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Tiny Timmy Little Benji Trick Treaties
Systemic Welfare Fraud and Financial Economic Corruption

Norman King C.1050 Real Estate Law Property Chronology.

Tiny Tim
The real Tiny Tims: The idea for a Christmas morality tale came to Dickens after he visited poverty-stricken chidren at the Field Lane Ragged School in London.

(PHILADELPHIA) - Real Estate Law commences with conquest of "England in 1066 by the Norman King William." [1]. "William decreed that he owned all of the land in England by right of conquest. Not one acre of England was to be exempted from this massive expropriation.

The king struck a bargain with a lord for a large chunk of land. The lords that held their tenure directly from the king were called tenants-in-chief

It was in this context that the British began their dominion over the seas and their explorations which led to the modern nations of Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States of America. To a varying degree, the laws of these countries part company with the old English land system and on different dates. Although imposed on the colonies to start with, colonial laws quickly changed the essence of it such that the laws of all these countries are similar only to the extent of their origin in old English land-ownership law. Major legislative changes in England 1926 did not affect the law of many former colonies who, as separate states, had already accepted or rejected remnants of old English land ownership law." Posted by

But one aspect that does remain is that land titles in the older British colonies, can usually be traced back to the point of property [14] ownership by the British sovereign. The device used by the king to control and administer his land was that of tenure. Tenure was the key component of the feudal system.

1215 Magna Carta

Significant rules of feudal law relating to the rights and obligations of lords and tenants can be found in the 1215 Magna Carta  [2].  c.1215 King John of England conceded a number of legal rights to his barons and to the people. The 1215 Charter required King John of England to proclaim certain liberties, and accept that his will was not arbitrary, for example by explicitly accepting that no "freeman" (in the sense of non-serf) could be punished except through the law of the land, a right which is still in existence today.  In order to finance his foreign wars, King John had taxed abusively.  Taxation and welfare frauds a similar recurring event operated by corrupt financial and real estate operators in America c.2010. 

1215 Habeas Corpus

Barons threatened rebellion and coerced the King into committing to rudimentary judicial guarantees such as the freedom of the church, fair taxation, controls over imprisonment (habeas corpus) [3] and the right to all merchants to come and go, freely, except in time of war.  C.2001 repeal of Habeas Corpus 800 years Magna Carta law by [4]  U.S. Partiot Act  Unconstitutional suspension of Habeas Corpus expanded c.2006 by Military Commissions Act. [5]  Habeas Corpus provision of the Act violates a clause of the US Constitution Articles Bill of Rights  [15] that says the right to challenge detention "shall not be suspended" except in cases of "rebellion or invasion."

1660 King Charles of England

Four Centures of the basic foundation to laws regarding property, civil rights, value and wealth circumvented by King Charles ll 'The Merry King"  for exponential war expansion financing and expenditures for frippery lust and corruption.  King Charles ll c.1660 originates pyramid scam  [20] "The Secret History of Government Debt {Treasury Bonds} [6] [19]  [20] .  Opening the gates wide commencing with modern day global war finance banking frippery lust corruption and economic frauds perpetrated on and to the detriment of citizenry of the world community. 

Mayflower Puritans

c.1620 Mayflower Puritans [12] self anointed reverse victim manifest destiny [11] syndrome is not a conflict or ruse of historical facts. A narrative outlining correct perception of unaccountable responsibility [10] Mayflower Puritans c.1620 are inextricably interrelated to the inherent European Empire corrupt influence on the new America continent right up to this day c.2010. Obfuscating and ignoring Indigenous People and Nations [13] property [14] land title rights and laws outlined by 400 years prior in the Magna Carta..  The single aspect that does remain is that land titles in the older British colonies, can usually be traced back to the point of property ownership by the British sovereign. The device used by the king to control and administer his land was that of tenure. Tenure was the key component of the feudal system.

2010 Imperial American Empire

Fast forward to broken down America ignoring and omitting 2000 years of 'SPQR' from the Senate and People of Rome' [7] foundations to all basic Western Laws, Civilization, Society and 1000 years of history, law, and humanity rising from the ashes of feudalism.  "A Failed State"  [8] Posted by Paul Craig Roberts.  American  broken  brand  c.2010  accelerating at high speeds a return to barbarism, feudalism, war, death, destruction of civilization, suspension of 1000 years of basic inalienable human rights [24] bellicose and belligerent threats to return civilization back the the ashes of time.  "We Will Obliterate Them" [9] Hillary Clinton .

