February 17, 2020
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Salem-News.com (Jan-25-2014 10:55)

Legal Experts Reject Food Industry Claims that GMO Labeling Laws Are Unconstitutional

According to GMA propaganda, state GMO labeling laws violate the First Amendment, which protects commercial speech by prohibiting the government from compelling “certain statements.”

(WASHINGTON, DC) - Organic Consumers Association The food industry is playing every conceivable angle in its quest to keep labels off foods that contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs)—including, according to a leaked document, threatening to sue the first state that passes a GMO labeling law.

Maine and Connecticut passed GMO labeling laws in 2013, but both have “trigger” clauses that prevent the laws from taking effect until at least four neighboring states.

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Salem-News.com (Jun-14-2012 14:28)

Food Wars

Denae Gemmrig explores the public face of Monsanto, one of the nation's most powerful companies.

(PHOENIX, AZ) - Monsanto invasion While Monsanto works so hard to end the world’s hunger issues by creating genetically modified organisms, the people are fighting to get GMO food labeled.

Genetically modified organisms are organisms whose genetic material is altered using DNA from different sources and then combined into one molecule to create a new set of genes.

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Salem-News.com (May-07-2012 17:02)

Biotech 2, Vermont 0

The biotech industry has had to use corruption and threats to keep secret what they continue to claim is safe and "substantially equivalent" to normal food.

(MONTPELIER, VT) - Vermont Vermonters was slammed by the biotech industry twice this month.

They were hit the first time when 90% of the population wanted GMOs in their food labeled but the governor would not sign a bill requiring this because the biotech giant Monsanto threatened to sue the state.

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Salem-News.com (Feb-15-2012 17:58)

Vermont Voters Support Decriminalizing Marijuana

Majority Wants Legislators to Remove Criminal Penalties for Possession of Small Amounts of Marijuana.

(MONTPELIER, Vt.) - Medical marijuana According to a Public Policy Polling survey released today, a majority of Vermont voters are in favor of removing criminal penalties for possession of small amounts of marijuana.

Under current Vermont law, the penalty for possession of marijuana is up to six months in jail and up to a $500 fine.

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Salem-News.com (Jan-03-2011 01:14)

OxyContin Crisis in Ohio, Maine and Vermont

Maine and Vermont top on Painkiller Addiction List in the Country!

(MYRTLE BEACH S.C.) - Oxycontin A new federal study says Maine and Vermont top the national list for treatment rates for painkiller addiction.

A report by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration says Vermont ranks behind only Maine in terms of admission rates per capita for those seeking help kicking addictions to prescription opiates such as oxycodone and hydrocodone. Oxycodone is known by the brand name OxyContin.

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Salem-News.com (Dec-09-2010 18:00)

New Data: Pursuit of Misdemeanor Marijuana Possession Costs Vermont Over $700K Annually

Rep. Lorber Calls for Decriminalization...

(BURLINGHAM, Vt.) - Capitol Building in Montpelier, Vermont New data unveiled today shows that Vermont state government spends over $700,000 annually to pursue Vermonters for possession of small amounts of marijuana.

Based on the new findings, Rep. Jason Lorber (D-Burlington) today announced plans to introduce a bill that would decriminalize the possession of less than one ounce of marijuana.

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