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Public Enemy Number One: the American Press

Stealing America's freedoms like a thief in the night...

Press public enemy
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(CINCINNATI) - It’s 2010 and a few members of congress have noted that we have a corruption problem in Afghanistan. Over a period of 9 years. $2.4 trillion dollars has been stolen with a dozen enquiries, dozens of reports, audits, all saying the same thing. The “war on terror” was more “pickpocketing” and not so much “Osama bin Waldo.” It’s 2010 and reports are trickling in that, just maybe, terrorist mastermind Osama has been dead for years and years. More reports tell us, finally, that he never ran a terror organization at all. For years, all those threats from a dead man. What a pack of fools we are.

Remember Pat Tillman, the brave soldier, great athlete and hero? The press told us he was killed by the Taliban in Afghanistan. Then the rumors came out that it was “friendly fire.” Now we know the truth or do we? There is a movie about Tillman coming out. How much will it tell? Tillman, not just an athlete but a very bright guy, had picked up on the fact that Afghanistan was a total scam and was talking about it. The administration ordered Tillman’s murder. Pat Tillman was executed. Enough high ranking members of the Bush administration and the military were involved in the cover up that, in any real democracy, not only jails would be filling but the execution dock as well. Murder is a capitol crime. Those involved in Tillman’s murder should be executed, no matter who they are. We are talking about every conspirator and members of the press who helped “spin” the tale.

Anybody know who Dr. David Kelly was? American papers said he killed himself because he was publicly attacked by Prime Minister Tony Blair who was upset because one of the world’s best known weapons scientists had gone to the press saying that Blair was a traitor for pushing the illegal invasion of Iraq. Kelly knew Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction and was aware that Blair was lying to the public.

Dr. David Kelly was murdered. This was a government “hit.” The proof of the crime is beyond question. Now, years later, the British press is demanding arrests. If they get those responsible, chances are many will be the most powerful leaders of the last Administration. General Colin Powell went before the United Nations with a pack of humiliating lies, shaming himself and the United States. What could make a wonderful man like General Powell, a West Point graduate, lie like a dog? If you are waiting for a Sunday Morning talk show to have Powell on and ask him about this, you will die of old age first.

Our next joke is Iran. One of our writers, Bob Nichols, an expert on nuclear weapons design from one of those government top secret facilities, keeps telling me that Iran has no nuclear weapons program. He says the only way they could enrich uranium is using a laser system that has never been mentioned. There is absolutely no evidence they have one of those but there is vast evidence that they systems they do have could never make a nuke in a million years.

He also says the same about North Korea.

With America’s top secret nuke sniffers detecting that North Korea’s lone nuke was bought, not built, Nichol’s theory is proven correct. With Brits falling all over themselves with shipping receipts, loading crane designs and bomb cradle drawings on this North Korean rogue nuke, the picture is pretty clear.

Someone wanted North Korea to look like a nuclear threat when they really weren’t one. North Korea is a donkey driven third world rathole and no more than that. End of story.

Another major issue being buried by the news is that our terrorists we had been capturing for years have mostly turned out to be the wrong people. By mostly, 75% are proven the wrong people and maybe 75% of the other may be also.

This means that if we catch a thousand terrorists, 5 of them are real and the rest are jailed and tortured for years by mistake.

Funny thing, years ago we used to talk about reasons for terrorism. At first it was bin Laden after America because we had bases in Saudi Arabia and had “defamed” their religious shrines. This was all totally made up, never happened.

Now we make excuses because people fight back after we bomb or invade them. By these standards, we are terrorists and they are freedom fighters.

The only country that bin Laden or any of the others were angry at in the first place was Israel, not the United States. With only Muslims fighting beside our own troops, not one Israeli is helping defend America, we have to list America’s biggest ally as Pakistan. They are a nuclear power, have a competent million man army and take orders like “good little soldiers.”

Israel does little but get us into trouble and they don’t have a single man in the field anywhere Americans are fighting, not on our side anyway.

A sing warning of radioactive contamination around
the Mayak Facility in Russia, now reportedly in flames.

