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For American Stoo-dents... A Virtual History Of Canadian Finance

When I go into a bank I get nervous. The clerks make me nervous; the sight of the money makes me nervous; everything makes me nervous. - Stephen Leacock

(DAYTONA BEACH) - Canada flag Bay Street in Toronto is kind of like Wall Street. Kind of. Or at least it used to be. Actually, it's more like a Yogi Bera financial center.

The volume of trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange got so large that it isn't there any more.

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My Bi-polar Uncle

My Uncle Vic was a remarkable man...

(DAYTONA BEACH) - Ford Model A roadster I saw my Uncle Victor on only one occasion, when I was eight or nine years old, and it wasn't a happy event.

My brother Jack and I were playing Barney Oldfield in my visiting uncle's Ford Model A roadster, and he, slightly miffed, asked Ross, my father, to eject us.

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Deposing the Pope, and More

Few people realize the direct connection between the efforts of our writer, Nobel Prize Nominee Rev. Kevin Annett, and the recent changes in the Catholic Church.

(SALEM) - Pope Benedict XVI On the first anniversary of the forced resignation of Pope Benedict, Joseph Ratzinger.

Kevin Annett of the ITCCS describes the enormous repercussions of this historic event, and the three new fronts being opened to end crimes against humanity and usher in a new age.

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The New Free Trade Fever

Legal reforms promulgated by the Pena Nieto administration and approved by the Mexican Congress are encouraging a new look and possible fine-tuning of the 1997 accord.

(LAS CRUCES, NM) - NAFTA cartoon 20 years after the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) went into effect, little interest has been shown until now by the governments of the signatory countries for reopening the trade pact.

But a similar agreement between Mexico and the European Union, signed in 1997 and enacted in 2000, is under review and could be expanded.

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The Vatican (Still) At The Crossroads

When you come to a fork in the road, take it. -Yogi Berra

(DAYTONA BEACH) - Bird attacking bird at Vatican News item: The Vatican - Two large seagulls attacked white doves released from a balcony by Pope Francis during his weekly Angelus prayer in front of tens of thousands of worshippers gathered in St. Peter's Square.

The peace gesture followed the Pope's prayer for Ukraine, where at least three people were killed during clashes that have left Kiev in flames.

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On Extinction Level Events, and Other Abstractions: A Eulogy of Love

Death hangs over us these days wherever we are, and is closing off our options quicker than we are allowed to realize: and the last people we should turn to are those who pretend they're in charge.

(NANAIMO, Vancouver Island) - Sunset Nobody can think globally, anymore than one can seriously imagine one's own death.

And so when Fukushima exploded three years ago and as our skies and oceans became laced with toxicity, none of it seemed as real as the trivialities of my life.

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Foreskin Advocate Speaks at UBC`s Buchanan Building

“There’s a 2,000-year body of Jewish writing, a 200 year body of medical writing illustrating that the purpose of circumcision is permanently damaging an innocent boy so that, when puberty comes, he will not be able to fully enjoy sex” - children’s rights activist Glen Callender

(VANCOUVER, BC) - Glen Callender of CAN-FAP spoke at UBC on Friday. Photo Carter Brundage/The Ubyssey It’s a rare thing to meet an activist who manages to remain persuasive and credible when naked from the waist down.

Judging by the audience’s reaction to children’s rights activist Glen Callender’s presentation at UBC on Friday, he pulled it off.

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Kevin Annett: Former Argentine Official to Testify Against Pope Bergoglio`s Child Trafficking Under Junta in Argentina

Kevin Annett outlines the upcoming prosecution of Jorge Bergoglio based on new eyewitnesses from Argentina.

(VANCOUVER, BC) - Pope Bergoglio Kevin Annett, field secretary of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS.ORG) revealed that a former Argentine government official is scheduled to testify against Pope Bergoglio (Francis I) as to his role in child trafficking during the Junta government and the dirty war in Argentina.

The Argentine official’s testimony is scheduled to occur in common law court of justice proceedings against Pope Bergoglio slated to begin in Brussels early in 2014.

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Reviewing NAFTA and the Environment

To put the budgetary numbers in perspective, the Otay Mesa Port of Entry in California alone registered $34.5 billion in cross-border trade in 2012, according to the local chamber of commerce.

(LAS CRUCES, NM) - US border with Mexico As possible, new trade agreements stir debate on the world stage, a North American citizen advisory panel is urging that a new emphasis be placed on the ecological costs of increased trade and money flows.

In a statement, the Joint Public Advisory Committee (JPAC), a trinational group consisting of representatives from the three member nations of NAFTA, called on the leaders of Canada, the United States and Mexico to demonstrate a “revival of political will” and undertake a “new mission” with enhanced public involvement in trade and environmental matters.

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Defend Thought Crime Prisoners: Free David Compan!

An Urgent Action Notice from the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS).

(NANAIMO, Vancouver Island) - Handcuffed A British citizen named David Compan has been imprisoned without charges in a London mental hospital after he publicly associated with the ITCCS campaign to hold the Crown of England responsible for crimes against children.

David is being held and sedated at Charing Cross Hospital. Social worker Elizabeth Scully has confirmed to Coventry ITCCS organizer Rhianne Mockridge that David is being held for “examination”, but Scully refused to say where or provide any other details.

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