Systematic Global Banking Financial Economic Frauds

Ivy league and creepy Tiny Timmy and Little Benji trick and treaties the systematic bank and financial demise c.2010.  Both individuals desperately require criminal charges under the  'RICO Statute' [31]  [32] ] [33]  not perpetually tricking our banking and financial systems with colluding illegal unaccountable treaties. Two absolute highest merit scholarship and self delusional superiority [21] parlays the greatest rigged debt and pyramid schemes in history repeating King Charles ll of England c.1620 [6] South Seas Trading  Rigged Bubble of the 1700's [16] Wall Street-London rigged markets scams of 1800's [16] the private central banks of the 1900's [17].   Manufacturing the US housing commercial real estate collapse and mortgage banking fraud.  A mortgage debt scam that instantaneously transfers trillions of dollars of value and wealth by a reverse pyramid transaction quantitative easing [printing fiat worthless scrip] or QE-1 followed by new round of QE-2. .    

Systemic bank financial and economic corruption begins in 1913 with the advent of the private bank Federal Reserve Act.  Federal Reserve Act [23] is not federal and the private artificial bank has no reserves. An unconstitutional law [18] that removed the issuing of coin, money,  value, and wealth from the U.S. Treasury Department to the detriment of 'We The People.'  Banking and financial gates open wide with repeal of c.1933 Glass Steagall Act [22] including the impotence of c.1933 SEC Act [34] supposed safeguards for fraud, corruption, rigged markets and 400 year pyramid [20] schemes. 

Fraudulent Conveyance Securitized Mortgages Illegal Foreclosures

Fraudulent mortgage conveyance and collapse of of U.S. banking financial and economic markets correlate to  the repeal of c.1933 Great Depression safeguards and laws imposed to thwart unchecked illegal frauds .  One affects the other interrelated in scope and destruction.  Securitized mortgage bonds [isolation of credit risk] result in the fact that not every person or entity with an interest in a given piece of property may be able to exercise all possible property rights recourse.  For example, original first mortgage title passing through many thousands of transfers and global securitized bond sales, since its inception c.2000 by Federal Reserve relaxing and repeal of stringent laws, results in a particular piece of property not to have original title or legal rights to foreclosure or transfer. Primary aspect that does remain is that property land titles in transfers, can usually be traced back to the point of property [14] original ownership guaranteed by the title insurance company. The insurance device AIG [27] [welfare bailout] failed to control and administer land and property title, the key component of strict performance original mortgage deed of trust contracts.

Recurring Schemes No Recourse

It is not unreasonable to conclude that the U. S. is a failed state [8]  [24] operated by criminal crime organizations and proud self admitted reverse anal victims, lazy intellect underachievers, and supreme documented welfare failure barons. No surprise, that we have Tiny Timmy and Little Benji leveraging trick debt scams against the 1000 years of debt conflict and diminishing returns versus the force of natures laws and negative logarithm mathematical consequences.   Dire consequences now at critical mass ready to implode the entire foundation of free market capitalism.  Question, was free market capitalism ever effected in the last 400 years? [36]

Summary Tiny Timmy Little Benji Tricks Treaties

American  broken empire joins past empires of history c.2010 accelerating at high speeds a return to barbarism, feulalism, illegal war, illegal occupations for other nations natural resources [37], rape, death, pillage, Middle Ages Human torture methods [38] , eviscerating its own financial systems ]25], "Destruction of Civilization" [30] Posted by James Petras PhD. Suspension of 1000 years of basic inalienable human rights [24], bellicose and belligerent threats to return civilization back the the ashes of time. "We Will Obliterate Them" [9] Hillary Clinton .   War against humanity, war against peace, war against International human rights Geneva Conventions [39] . Operates financial and banking debt hoaxes, frauds, rigged markets, deceptions, deflections, and disconnects to the detriment of the very citizenry they took an oath of office to serve and protect. A corrupt government apparatus and criminal gangbanksters [35]  [36] prying into every single aspect of life, just waiting for a reason to confiscate everything citizenry have worked so hard to attain!  Do you know the warning signs of fraud? Who cares! Why now! 

 It cannot be disputed or argued in any forum that 'Debt Free' [25] 'magic of compound interest' [28] 'Securitized Mortgage Bonds' [29] are trick terms for unregulated treaties perpetuating frauds "Unsustainable Financial System" [36] Posted by John Hotson. Diminishing returns confiscation and theft of labor property and assets with no recourse by 'Too Big to Fails replaced by cadres and legions of 'Too Big to Failures.' [8]  [26].

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