Another fun story the news has covered up is the fires in Russia. We are being told that the area around Chernobyl is burning and that some radiation is blowing across Europe. What we aren’t told is that the secret city of Mayak, an area with nuclear pollution a thousand times higher than Chernobyl, is on fire also. Waste from decades of building nuclear weapons covers miles of open area, radiation now moving into the atmosphere.

Reliable figures place the output as 4 times higher than the Chernobyl disaster. The Mayak facility, as Nichols tells me, is 15 times larger than Chernobyl and is putting 241 million lethal doses of radiation in the air.

He says that if you are in Europe, its time to “get out of Dodge.”

There are little stories that escape the press entirely. Perhaps “escape” and “little” are the wrong words. Does anyone remember Mike Connell? This was one of the GOP computer guru’s who helped develop the “backdoor” that reset the count on voting machines in 2000 and 2004. When he was caught and forced to testify, he asked to be put in witness protection.

He was refused.

He said that Karl Rove had threatened to have him murdered.

Soon afterward Connell died in a suspicious plane crash. The story was small and local. The accusations were that one man was murdered to shut him up and that two presidential elections were rigged. Though everything here was in local papers, not one news service carried this outside Northern Ohio.

Can we prove that George W. Bush was never legally president? Well, I suspect we can.

But, we can’t report this, can we? I keep being haunted by the aeronautical engineering figures that proved that a Boeing 757 can’t fly low enough to hit the Pentagon at 400 mph. Were I a member of the press, oops, I am it seems, the first thing I would have asked is if the “premise” was technically possible.

I would have done this long before I started looking for little green men with box cutters.

Then again, I keep seeing poor, sad Colin Powell, duped by fratboy Bush to sell his honor and credibility to a pack of gangsters.

This is the same press that follows protesters around, supporting their complaints about how the constitution is being trashed but nary a word when habeas corpus was suspended allowing indefinite detention of any person detained anywhere in the world not carrying an American passport on them, even inside the United States. Yes, this is exactly what was done, something 5 members of the Supreme Court seemed to relish in. Anyone you can lock up, you can kill or even throw into a gas chamber, even if it’s 6 million people. We learn from the best.

All rights in the constitution are built from the concept of habeas corpus. Funny, when tax cuts to billionaires are threatened, our press crowd jumps on the bus pretty quickly.

None of this would be possible without the scumbag press.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran and a regular contributor to Veterans Today. He specializes in political and social issues. You can see a large collection of Gordon's published articles at this link:

He is an outspoken advocate for veterans and his powerful words have brought about change. Gordon is a lifelong PTSD sufferer from his war experiences and he is empathetic to the plight of today's veterans also suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to feature Gordon's timely and critical reports on, a news organization staffed by a number of veterans, particularly former U.S. Marines. You can send Gordon Duff an email at this address:

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Anonymous August 18, 2010 6:44 pm (Pacific time)

It has been reported, "A fellow Ranger, who was at Tillman’s side when he died, indirectly raises the question that the former NFL star may very well have been murdered. Despite Tillman’s constant screams and, what turned out to be his last words, “I’m Pat f***ing Tillman, why are you shooting at me?” the bullets continued to gain momentum."

Hank Ruark August 18, 2010 12:25 pm (Pacific time)

Hey, Sybil ! et al: Just finishing basic small classic in psychotherapeutic communication, making research on functions of right-and-left brains completely clear and in easy to understand detail. One intriguing note from the book: "One cannot avoid influence in language; question becomes what kind,and with what honest intention..." (Paraphrased to shorten, but dead-accurate...) Yes,we all have two complete separately-functioning brains should be able to use at least one of them at any time... Still does not explain the incoherent behaviors of some few Commenteers here, but does clearly show that most of it is psychotic/type symptom, and demands intervention for help for them while still time...!! Sybil, be comforted --some there are that NOBODY, even psychiatrist, can ever reach.

Halling August 17, 2010 6:32 pm (Pacific time)

Roger Von B., in regards to the meteorlogical references you made regarding "Polar Hadley cells" to Gordon, there are also "Bi-polar" considerations that he should address. I suggest a personality inventory to begin with. He should also take a copy of this article with him to the clinician as part of an historical assessment.

