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How To Stay Safe While Traveling to Oregon With Crypto

"Better Safe Than Sorry" is a good mantra to stick with.

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(SALEM, Ore.) - Due to the global acceptance of cryptocurrency, numerous individuals travel with this new form of currency. Hackers are consistently attempting to access crypto, making safety extremely important.

Before you travel, you should know the steps to take to prevent a disaster.

Two-Factor Authentication

One of the best ways to ensure your crypto remains safe is two-factor authentication. Your funds can only be accessed with a registered device and a strong password.

This makes it incredibly difficult for a hacker to steal your crypto while providing you with peace of mind while traveling.

Converting to Local Currency

The chances are good your crypto will need to be converted to the local currency of the country you are traveling to if you plan to make purchases from businesses who don’t accept it.

You will want to strategically do the conversion when the cryptocurrency price is high to get the best value. This can be accomplished by opening a crypto exchange account.

Make certain you check the company you are doing business with to ensure it is legitimate.

All business should be conducted in a safe and open place. You can find numerous local offers safe from hackers and scammers with a secure, easy and fast conversion process ideal for travelers.

Join a Local Crypto Community

A crypto community is a group of individuals passionate about crypto and always willing to help one another. By finding a crypto community at your destination, you have a trustworthy group to turn to for help. Conduct a Google search and establish communications before you leave.

Do Not Bring All of Your Crypto

Do not travel with any crypto you are not planning to spend. A good option is a hard or web-wallet only for travel. You can purchase a hard-wallet in pairs. Use one for the crypto you intend to use for the short-term. Two of the best wallets available are Ledger and Trezor.

Removing Your Passwords

All passwords should be removed from your devices when traveling. This includes tablets, laptops, email, cell phones and synced apps and cloud storage.

Crypto has been stolen on syncing apps when live-streaming. Do not write down your passwords on PPT or Word documents due to a high risk of theft.

Thoroughly examine your cloud storage, email history and your entire computer. Remove all backup seeds, passwords and login credentials.

You will not be with your laptop and phone every second while traveling. You do not want to provide hackers with an opportunity to steal your data. Protection for your crypto is just as essential as for your credit cards.

Update Your Devices

If you do not update your software and devices, hackers have an easier time accessing your data. Ensuring your devices remain updated protects your crypto details and documents from hackers, stops you from passing on malware and enables you to use new features.

Internet Connections and Smartphones

Install a secure wallet app on a smartphone with an internet connection. By using this phone for all digital transactions and crypto exchanges, you eliminate the temptation to access your crypto wallet with a potentially unsafe device.

Remove the Backup Seed

You should never travel with your seed because it is meant for emergencies only. Remove your backup seed from your hard or web-wallet before you travel.

Keep copies of your seed in two or three parts in different and safe locations. This will prevent anyone from accessing your complete seed.

If your seed is accessed by a hacker, they do not need your wallet to steal your crypto. If you must have your seed while you are traveling, secure it over the phone as opposed to electronically.

Password Manager

Complex passwords are generated by a password manager. This software also stores your passwords. Some include cloud syncing so you can carry a password manager copy for access through multiple devices. Some offer two-factor authentication for an additional layer of security.

Businesses Accepting Crypto

Find out which businesses accept crypto. You can easily purchase different services such as direct flights, international flights, insurance, smart contracts and various products and services safely and easily.

Keeping your crypto safe will help ensure a smooth trip.

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