June 6, 2020
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Salem-News.com (Aug-12-2013 01:21)

Chicago Teachers Union To March On Washington In Support Of Travon?

The Chicago Teachers Union is urging union members to attend the march to protest foreclosures, the Second City’s recent rash of school closings and, of course, the verdict in favor of George Zimmerman, a Hispanic man who shot a black teenager during an altercation.

(CLEVELAND) - Chicago Teachers Union The celebrities and unions are coming out of the woodwork over the death of Trayvon Martin, but they stay silent when other similar crimes take place, Luke Easter highlights the problem in this poem.

In one case a white child was brutally assaulted by three Black youth, where were Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton then?

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Salem-News.com (Jul-23-2013 10:54)

Woman Given 16 Months for Reporting Her Rape & George Zimmerman?

As the US reels over the verdict in the killing of Trayvon Martin, and George Zimmerman goes free, we are directed to the plight of Marte Deborah Dalelv, a rape victim who narrowly escaped being sentenced to prison

(CLEVELAND) - Marte Deborah Dalelv and George Zimmerman Rape prosecutions are difficult in the United Arab Emirates. While western extravagance is tolerated and even encouraged, the bottom line is that laws in these countries are completely biased toward men and against women.

The reason is that they are influenced by Islamic law.

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Salem-News.com (Jul-21-2013 21:59)

Minority Rights and the Killing of Trayvon Martin

‘Trayvon Martin could have been me thirty five years ago.’ - US President Barack Obama

(LOS ANGELES) - Trayvon Martin Race alone is not enough to explain the outcome of the Martin Zimmerman trial. We need also to understand the plight of minority groups qua groups if we are to prevent future tragic killings.

If the notion of human rights is to be all meaningful, it is imperative both that we help African-Americans achieve parity with other groups, and also that we safeguard the existence and identity of minority groups.

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Salem-News.com (Jul-19-2013 22:56)

President Obama Discusses Zimmerman Verdict Aftermath

LaVena Johnson's rape and murder were deemed a 'suicide' in one of the most flagrant abuses of justice in US history.

(CLEVELAND) - LaVena Johnson and Trayvon Martin The vicious rape and murder of LaVena Johnson at Joint Base Balad in Iraq is one of the most gut wrenching miscarriages of justice ever recorded.

The investigating authorities with the government apparently concluded that she lit her public area on fire before committing suicide, and that she beat herself and knocked her own teeth out.

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Salem-News.com (Jul-19-2013 13:47)

Will Zimmerman Face a Second or Third Round of Litigation?

The FBI did conduct an investigation of the shooting, but halted its investigation, deferring to Florida’s investigation and ultimate prosecution of Zimmerman.

(SAN FRANCISCO) - George Zimmerman The world now knows that George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch coordinator, was acquitted of shooting and killing Trayvon Martin on February 26, 2012.

The teen was walking inside a gated community in Sanford, Florida, where he and his father were visiting his father’s fiancée.

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Salem-News.com (Jul-18-2013 15:45)

Rachel Jeantel Says Police Didn`t Even Try to Contact Her Over Trayvon`s Death

“He told me a strange man, who we now know as George, kept following him toward his father’s fiancée’s house,” Jeantel said.

(SANFORD, FL) - Rachel Jeantel Vinnie Politan held a one-on-one interview with Rachel Jeantel – the prosecution’s star witness in the George Zimmerman trial.

The 19-year-old Jeantel testifies in Zimmerman’s trial about the final moments of Trayvon Martin’s life. Jeantel was the longtime friend of Trayvon Martin, and was on the phone with him moments before he was gunned down...

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Salem-News.com (Jul-17-2013 18:07)

The Death of Trayvon Martin Has Unleashed a Wave of Demagoguery Which Must be Answered

Few of those urging demonstrations against the alleged "racism" in the jury verdict finding Mr. Zimmerman not guilty have spent very much time examining the law and the trial itself.

(WASHINGTON DC) - trayvon martin The death of Trayvon Martin is, of course, a devastating event for his family. That a 17 year old boy returning from a visit to a nearby store for a snack should have his life taken is difficult to understand and accept.

On many levels, the incident was, as President Obama has said, "tragic."

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Salem-News.com (Jul-16-2013 17:14)

The (Florida) Law, Sir, Is an Ass

Nobody was listening — least of all the media, who know a headline when they hear one.

(DAYTONA BEACH, FL) - Zimmerman in court First Central Florida, then the South 48 and finally the World According To Facebook, have all been agog over the past month with the ongoing Trial of George Zimmerman, or the triumph of Law over Justice.

Or, as one Congresswoman put it the unacknowledged and silent trial of Trayvon Martin.

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Salem-News.com (Jul-16-2013 01:19)

George Zimmerman, `Not Guilty` A Travesty Of Justice?

Luke Easter makes a number of indisputable points in this poem.

(CLEVELAND) - Trayvon Martin art Too little is being done to save Black youth on a daily basis in America, and yet the death of Trayvon Martin is dominating headlines day after day.

Of course the Martin case involving George Zimmerman is about much more than a single life, but what about everyone else? What about those who die without a mention?

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Salem-News.com (Jul-14-2013 12:49)

Open Season on Black Boys After a Verdict Like This

Calls for calm after George Zimmerman was acquitted of murdering Trayvon Martin are empty words for black families

(CHICAGO) - Trayvon Martin Let it be noted that on this day, Saturday 13 July 2013, it was still deemed legal in the US to chase and then shoot dead an unarmed young black man on his way home from the store because you didn't like the look of him.

The killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin last year was tragic. But in the age of Obama the acquittal of George Zimmerman offers at least that clarity.

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