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Salem-News.com (Apr-21-2014 16:58)

IAB: Online Advertising Will Increase by 3% in 2014

Mobile is the sector with the highest growth rate, growing from 27% to 39.8% in 2013.

(MADRID) - online advertising The industry association for digital advertising and communication and the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), presented its new Investment Study of Total Digital Advertising in 2013, which examines trends in media buying and investment in Internet, mobile and digital.

"The total investment in online media advertising in Spain is 878.4 million euros, of which 832.5 million were invested in internet PC, 39.9 million in the mobile sector and 6.1 million euros in digital signage," said Antonio Traugott, CEO of IAB.

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Salem-News.com (Apr-14-2014 17:36)

One of Most Influential Twitter Handles: @wnicholasgomes in#digitaldiplomacy.

Thousands are following his news and joining interventions.

(WASHINGTON DC) - Salem-News.com Human Rights Ambassador William Nicholas Gomes Human Rights Ambassador for Salem-News.com, William Nicholas Gomes, is regarded as one of most influential activists on Twitter.

He is well known for his digital diplomacy and urgent interventions among foreign policy experts, diplomats, politicians, human rights activists, journalists and ordinary people. His Twitter handle, @wnicholasgomes, has became a source of news for many journalists.

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Salem-News.com (Apr-08-2014 11:48)

Drones Are Hot Item in Vegas

RTDNA presses FAA for rules decision

(AUSTIN) - Every year at the NAB convention in Las Vegas, there are hot technology items that seem to attract everybody’s attention—and this April, it’s the year of the drones!

It was hard to get near the demos at exhibitor’s booths, as these unmanned craft were flown up and around cages that had been set up. The pictures displayed on the hi-def monitors were truly amazing and it was so clear the time has come for us to be allowed to use drones to gather news!

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Salem-News.com (Apr-07-2014 13:55)

Statement from GTAJ (Global Tamil Association of Journalists)

"Currently there are very few credible journalistic associations, and with the many Tamil websites emerging with the development of technology there was a need to have a consistent approach to media coverage across the World Wide Web..." - Secretary of GTAJ Mr K.Kannan

(LONDON) - GTAJ (Global Tamil Association of Journalists) The World Tamil Web Conference 2014 (WTWC 2014) took place on Friday 4th April 2014 in London. With the aims of discussing the future of Tamil Media across the World Wide Web. The conference was attended by numerous Tamil Web based media.

With a diverse range of participants ranging from Tamil web-based editors, media journalists, researchers, analysts and activists and even artificial intelligence developers.

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Salem-News.com (Apr-07-2014 13:21)

The Human Message of a Car Spot Hits Americans

Too often, in war and in peacekeeping missions, the families in which some of their members has left suffer excruciating pain of absence, an irrepressible fear of what might happen. And a constant, agonizing thought that pierces the soul and leads to suffer, to mourn, to pray …

(MADRID) - Oprah Winfrey A spot of vehicles of the brand 'Jeep' , has shocked the U.S. public and, therefore, has been chosen as the best spot of the year.

In this story, the narrative rises. The first thing we see is a dark screen and then we see a written sentence: "We wait. We hope. We pray. Until you're home again.”

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Salem-News.com (Apr-07-2014 12:37)

World War Two Pictorial

Great pics... the men may have flown them but the women built them!

(SALT LAKE CITY) - Some of these were taken in New Mexico back in the mid 70's when working at Heller's Camera in Bethesda MD. there was a reference book with a color photo of the battleship Pennsylvania in an advanced base sectional dock, somewhere in the Pacific in about 1944.

The quality of the photo made it clear that it was shot with a large format camera, which is puzzling since it was not thought that Kodachrome (the only modern color film of the time in the US)

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Salem-News.com (Mar-29-2014 11:26)

Good Morning America Supports Veterans and POW Bowe Bergdahl

Faith, Trust, Truth Responsibility and Accountability are at stake here and a failure here is a failure on this Administration and Every member of this Congress.

(WASHINGTON DC) - Good Morning America crew recognizes US POW Bowe Bergdahl Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, American POW, captured June 30th 2009 turned 28, 3/28/1214.

To make a very long story short. American negotiators have been working on his release for the past few years and have been 'blocked' twice by the Karzai government.

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Salem-News.com (Mar-25-2014 00:04)

Fire in the Sky

The scientists are still obsessed with gravity and heat generated by gravitational flexing.

(SAN DIEGO) - Fire in the Sky The obstinate rejection of my electromagnetic concept is apparently over but the continued stubborn adherence to old beliefs is hindering the explanation of many remaining mysteries.

For instance, in the Jan. 5, 2014 program “Fire in the Sky”, the narrator said: “Magnetism is nature’s most mysterious force. Only now are we beginning to understand how it shapes the cosmos. Mega-flares make magnetism visible. It shines a light on the incredible power of magnetic fields; fields that play a fundamental role in the universe...”

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Salem-News.com (Mar-23-2014 13:38)

The Frustration of Media Power

Our crews often report straight from the source of the action, in places like Egypt, Sri Lanka, Palestine, Israel, the open expanses of the US and ancient cities of Europe and Asia.

(SALEM) - Frustration Who ever would have imagined that the power of media would fall to the people in the new millennium? The Internet has allowed this.

Sadly, Americans are so well ingrained at this point that it is hard to bring them back. This nation, the United States of America, has moved from being a world liberator, to a world threat. The dollars all flow to the media groups that nod their head accordingly; cash fills the coffers of those who don't ruffle the bed, and that is a proper descriptive because the corporations are only whores in this world of over control.

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Salem-News.com (Mar-21-2014 18:17)

Slow Writers

I never saw a city boy yet who was worth a damn. - Ernest Hemingway

(DAYTONA BEACH) - old typewriter William Styron was a great novelist and there he has the advantage over me. But he wrote only four books, and there I have the advantage over him.

In a touch less than fourscore years and ten, I've written a guidebook to Inuit cuisine, a puff piece on Alaska seiners' purloining of the Prince Rupert salmon fishery, an apologia for the Gulf oil spill, two anthologies of G.I. pornography and a novel banned both in Boston and the Campfire Girls' reading list.

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