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Lyrical Poem: Pound of Gold

So go ahead and tread on his hand-picked roses... Tear up your declaration of love, wipe off those loyalty poses

(LONDON) - Roses and poses Find yourself tapping to a techno beat
Words matter not in the age of speed
They no longer arouse the heat

Replace your heart with a drum machine
Forget past whispers of romance
The vogue tempo is of porno screams

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Deleting That Doldrum Daze: A Skeptic`s Lament

What's the issue bugging, dude?

(SALEM) - Sunset in Sacramento Deleting That Doldrum Daze: A Skeptic's Lament is written by writer, B. Lee Coyne (Bard at Large). is one of the few news agencies in the world that carries poetry, so enjoy this lively and thoughtful piece from Lee and let it be food for thought.

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Be a Rose

Wash tears and fears with a glowing smile
Extend your hands, embrace a face.

(LONDON) - Rose Held up softly, crushed or destroyed
In abundance it fills the ambiance

Never withhold what it contains
Every person you come by
Paths have crossed, wisdom unknown

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Sara Kruzan Convicted Of Killing Her Pimp Released @ 35

As juvenile sentenced to life without parole, Kruzan's story received national attention from individuals and judicial reform groups, who advocated for a new trial.

(CLEVELAND) - Sara Kruzan Sara Jessimy Kruzan has a story that will give you chills. Born January 8, 1978, she would go onto become a victim of human trafficking, and a convicted murderer.

Back in 1995, when she was 17, she was convicted of the first-degree murder of her alleged pimp, George Gilbert Howard, and sentenced to life imprisonment without parole.

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3-year old among 13 shot in Sanford Fla., or Chicago?

Ok, Chicago’s the, “Murder Capital” of our society but alas, Is there any truth to less gun violence if certain bills pass?

(CLEVELAND) - Death investigation Thursday night basketball at a south side Chicago park,
Gunfire amidst chaos as shots echoed loudly in the dark,

Our culprits? DreadLocked men in a dark colored sedan,
The tally would have been even greater had some not ran.

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The Pledge Of Allegiance`s, `One Nation Under God`

I remember reciting the Pledge while Rosa Parks was sent to jail, DNA exonerates unjustly convicted where the system would fail...

(CLEVELAND) - flags Okay! Americans are in an uproar, “One Nation Under God,”
And yet just like, “In God We Trust” on money I find this odd,
Since so many had much to say about the Trayvon Martin case,
3 Blacks give 1 White kid 2 black eyes then shoe print his face.

Nada! Those who were vocal in retaliation, “boycott the state,”
Australian Baseball Player Christopher Lane killed due to hate,
Likewise, Delbert Belton 88, beaten to death by 2 Black teens,
Chris was only 22 as racism by gunshot snuffed out his dreams.

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Christopher Lane Murdered By A Black Teen Younger Than Trayvon

Authorities allege Lane, a 22-year-old baseball player who had a scholarship with an Oklahoma college and was visiting his US girlfriend Sarah Harper in Duncan, was jogging along Country Club Road when he was shot in the back in a random drive-by shooting.

(CLEVELAND) - Christopher Lane The harrowing last moments of Lane's life have been revealed on a 911 emergency call.

The seven-minute call, released by the District Attorney's office in Duncan, Oklahoma, begins with local Joyce Smith telling the operator she was driving her Toyota Corolla and spotted a bloodied man at the side of the road.

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Chicago Teachers Union To March On Washington In Support Of Travon?

The Chicago Teachers Union is urging union members to attend the march to protest foreclosures, the Second City’s recent rash of school closings and, of course, the verdict in favor of George Zimmerman, a Hispanic man who shot a black teenager during an altercation.

(CLEVELAND) - Chicago Teachers Union The celebrities and unions are coming out of the woodwork over the death of Trayvon Martin, but they stay silent when other similar crimes take place, Luke Easter highlights the problem in this poem.

In one case a white child was brutally assaulted by three Black youth, where were Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton then?

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Operation Cross Country vs. Stand Your Ground

Until the popular media changes its approach, these terrible problems, which affect the most vulnerable human beings alive, continue to grow.

(CLEVELAND) - Human trafficking Luke Easter questions why millions of Americans focus on particular events like the Trayvon Martin case while ignoring the plight of so many helpless people who on a daily basis, cry out in silence.

Operation Cross Country, a federal sting to take down child sex traffickers, reportedly saved just over 100 victims, but that number pales in comparison to the number of children impacted by this crime.

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President Obama Discusses Zimmerman Verdict Aftermath

LaVena Johnson's rape and murder were deemed a 'suicide' in one of the most flagrant abuses of justice in US history.

(CLEVELAND) - LaVena Johnson and Trayvon Martin The vicious rape and murder of LaVena Johnson at Joint Base Balad in Iraq is one of the most gut wrenching miscarriages of justice ever recorded.

The investigating authorities with the government apparently concluded that she lit her public area on fire before committing suicide, and that she beat herself and knocked her own teeth out.

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