S. Liberty, and U.S. went into 6 day via proxy. And Israel should hit the Long Island/NY metro area.

Joshua December 13, 2011 3:15 pm (Pacific time)

This is a great article... thanks to PressTV and Mr. Morris

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