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Congress and States Prepare for another Circumcision Battle sends proposed genital mutilation legislation to Congress and eleven state legislatures as the legal battle to regulate circumcision heats up.

(SAN DIEGO PRWEB) - Circumcision was one of the world’s top human rights issues of 2011. Children’s right activists from coast to coast have joined together this month to press more than 2,200 lawmakers in Congress and eleven states to enact the Male Genital Mutilation Bill.

The proposed bill would protect boys from forced circumcision the same way that girls are protected under federal and state laws.

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Jeremy Henwood (In Memorial) Uncommon Valor In Peace & War

An obscene act against an honorable man.

(CLEVELAND) - Service for Jeremy Henwood Most people heard about the tragic death of Jeremy Henwood, a San Diego city police officer who in his 'other life' was a U.S. Marine officer.

He was gunned down at a stoplight, unsuspecting, because he rolled up next to two criminals who assumed he may have been looking for them. However while sitting in his police cruiser, waiting for the light to turn green, the passenger in the car next to Jeremy's pulled the trigger and his life came to an unsuspecting close.

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Storms Bearing Down on California, West Coast

Rainfall totals in the Southland will be around 0.50 of an inch. While this will be significantly lighter than in the north, it could still be enough to cause mudslides and minor flooding problems.

(LOS ANGELES) - California weather map With more rain on the way, California residents are preparing for dangerous flooding and mudslides, while mountain resorts are looking at record snowfall.

Rain will fall in buckets across northern and central California today, while meteorologists are watching two other systems on the horizon.

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La Nina: Southern California Will See Winter Flip-Flop

Water restrictions and drought pricing are already in place for most of the water authority's customers.

(State College, Pa.) - Cal weather map reports thanks to a strong La Nina weather pattern, the West Coast is likely to see winter conditions opposite of what it endured last year.

According to Expert Senior Meteorologist and West Coast resident Ken Clark said, "The difference going into this winter, is going to be totally on the opposite side, last year we had a moderate El Nino going through the winter, that drastically changed this spring to a La Nina pattern."

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Mexican Cartels Join DEA in Opposition of U.S. State Marijuana Laws

That's right, the Mexican drug cartels.

(SALEM, Ore.) - Mexican policeman shot dead by assassins This nation is heading for a showdown with the DEA, a rogue government agency running awry of state laws in order to keep the pharmaceutical and insurance industries intact.

The DEA is an enemy of the emerging data that keeps painting marijuana an even richer tone of green.

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Marine Jet Crashes Near San Diego Killing 3 (VIDEO)

Miramar spokeswoman 1st Lt. Katheryn Putnam, said the pilot was in stable condition at a naval hospital in San Diego.

(SAN DIEGO) - Plane crash in San Diego A tragic military fighter jet crash killed two people near San Diego today. The jet reportedly was preparing to land at the Marine Air Base at Miramar, when it crashed into a densely populated San Diego neighborhood. At least two people were killed as the jet slammed into three houses Monday, but the pilot was able to eject before crashing.

The Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, reports that the F/A-18D Hornet's pilot did eject safely.

Three homes were destroyed, Fire Department spokesman Maurice Luque told reporters. Three and a half hours after the plane crashed, firefighters were hosing down the crash where smoke still rose in the air. About 20 homes saw residents evacuated, with no certainty as to when they would be allowed to return.

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