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Resurrection - a Novel by Anthony Ashton

This is a shameless attempt to promote my book, Resurrection—which, despite its title, is not at all religious...

Resurrection — a novel by Anthony Ashton
Resurrection — a novel by Anthony Ashton

(BANGKOK) - When finishing a video promoting a book I've just written, I was rudely interrupted by Baroness Deech having a go at Nigel Kennedy for telling the truth about Apartheid Israel.

Though having taken a vow of activist-silence until the book was up and running, I could not pass by this blatant slur on a very talented and honest man in a lie told by a Member of the House of Lords, so I dropped everything to have a go at Her Ladyship.

But here, belatedly, is the promo and I hope you will read the video notes, as well.

Resurrection — a novel by Anthony Ashton

This is a shameless attempt to promote my book, Resurrection—which, despite its title, is not at all religious—in the hope that you will buy it and tell your friends to do so too. So please mention it on Facebook, Twitter or wherever you will, and don't forget to write a rave review.  But only after you've read it, of course. . . . (cont.)

A word about my nom de plume:  Ashton was my late Dear Mother's maiden name.

Queenie Ashton
(1903 to 1999) was a well-known Australian radio, stage and film actress, being awarded the Order of Australia in
1980 for her contribution to the Australian Performing Arts.  After my father left, when I was five, there was no greater influence in my life, and if I came home from school and said something like:

"G'day, Mum, can me mites come in 'n plie?" [sic]

I would be threatened with elocution lessons to be taken on Saturday mornings, rather than taking part in non-school activities which I much preferred.  Hence she laid down the basis for my fairly accent-less voice; something which would stand me in good stead in later life.

One thing she repeated to me, time and again, if she ever heard me refer to my friends as "kids," was:

"Kids are the offspring of goats, Tony.  You and Janet are children."

Looking back, I think she got this very right.  I still feel that kid or kids are rather dismissive terms for the hopes we all feel in our hearts for the generations which will follow us. 

So those are some of the reasons why I decided to honour her dear memory in my
nom de plume.
Anthony Ashton (Lawson)

Anthony Lawson is a retired international-prize-winning commercials director, cameraman, ad-agency creative director and voice over. He used to be known for shooting humorous commercials, but doesn't find much to laugh about, with the way the world is going, these days

After recovering from the shock of seeing the Twin Towers collapse, on subsequent showings, I developed a strong feeling that what I was seeing and what I was being told were quite different things. For two such buildings to collapse, in the manner they did, solely because they had been hit by large aircraft, did not make sense. The collapses were too uniform. If aircraft impacts were the cause, at least one of the buildings should have fallen over. I subsequently made a video called "WTC7 -- This is an Orange" to express my concern that the public was not being told the truth about 9/11.

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Kelama May 28, 2014 8:34 am (Pacific time)

Good on ya, Tone.

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