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The Multiple Stepmothers of Daesh (ISIS) in Syria - Part I

UN agencies have repeatedly been threatened with expulsion from Syria if they deviate from the widely disputed claimed number of 350,000 people killed, whereas, the facts support the number to be over a million.

(SYRIA) -  “Ahman” of Mssrs. Zahran Alloush, Hassan Abboud and Isa al-Sheikh Last month, 186 of the 193-Member States of the UN claimed that they want all foreign forces out of Syria. Iran with its 18 Shia militia recruited from the region, Russia, America, France, the UK—the Lot.

Most urgently wanting all these countries and their proxies out of Syria are naturally the people of Syria themselves- and the Lebanese, Iraqis, Yemeni and others is this region dying in Syria for nothing.

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Syria`s New Law Number Ten Devastates Sunni Refugees

Refugees forced to flee Syria have experienced one or more war crime or crime against humanity.

(BEIRUT) - Syrian war Law Number 10 sets in motion a massive political and legal overhaul of the government land registry and gives Syrian refugees, whether inside the country or abroad just 30 days to prove ownership of their houses and property. All Syrian refugees must present their deeds to local council offices in the country.

As of today, 5/4/2018, they have one week and if they fail to do so the state will liquidate their titles and seize their holdings.

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Surviving Syrian Refugees Shut Out by Lebanon`s Politicians

Lebanon’s politicians insist Syrian refugees "Return to Syria Now!" But to what?

(Syrian-Lebanon border) - Syrian refugee encampment in Lebanon “Uridu an aouda ela bayti fi Sourya!” (“I want to return home to Syria!”)

These are the words perhaps most regularly heard by Meals for Syrian Refugee Children in Lebanon (MSRCL) volunteers and other NGO’s who work with Syrian refugee children in Lebanon. The same yearning is expressed by orphan children’s fellow squatters and remaining extended family members.

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Syrian Sentinels Risking Their Lives to Save Fellow Citizens

342 children were killed and 803 were injured in Syria in the first two months of 2018

(Marjeh Square, DAMASCUS) - Marjeh Square, Syria Described as the "bloodiest" day since a Russian-sponsored truce failed to stop the onslaught and since a UN Security Council resolution was unsuccessful at implementing a 30-day ceasefire, Syrian government forces resumed the shelling of the Damascus suburb for the 16th consecutive day on 3/6/2018.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) has reported that the bombardment of the enclave has killed more than 70 civilians in 24 hours, bringing that days total to more than 100.

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Life and Death Struggle for the Children of Syria

No one can help every Syrian child during the continuing carnage in their beloved country. But everyone can have the honor of fulfilling the solemn duty of each of us--to help someone.

(DAMASCUS, Syria) - Syrian child Ten-year old Ghina Wadi had another of what hopefully will be a leg saving operation last Friday. She has spent the past seven months often in unbearable pain, which for the first month was periodically relieved for only approximately 15 minutes at a time- by heavy injections of morphine.

Ghina was shot by a sniper on 8/2/2016 on the main street in Madaya at the Abdel Majed checkpoint when she was on her way to buy medicine for her mother, Sahar. Her accompanying seven-year-old sister Nagham was also injured in her hand and arm.

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Terrorist Convoys Increasingly Targeted in Syrian and Russian Air Strikes

Supply convoys are going up in flames in Syria.

(SALEM, Ore.) - convoy attack Russian warplanes struck convoys Friday that were crossing from Turkey into Syria, 30 tankers were targeted in one convoy; 20 were carrying oil. Other trucks were carrying logistical aide to terrorists. The trucks were all completely destroyed during that air raid.

Xinhua reports. Terrorist news sources confirmed that dozens of Takfiri terrorists were killed and wounded in the attack, and the injured were taken to Turkey for treatment.

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Russia`s Decision to Bypass the Terrorists in Latakia

A large number of forces may have escaped to Idlib province to withdraw from Syria and join Syrian refugees.

(SALEM, Ore.) - Latakia, Syria A Russian military source said on condition of anonymity Russian troops put clearances in the province of Latakia on their priority because of the security importance of this city for the Russian forces.

According to the report, Russian troops intend to send their forces behind terrorist's front lines in this province, including the Salma, and Jeb al-Ahmar areas.

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Hamas-Israel Border Conflict

It is reported that two soldiers of Hamas forces were wounded.

(SALEM, Ore.) - Palestine Fierce clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinians in the East Gaza have escalated.

According to reports, fresh clashes broke out between the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades (the military wing of Hamas) and Israeli troops in the eastern border areas of the Gaza Strip. It is reported that two soldiers of Hamas forces were wounded.

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Does ISIL Distrust Syrian Commanders?

Syrian commanders will be sent to other countries or deployed as ordinary forces.

(SALEM, Ore.) - ISIL ISIL's Supreme Council has replaced Syrian commanders with non-Syrian commanders.

According to the report, informed sources from areas occupied by ISIL reported that the Supreme Council of ISIL ordered a replacement policy of Syrian commanders with non-Syrian ones.

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President Assad Meets Oman FM, Reiterates Elimination of Terrorism

The two sides discussed developments in the region, particularly the war against terrorism in Syria.

(DAMASCUS / SALEM, Ore.) - Yusuf bin Alawi Syrian President Bashar al -Assad has reiterated that eliminating terrorism will contribute to the success of any political track in Syria.

According to the official Syrian news agency SANA, President Assad made the remarks on Monday in Damascus after he received Oman’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Yusuf bin Alawi.

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