Tim King: Hey Halling, you weren't a Marine were you?  I can only tell you that Roger, Gordon and I were.  Perhaps you would more clearly understand the material being presented if you had the background knowledge to take it all in.  Just figure you can read our articles and get the shortcut to the gold, dig? Do you know what low self-esteem is?  Do you know that one telling aspect is an incessant desire to bring others down, in order to appear larger to yourself?  Yup, it's true.  So you can entertain yourself and maybe a couple of others, but you're one more smart ass complaining clown probably very much in need of your own assessment.  Marines watch out for each other man.

Roger von Bütow August 17, 2010 2:22 pm (Pacific time)

Gordon: For those who don't know about global wind patterns, although the prevailing patter in upper half of the northern hemisphere is predominantly east to west, there are episodic polar easterlies (east to west), also known as Polar Hadley cells, which are dry, cold winds that can carry high altitude contaminants like radioactive particulates from Russia towards continental Europe.

David Duke Esq. August 17, 2010 12:05 pm (Pacific time)

Hey Tim why not ask Duff to...

Tim King: Here we go again, a pissed off neocon insulting our writer and making a statement about my late mom.  Just know, whoever you are, no matter what, I am a very public person and I have the courage to use my name in everything I do.  You are an evil person for writing what you write; nothing more and nothing less.  This only empowers us.  I know you hate Gordon and I and I know you are a Bush fan and you think what you think, but in all decency man, how can you write that terrible stuff about my mom?  She was a great person, you never knew her.  You will pay when you meet your maker buddy; I am doing fine in this world, and you represent the devil.  As always, I would love to have your name, or email at least.  Let's get together and talk about this, seriously.  I will not be a physical threat to you, just reveal yourself.    

Anonymous August 17, 2010 11:51 am (Pacific time)

Thanks to salem-news for posting articles by Gordon Duff. I have found him to be reliable. He is from freedom press, and I have learned they are quite reliable also. But, their last article about what is going on in Russia fires freaks me out. I trust freedom press, but not sure I trust this article, its crazy. Google "evacuate russia now this is not a drill"... Also, I mentioned on this website that the latest wikileak documents were a setup, but wasnt sure. I am sure now. the wikileaks documents were another CIA/mossad/globalists set up.

Gus Wynn August 17, 2010 11:36 am (Pacific time)

A few of the facts here about Mike Connell are off. He may have set up the Ohio vote count to be vulnerable to illegal manipulation in 2004. But Connell was never "caught" per se - he was forced to testify right before the 2008 election, but he did not cooperate. He did not ask to be put in witness protection, that request came from the lawyers on the OTHER side who he had stonewalled. He never said that Karl Rove had threatened to have him murdered, those allegations came from third parties. Several news service carried the news of Connell's death outside Northern Ohio - the AP, CBS News Online, the Huffington Post, Maxim magazine and many "indie" sites like Raw Story, Brad Blog and OpEd News. It's in doubt that Connell was cooperating at all when he died but his mysterious death is serving as a major distraction to make this case seem more conspiratorial. The real headline, still undisputed - was that Ohio SOS Ken Blackwell hired Connell in the first place to manage official vote reporting traffic because he was the IT chief for the Bush campaign. THAT, my fellow Americans is the real story and that should be worth an investigation.

Anonymous August 17, 2010 8:32 am (Pacific time)

To correct Godon Duff, Colin Powell did not attend West Point. He received his undergraduate degree in Geology at a small college in New York. Are there any primary source links to the statements of fact by this writer? Now that would be real news.

Dr. Charles Howard August 17, 2010 7:49 am (Pacific time)

I have taken a picture of Gordon Duff, reduced it's size, and placed it on the head of my cuukoo clock and put the clock out in the porta-potty we keep for our field workers here at Tara II. The notion that the government had Pat Tillman murdered really went over the top. Now if Mr. Duff actually served in "up and close" combat...

Editor: Here is Sybil of everyone... This clown shows up under all kinds of different names, and is a hardcore racist, pro Bush, pro-Israel, anti-human rights.  We don't know if it is a male or female, it doesn't seem to know either as it uses both genders.  In the end this crap will bring an end to the free comment section I'm sure.  Some day we will require registration like other sites.  Using multiple names from a single IP is a blatant violation of our rules.  

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