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Michael Francke Murder Update

The fact remains that the police violated Frank Gable's Civil Rights when they exposed him as a snitch. The fruit of that corruption was in the fact that they succeeded in getting all of these convicts to falsely testify against Frank Gable. And Frank has sat in prison for the better part of 24 years.

The late Michael Francke and the imprisoned Frank Gable
The late Michael Francke and the imprisoned Frank Gable

(SALEM) - I spent three months posting weekly articles regarding the Michael Francke murder case in the hopes of eliciting the freedom of an innocent man named Frank Gable. In that period, I proved Frank's innocence, exposed the guilty parties, proved the conspiracy between the government and the killers, and revealed new facts. Many people viewed my efforts as fruitless because Frank remains falsely imprisoned. Others are hoping that the wheels of justice are, at the very least, rolling.

I assure you, the wheels of justice are, indeed, rolling. We are dealing with a process of law. It is a process that is often slow because both parties want to put forth their best efforts. In this case, the State is reluctant to proceed because they do not wish to admit culpability. If they have to pay Frank millions of dollars in restitution, and millions more for malice, then that money is lost to them (that is money they can't steal).

Another problem is their reluctance to arrest so many ex-governors, attorney generals, and such. The people in power today owe their very existence to those who were in power in 1989. One of those is our current Attorney General Rosenblum. All have pledged allegiance, not to the United States or the State of Oregon but, rather, to the crime family within which they operate.

In week three of my series, I revealed the Cory Memo. Cory Streissinger wrote that five page memo to Governor Neil Goldschmidt in August of 1989. In that memo, Cory writes that they needed to do something to keep the feds out of the investigation of Mike's murder. She also wrote that they needed to conceal any information which connected the murder to corruption within the corrections department that Michael Francke was in charge of. The very next month, the State police, under orders from Goldschmidt, began aggressively framing Frank Gable. This, by the way, was also proven in my series.

The State police went around telling everyone that Frank Gable was a snitch and made them think that it was Frank who had gotten these people locked up in prison. So numerous stories were fabricated. Gesner claimed that Frank gave him some bloody clothes and a knife to dispose of (which was alleged to have been tossed into the river). He now admits that was a lie. Another witness was told that Frank was wearing sunglasses. One witness even stated that Frank said he had been looking for a gun. That, by the way, was a huge slip-up on the part of the scheming police because the only way they could have told the witness to say that was if they knew that Mike's gun had been in his glovebox that day.

Whatever, the fact remains that the police violated Frank Gable's Civil Rights when they exposed him as a snitch. The fruit of that corruption was in the fact that they succeeded in getting all of these convicts to falsely testify against Frank Gable. And Frank has sat in prison for the better part of 24 years.

Not one lawyer has ever confronted the government about this intrusion on Frank's Rights...including his current attorney, Nell Brown. Moreover, Ms. Brown is in possession of new evidence which was not available to Frank at the time of his so-called trial. Yet, she has all but ignored it. Why is that?

What new evidence? Did Frank know about the murder of James Ross in 1976; a murder that was committed in order to keep the corruption within the Corrections department secret? Did Frank know about their plot to hypnotize him into not testifying; thus assuring his conviction? This plot, by the way, included his own felonious lawyers.

Did Frank know that his attorney, Robert Abel was a lowlife who deliberately got his clients convicted? Frank had no way of knowing that he was being railroaded by an organized crime family that included his own attorneys and his girlfriend.

Nell Brown will proclaim that there is no evidence against Robert Abel that rises to the level necessary to pursue a claim based on inadequate legal representation. Aside from the many instances that I have already proven, she could use me as a witness against the sonofab****.

In 1981, I was on trial for a shooting incident. the court appointed Robert Able to represent me. I saw this dirtbag one time. He came to jail and told me that he was going to help them convict me. It was at that point that I petitioned the court to remove him and opted to represent myself. The Judge refused to dismiss Abel but did allow me to represent myself. Abel was supposed to make a Motion to Suppress. That Motion would have gotten the charge dismissed without having to go to trial. In addition, Abel and the Court refused to give me Discovery. I had no idea what the case was even about until I stepped into the courtroom. Try that one sometime.

