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Dec-04-2008 18:40printcomments

Concealed Handgun Licenses - In My Opinion

Oregon law does not permit Oregon's sheriffs any discretion to deny concealed weapons permits except in very limited circumstances.

Concealed gun

(SALEM, Ore.) - The Oregonian is flat wrong in its op ed "Keep weapons permits public" in a number of respects. Of course, the newspaper is absolutely right when it guards the public's right to know what its elected officials and governments are doing.

Sunshine and transparency is central to American democracy, as is the oversight role of the press. This does not mean that every public record should be subject to review by all who request it. While requests by the press are often not objectionable (as recognized by our Open Meetings Law which grants media access to closed meetings but prohibits disclosure), there is no basis for a public body to differentiate and grant access to public records and documents to some (a responsible press) and deny access to others (criminals, mass mailers, gun groups and the like).

The Mail Tribune filed a law suit against Sheriff Winters who denied its request for all concealed weapons permits he had issued, including that of school teacher Shirley Ann Katz. Among other arguments, the Sheriff contended that ORS 192.502(2) relating to personal privacy exempts the record from disclosure. Under this law, public disclosure may be withheld if it would constitute an unreasonable invasion of privacy unless the public interest by clear and convincing evidence requires disclosure in the particular instance.

Oregon's sheriffs are taking steps to insure that personal information of concealed weapons permit holders remain private. In Guard Publishing Company v. Lane County School District the Court clearly established that individuals (public employees, school teachers and substitutes, gun permit holders, and the like) may individually request that personal information remain private.

Oregon's sheriffs have taken or are considering steps to afford gun permit holders this opportunity under current law. And, this is the right thing to do.

The courts of Michigan have recognized privacy related to identity of gun permit holders in Mager v. Dept. of State Police. Those with legitimate need for a gun permit will not want that need, their name and address, and the fact that they carry a weapon to become known publicly. Indeed, disclosure would defeat the purpose of the concealed weapon permit. The point of having the permit is to be able to be armed safely without public knowledge.

Privacy of this information makes sense! The information should be deemed private in the case of any permit holder. To do otherwise invites trouble, whether it be aggression directed at an armed permit holder or a burglary in search of firearms.

The Oregonian editorial is off base in other respects when the newspaper suggests that there should be public oversight of the permitting function in the interest of public safety, to be sure that only the right sorts of people are obtaining concealed gun permits.

There is little point. Oregon law does not permit Oregon's sheriffs any discretion to deny concealed weapons permits except in very limited circumstances. Stripping sheriffs of discretion to say "no" was a bad idea when the law was last amended and remains so today. However, the answer to The Oregonian's public safety concern is to change the law restricting Sheriffs' discretion – not to grant access to personal information where individual and community safety clearly and convincingly demonstrate that the personal information should remain private.

Raul Ramirez is the Chief Executive Officer for the Oregon State Sheriffs' Association. Until recently, he served many years as the Marion County Sheriff.

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KayEhm April 5, 2016 2:29 pm (Pacific time)

CHL holders are not criminals - that's the point. A law-abiding, license-holding, professionally-trained citizen are not the ones to fear - in fact, we should all be striving to be one. The Oregon Sheriff's Association makes it honest and simple for its people to acquire a CHL. They provide online training at and completion of this training satisfies the Oregon educational requirement for handgun safety training to obtain your concealed handgun license. After completing the course you just make an appointment with your Sheriff and you're set to protect yourself everywhere.

Sallie December 7, 2008 8:33 am (Pacific time)

The Mail Tribune and the Oregonian are grandstanding newspapers who should be spending more time reporting “real” news, instead of harassing and invading the lives of the private, lawful citizen. Surely there are more important stories that should be covered than printing the names of concealed gun owners? How about doing investigative stories on some of the real cons, crooks and criminals among us? How about reporting on some of the dubious practices of corporations, politicians, government and non-profits, Why don’t you scrutinize some of the questionable deals made between private companies and government officials? Find out and report on how our taxes are being spent. I would much rather read about these stories, that have a greater effect on my life than the inconsequential story of citizens who have concealed carry permits.

PS December 6, 2008 9:53 am (Pacific time)

Raul is correct. My hope is the Oregonian, along with all publications and other mass media produce articles/stories on the non-existent (statistically nil) gun-related crimes by CHL holders. Conan even your .02 percent is way above reality. They will not do stories on this above subject, and knowing the reason why should give you some serious chills people.

James December 4, 2008 10:38 pm (Pacific time)

I'm sorry, I must have misread the headline. I thought this was a piece about privacy and concealed carry, not bash the retired Sheriff. If you can prove he was a "bad cop" present it the State Police. If you can't, quit flappin' your lips.

Editor: James, you don't mean to seriously try to tell us that you think the headline and story are reflected in the comment section?  You just posted your comment here the way the last person did.  I can honestly say this is the only time anyone ever said that.  The comments are from the public, the story is written by the Sheriff himself and published by

Conan December 4, 2008 9:56 pm (Pacific time)

Did you miss the whole point of the article, Just Me? It isn't about Ramirez -- sure, it is written by him -- but his points are solid. You would undermine perhaps the most law abiding citizens by having their names published because they have a concealed handgun license. It is a violation of rights. Concealed handgun owners are not criminals, and you have a .02 percent chance of being shot by one.

Just Me December 4, 2008 9:23 pm (Pacific time)

I don't trust Raul. Look at the complaints and lawsuits against him. He thinks he can't be touched, and he unfairly attacks those who question his integrity. I don't expect this will be published, but hopefully Tim understands that bad cops need to be exposed.

Harumph December 4, 2008 7:37 pm (Pacific time)

To what end would a newspaper ever need to know who holds a concealed carry permit? Frankly, I think that even the state should not have any access to those records without a court order.

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