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Suicide and the Soldier

"We must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex..." - President Dwight Eisenhower

(SASKATCHEWAN) - Soldier with a setting Afghan sun - by: Tim King Eleven years ago, the NeoConservative Bush administration started its so-called endless war on "terrorism."

What they did was provoke by decades of anti-Muslim, anti-Arab and blindly pro-Israel US foreign policies.

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Last Week: 26 US War Casualties

US media divert attention from the actual cost in American life and limb by reporting regularly only the total killed, but rarely mentioning those wounded in action

(PORTLAND, OR) - war casualties US military occupation forces in Afganistan under Commander-in-Chief Obama suffered 26 casualties in the week ending March 6, as the official casualty total for the Iraq and AfPak wars* rose to 112, 605.

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Military Psychiatrists with Personality Disorder

Commentary on the New York Times article: Branding Soldiers with Personality Disorders

(MOLALLA, OR) - Psychiatrists For almost anybody with more than two brain neurons, the military, especially the Army, is really a weird place.

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Army Releases January Suicide Data

Lt. Gen. Thomas P. Bostick says he is encouraged by the 2011 Army suicide data that reflects a slight decrease in suicides from the record year experienced in 2010.

(WASHINGTON DC) - Army suicides The Army released suicide data today for the month of January. During January, among active-duty soldiers, there were 16 potential suicides: five have been confirmed as suicide and 11 remain under investigation.

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Dead Marine Falsely Accused of Felonies (Part II)

Marine Corps attempts to cover up murder by calling a decorated Marine Colonel a crook and felon.’

(IRVINE, CA) - Col. James Sabow This is part two in a special series, visit Part One Here

Brigadier General Adams, Commanding General, MCAS El Toro, called Dr. David Sabow, the younger brother of Colonel James Sabow, in early March 1991, requesting that he attend a meeting on March 9th at El Toro to discuss questions related to Colonel Sabow’s death.

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Dead Marine Falsely Accused of Felonies (Part I)

Marine Corps attempts to cover up murder by calling a decorated Marine Colonel ‘a crook and felon.’

(IRVINE, CA) - Colonel Sabow with Arthur Godfry, radio and television personality. The Marine Corps went to great lengths to keep the media out of the investigation into the death of Colonel James E. Sabow.

The last thing the Corps wanted was an investigative reporter from one of the major media outlets asking questions about the unexpected suicide to this decorated Vietnam fighter pilot.

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Nearly 80 Oregon Prison Inmates Died Between 2010-2011- Most `Unreported` Says AP

AP reports: "Most Oregon prison deaths unreported to public; 79 inmates died in custody on 2010-2011".

(SALEM) - Oregon prisons A new story about Oregon prison deaths by The AP; Most Oregon prison deaths unreported to public; 79 inmates died in custody on 2010-2011 confirms many things we have reported.

All manner of Oregon prison deaths have not been reported to the public and they won't be in the future, Oregon officials say.

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Bizarre, Unexplained Marine Colonel `Suicides`
What the Hell`s Going on?

A highly decorated Vietnam War pilot and one of the highest ranking officers to be killed in the Iraq War...

(SALEM) - Marine Colonel Suicides? What explains the tendency of 'full-bird' colonels in the Marine Corps to commit suicide when they are at the pinnacle of a spotless career?

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A Marine Corps Widow Needs Your Support

2,344 Letters and Emails Sent So Far

(WASHINGTON D.C.) - Marine Colonel Michael Ross Stahlman This tragedy of Marine Colonel Michael Ross Stahlman's ultimately fatal shooting in Iraq, was immediately assumed a suicide by military investigators. Therefore, a proper investigation was not performed.

Although this is a natural occurrence for grieving family members, Kimberly Stahlman had solid reasons to doubt the assumption of suicide...

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The Monsanto Way

How the US multinational won state governments and influenced policy.

(BHUBANESWAR, India) - Maize farming in India When representatives of the world’s largest seed company, Monsanto, began to make discreet visits to the offices of the of the Gujarat government in 2007, it set in motion a process that would transform Indian agriculture in unexpected and significant ways.

Maize farming changed forever, with tribal populations giving up their traditional seeds for the world’s best-known Dekalb brand of hybrid maize (corn) and age-old methods of pesticide-free cultivation.

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