Police planted five cartridges on my doorstep (within a five inch radius). I proved that they planted those cartridges by having the weapon test fired. It was a semi-automatic that ejected shells to the right. The side of the house was to the left. The only way a cartridge could have gotten on my porch was if someone put it there because the porch was only three feet wide and the shots would have to have been fired by a man standing in the exact spot where the cartridges were alleged to have fallen. Couldn't happen if you are standing there and the least distance traveled by any shell was four feet-seven inches!

The police had planted the cartridges in order to establish some kind of probable cause. Even then, they needed to get a Judge to sign a Search Warrant. No such warrant was ever obtained. But the police were not done framing me.

Next, they went over to a bowling alley and talked to the night janitor. The janitor told them that he just thought it was fireworks because the incident occurred right after the July Fourth festivities. On subsequent visits to the janitor, the police succeeded in brainwashing the janitor into lying. By the time the janitor got on the witness stand, he claimed that bullets were whizzing over his head and bouncing down by his feet.

The cops still were not done with their framing me. One of them pulled the bullet out of an unfired cartridge, went to the bowling alley and dropped it on the floor just inside the front door. He then took out his pocketknife and carved a hole in the plaster wall board. This, amazingly, convinced the janitor that his life had been in danger because of a nutjob (me) shooting at him.

I confronted the janitor about his changing story. I even asked him to explain how it was that a bullet could pass through an open door, hang a 180 in mid-air and then slam into a wall without getting a mark on it? I wanted the jury to see how absurd that was, but I also wanted the janitor to know that he did not need to lie because no bullets went anywhere near him. Despite my numerous objections, the Judge allowed all of this fabricated evidence and refused to dismiss the case. Again, this was the fault of Robert Abel. So an innocent man was falsely convicted by corrupt cops who wanted me out of town.

In any event, Robert Abel does have a record of convicting innocent people. His main way to accomplish that is to trick them into not testifying. Without going into the legal reasons why I could not testify at my trial, let's suffice it to say that I couldn't. And that was because of Abel.

This case, this being the Michael Francke case, is such a simple thing to prove. The case epitomizes the phrase 'Kangaroo Court.' It makes honest people cringe in horror that such a thing can occur in America. The biggest problem I have with it is that all of these Judges and all of Frank's lawyers, all of them, are/were corrupt. Look at what they did and are doing.

Frank writes letters to Judge West in which he revealed some of Abel's corruption. Instead of dealing with this criminal, West turns the letters over to Abel. Are you kidding me? The court is there to be a referee and to make sure that there exists some modicum of justice. How could there be justice when the Judge was siding with the very crooks who were actively trying to convict Frank? Trial courts should listen to prisoners. But they don't. So Frank's Civil Rights were violated when West turned over Frank's concerns to the very man who was screwing him. How is that justice?

My point is, you are not going to get a lawyer to do anything realistic for Frank without forcing the issue. I wrote my series to educate the public and to let the crooks in office know we have the goods on them. Instead of dealing with this injustice, they look for ways to arrest me. But I will not be silenced.

So the question arises: If we cannot get a lawyer to help Frank, what can we do? For the answer, I refer you back to the Cory Memo. If you will note, the crooks were being pressured by the legislators to do something or they would step in. You will also note that the crooks said that they did not want the feds involved. You really do not need to understand the reasons why, just be aware that these are things they prefer that you and I did not pursue.

Since writing the series, I have sent copies of it to virtually every legislator in Oregon. Their email addresses are at the end of this article. You can copy and paste my series and send it to them...or you can write to them in your own words. I guarantee you, I have their attention.

IN a future installment, I shall reveal what other steps I have taken. These are on the federal level. I.E.- FBI, the A.G., and Congress. Somebody, somewhere, will step up and stop this insanity. Of course, they will try to make me look insane, but even that won't negate the facts that Frank Gable was falsely accused and imprisoned so that Neil Goldschmidt, Cory Streissinger, and all the other villains, could go on stealing from the taxpayers.

Set a goal for yourself. At least once a week, send these legislators an email inquiring what they are doing about both the corruption and Frank Gable. It is the only hope he has.


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