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US Violent Crime Continues its 5-year Steep Decline, Baffling Authorities - but not the Transcendental Meditators in Iowa

Dr. Hagelin predicted that violent crime in the nation would continue to fall as the number of advanced TM experts in the Invincible America Assembly increases from the current 1,700 to the next target of 2,500.

Drop in Crime
Courtesy: Global Union of Scientists for Peace

(FAIRFIELD, Iowa) - Breaking news that violent crime in America continues its rapid and baffling steep decline has confirmed, yet again, predictions lodged by scientists six years ago: that large group meditations at Maharishi University of Management in Iowa would have a positive and measurable national impact in defusing the underlying acute societal stress that fuels crime and violence.

This announcement comes from Dr. John Hagelin, internationally renowned quantum physicist, president of the Global Union of Scientists for Peace, and director of the “Invincible America Assembly” in Fairfield, Iowa, where over 1,700 experts from 60 countries have gathered to practice advanced TranscendentalMeditation techniques together to promote “coherence in national consciousness.”

“As we predicted before the launch of the Invincible America Assembly on July 23, 2006, there has been a dramatic and sustained decrease in violent crime in the United States since the Assembly began,” Dr. Hagelin said.

Forty years ago, most scientists would have been skeptical that meditation could reduce stress for the individual, let alone for society, Dr. Hagelin acknowledged. Today, however, the Transcendental Meditation program is widely recognized by medical science as a highly effective, scientifically proven approach to overcoming stress and stress-related disorders, such as hypertension, stroke, and heart disease.

In addition, extensive research, including 50 scientific replications and 23 studies published in peer-reviewed journals, has demonstrated that group practice of advanced Transcendental Meditation techniques is an effective, and highly cost-effective, approach for reducing societal stress and associated violent crime and social conflict. “It is both surprising and fortunate that even a relatively small proportion of a population practicing these powerful, stress-reducing meditation techniques in a group produces a disproportionate—and demonstrable—reduction in societal stress and in associated crime and social violence. The meditating group produces an extensively documented ‘spillover’ effect of orderliness and calm in the surrounding society,” Dr. Hagelin said.

Dr. Hagelin predicted that violent crime in the nation would continue to fall as the number of advanced TM experts in the Invincible America Assembly increases from the current 1,700 to the next target of 2,500.

For information and to interview Dr. Hagelin, please contact Ken Chawkin at +1-641-470-1314,

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Anonymous September 21, 2011 6:17 pm (Pacific time)

Hey your not a...

Editor: Hey buddy, you would not last a second.  Prejudice piece of shit, you're like the dirt on the bottom of my shoes, and I was a sharpshooter out of MCRD and a multiple time Rifle Expert in the FMF BTW, a winner not a loser like you.

Anonymous September 21, 2011 3:36 pm (Pacific time)

Of course the media has not reported that the "justifiable homicide" rate is up, and has been trending that way since 2000. Gun sales have been at record levels since 11/08, so the gungrabbers warning about a bloodbath with more guns is wrong. In fact it is what we gunowners predicted with available stats, more guns, less crime. It's reality.

Editor: In over twenty years of covering news in several U.S. states I have never met a person who successfully saved their life by using a gun.  I know cops who have shot people and walked away from things, but the only homeowner inspired death I ever covered was a south Salem man who was retired, who shot and killed a 15-year old kid who entered his garage, thinking it was his house.  The price for a mistaken house, for a neighbor?  Death.  Oh I'm sure that's cool with most 'right-wingers' and fascists,, but it isn't cool,  Death, bullets, you don't get to kill people without a lifetime of problems, it is sad that Americans are scared of their own shadows.  I admit there is a time and place to be armed, but it is rare.  Treat people well and count on the Golden Rule to get you by.  None of your acts of violence impress me.  BTW, gun sales shot up because Obama entered office and the damned dirty apes at the NRA scared the sheep into going nuts with gun buying.   

Tracy September 21, 2011 8:17 am (Pacific time)

Wonderful news. I love my TM practice and have been a part of the group assembly in Iowa. It's very nourishing on an individual level and hugely impactful on a group level. Glad the word is getting out!

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