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American Democracy - The Funeral

It really doesn’t matter who wins the upcoming Presidential Election. Either way the American people and the rest of the world will lose.

The Mayor of LA works for Israeli interests
The Mayor of LA works for Israeli interests

(BANGKOK) - The words of Anthony Lawson in this video are both chilling and tragically accurate. The United States has completely lost the path of democracy and instead supports those countries that practice state terrorism.

Isolated from the real world, the politicians in their suits offer approval for the worst, most destructive policies that the modern world has seen.

Americans who support Israel do not support a fair government; they support a warring military-political complex that has hijacked the Judaic faith.

Netanyahu and other Israel leaders run an apartheid state that murders with regularity those who oppose Israel's oppression and occupation: namely the Palestinians and their supporters.

Once again the interests of Israel take pride of place in American politics.

This time at the Democratic Convention recently held in North Carolina, when the Mayor of Los Angeles decided to take it upon his ears, alone, to judge whether or not the delegates agreed with instating or reinstating a contentious piece of party policy which accepted Jerusalem as being the capital of Israel.

It really doesn’t matter who wins the upcoming Presidential Election. Either way the American people and the rest of the world will lose.

Anthony Lawson is a retired international-prize-winning commercials director, cameraman, ad-agency creative director and voice over. He used to be known for shooting humorous commercials, but doesn't find much to laugh about, with the way the world is going, these days

After recovering from the shock of seeing the Twin Towers collapse, on subsequent showings, I developed a strong feeling that what I was seeing and what I was being told were quite different things. For two such buildings to collapse, in the manner they did, solely because they had been hit by large aircraft, did not make sense. The collapses were too uniform. If aircraft impacts were the cause, at least one of the buildings should have fallen over. I subsequently made a video called "WTC7 -- This is an Orange" to express my concern that the public was not being told the truth about 9/11.

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Anonymous September 9, 2012 10:42 pm (Pacific time)

The American people will be waking up from the slumber, and they will go through the awakening phase which includes processing the horrendous reality that we find ourselves living within.

We must apologize to the world for our complicity even though we were raised to "know better". The truth has been withheld from us and it has taken the advent of the Internet to be able to glean the truth. Even then, for me at least, it has taken much too long.

If Tim considers when he started to awaken to the plight of the Palestinians, he will recognize, too, what I am trying to say.

I was aware of these only since the mid-1990s. I have a Palestinian friend who asked me to just read about the plight of the people. While I was "broadly" aware of what had been happening over there, it was through that research that the "mega-truth" started to rear its ugly head.

I have faith in the future.

I know that as we all awaken, those who do not chose to re-bury their heads (since to no do so will require a certain intestinal fortitude vis–à–vis the damage caused by our elected officials, over time, while directly thumbing their nose towards "we the people".

This 'cognitive dissonance' will take time to process and alleviate as a cultural phenomenon. Indeed, many people are going to become severely depressed and simply, meekly, turn away from the uphill battle that we are faced with. It is too easy to just acknowledge that each of us, individually, can do nothing to cause an immediate impact. It will take us all working and fighting together to herald a New American Order.

We can no longer abuse how standing in the world and usurp the resources of the rest of the world. We have to take back that which been taken from us by the "one-percenters" and then start to give the real freedom and democracy to those countries around the world that our county HAS STOLEN FROM.

It is not going to be easy to do what needs to be done.

WE WILL RETAKE WHAT HAS BEEN STOLEN. There are Trillions that have been taken, tens of trillions of money that hard-working U.S. citizens will either have to reclaim or take from the mouths of ourselves and our families.

No matter how large the banks are, the bankers are not too large to jail.

Those who have chosen a treasonous route will be dealt with.

Those who have put the well-being of other countries BEFORE the United States of America will have hundreds of millions of people to answer to.

WE just have to remain patient, because it will take decades to right the wrong that we have for so long turned a collective blind eye towards.

Those of us with seniority are going to have to make the effort to speak out and to teach our younger generations that what THEY have been brought up to understand is WRONG and that we need to right our keel. WE need to show THEM how to do it, because, unfortunately for them, they will bear many burdens, including the effort to do what needs to be done.

I have faith in them.

Tim King: The possibility for hope must exist, thank you for this.

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