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'Double-dealers’ should thoroughly disinfect their fingers before pointing them at another’s fleck.

Sunalie Ratnayake
Sunalie Ratnayake

(LOS ANGELES) - With every passing day in this world, it amazes me to apprehend the numbers of ‘hypocrites’ that cross my path, in ‘real life’, as well as in the peculiar, and rather perilous ‘cyber world’, along with the present day’s high-tech triumphs, where any stranger, or non-stranger directly may seem to converse with plenteous guts, otherwise concealed.

When it comes to such individuals, even though I’ve known ‘some’ all my life, while ‘others’ remain perfect interlopers, either way, it’s pathetic to recognize ‘hypocrisy’ bucketing from beings, who could otherwise afford to be ‘candid’ and ‘unpretentious’.
Above all, why do these ‘hypocrites’ submerged with their innate ‘hypocrisy’, stoop down to look at somebody’s ‘molecule’ on a ‘secluded zone’, while carrying ‘icebergs’ on their own ‘brows’, and yet fail to realize same ?
Such ‘double-dealers’ should examine themselves for prolonged periods, before even thinking to condemn or look down upon another, let alone judge another. Especially, ‘another’ who may have the nerve to stand by their words, (not limiting their ideologies to mere words, the way the ‘hypocrite’ does, but also shall have the guts to stand by same), even when its implementation time may arrive.
Such ‘double-dealers’ should thoroughly disinfect their fingers before pointing them at another’s fleck.
Furthermore, ‘hypocrites’ are indulged in severe ‘mental lying’, as they brag on a certain notion, while in ‘reality’, they would actually be doing the ‘reverse’ of what they claim to be doing.
It is a form of ‘mental lying’, from which, not only these ‘phonies’ evidently cannot flee, (as the entity called ‘conscience’ exists in all beings), but these ‘hypocrites’ seem to also overlook the fact that this ‘mental-lying’ is something that is unconcealed to all ‘genuine’ beings as well, for they encompass ‘sagacity’.
The eye-catching peacock merrily dances away, displaying its flamboyant feathers, yet failing to realize that its ‘ugly buttocks’ are been jolly-well exposed to its spectators, while its feathers are spread away throughout its dance.
Likewise, the ‘hypocrite’ fools themself by attempting to conceal his/her ‘mental lying’ from the otherwise ‘conscious world’, where he/she forgets that ‘virtuous beings’ with insight too exist.

Publisher’s Note :
SUNALIE RATNAYAKE is a SRI LANKAN Journalist based in USA.
Though her yearning and adoration for “poetry” from her tender years have kept her occupied in writing her own “poetry” almost all her life, as means of pure pleasure, thus far, she has seldom shared her “sonnets” with the public.
She could be reached at : /

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