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Busted! Mr. President, We Believe Iran!

Do note: Judge Napolitano says both Iraq Wars, 1991 and 2003, were based on falsified intelligence. We thank Judge Napolitano for his courageous stance and for this “accidental leak” we know he enjoyed so much.

Nobody talks about this; the massive death of Iranians that were a direct result of the U.S. funded war on Iraq.
Nobody talks about the massive Iranian deaths resulting from the U.S. funded war on Iraq/Iran war. Hundreds of thousands died to avenge U.S. ego, yet the Hostage crisis was a reaction to being screwed by the U.S. and U.K. since the end of WWII.

(CINCINNATI ) - Within 24 hours of the announcement of a new Iranian plot, the truth started leaking out. That leak is now a flood. The FBI made up the whole thing, invented it and you and they aren’t going to get away with it. Why something this outrageous, this incompetent?

We know you have sold your soul to Israel, agreed to veto Palestinian statehood, a trade for election money. You are an idiot. Israel is paying off both sides, as usual, as are the drug cartels. If you wonder why your Attorney General may face prosecution? It turns out he was involved in running guns to the Mexican cartels, the same cartels you are now claiming are tied to Iranian “terrorists.”

The only terrorists we tie the cartels to are your own, Homeland Security Janet Napolitano’s “Operation Fast and Furious.” Did the cartels get Stinger missiles too? We will have to wait and see.

We don’t expect much from these terror scares. We know the history of the Detroit “crotch bomber.” He was tied to Israeli security, we watched while he was escorted past airport security over and over, we knew he had Mossad handlers in Yemen. The news may be “suppressed” but the “terror cell” in Yemen that supposedly trained him was captured. Their laptop computers showed a history of emails with Israeli intelligence. Check on it with your CIA. This is fact, cleaned from the news but verifiable intelligence, totally reliable.

Your other recent big win, the killing of American cleric Anwar al Awlaki, you want background on that too? He was killed because he had evidence that the “cover and deception” operation, the phony hijackers, all FBI recruits, were paid through FBI accounts. We have multiple confirmations that the FBI paymaster for al Awalki also helped manage payoffs for phony intelligence on Iraq, the lies that helped send us to war. These were operations based out of the FBI office in San Diego.

Check on it, we have.

Your problem is that we are not your political enemies, we are your supporters. Here is a minor reminder. Remember the problem with the missing nuclear weapons from Minot Air Force Base? Overtly, the Air Force had to install a new command structure to prevent it from happening again. We know better. We know the weapons were stolen, we know who did it and where they were going. We know several involved were “suicided/accidented” as required. We respect that, religious extremists, even American ones, can’t be given nuclear weapons to play with.

Where were they going with them? They were heading for Iran but this wasn’t under your watch. Even Bush knew how to handle insurrection.

We do try to warn you.  CNN “outed” the phony FBI plot against Iran almost immediately:

The UK Guardian broke the story within hours, even they picked up the smell?  You know that paper, don’t you?  If you aren’t familiar, it is the news outlet for Britain’s intelligence services.  Consider their story a bit of a message.

It has the ring of a far-fetched Hollywood thriller and even the senior law enforcement official involved in the investigation admitted to journalists that the alleged plot to kill the Saudi ambassador to the US did not fit with what was known about the methods and practices of the supposed perpetrators, the Quds force of the Revolutionary Guards.

The Guardian lists 8 reasons that the story you are peddling is a lie, not just a “Hollywood thriller.”  This is number “8.”

Could the alleged plot be provocation by an outside agency seeking to start a conflict between Iran and its enemies? In that case, Arbabsiar is consciously misleading his interrogators or is being used by his cousin and his associates, who are working for this third party.

Let me put this in plain English as I have no faith you, despite your wonderful press conference performances, can understand anything that takes complex reasoning.  The Guardian, yes, we really mean MI 5 and 6, mean, when they say “outside agency,” they are referring to the Mossad.

Read the article, it certainly has to be better than your briefings. There were 7 other reasons, not just them simply pointing out that you are peddling a cheap Mossad plot as a reason to send America to war simply because you need Israeli money to play politics.

There is always the other option, appointing a real attorney general and having most of the house and senate jailed for accepting laundered drug money to run their campaigns or having them charged with treason for accepting cash from foreign governments but, didn’t you just do exactly that yourself?

Let’s go back to why we mentioned the theft of nuclear weapons at Minot Air Force Base. We are aware that, when key aspects of both intelligence and “special operations” were “privatized” under the personal authority of Vice President Cheney when he illegally assumed direct command under the misnomer of “Joint Special Operations Command,” a “capability” was created on behalf of key global interests to exert threat against any member of the US government that “crossed the line.”

I know that you know.

For others, a new, phony version of the CIA, FBI and Special Forces was created, funded out of “black budget” but answerable to a group we can’t name, other than Cheney and maybe some key top Republicans. My guesses as for names on the list, Lieberman, McCain, DeVos, Koch, Scaife, Cheney, Graham, Rohrabacher, Murdoch, but these are only wild guesses, totally unfounded.

Aren’t they?

We have entire organizations that fit in here also, PNAC, AIPAC, the Heritage Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute, the Tea Party, the US Chamber of Commerce, there are others too.

Why would these organizations or individuals need control of a spy organization, a police force and over 2000 “black ops” assassins?

Do I have to explain that, although you have done wonders in “beginning” to put Wall Street on a partially answerable footing, you have backed off from almost every promise you have ever made and, certainly, from every expectation that the American people, the decent ones at least, had for you?

Mrs. Clinton, many years ago, called it the “great conservative conspiracy.”

We now see huge defense contracting companies, “mercenaries” if you will, joined at the hip with drug cartels, the Israeli government, right wing political movements and Christian extremists in the US, all seemingly under the thumb of a global financial organization that is no longer “theoretical.” You have watched Europe?

Do you think they went from “swimming in cash” to “trillions in debt” without the involvement of the same global conspiracy that Bush used to do the same thing to America?


Why are you so afraid?

We stood with you on Libya, even when you went beyond the scope of the UN. We knew that Gaddafi was in bed with the boys we are talking about. He bought his way in, the Carlysle Group, the Rothschilds, Gaddafi “joined the club” with Bush and Blair. This is why David Welch, Bush “frontman” made a last ditch attempt to save him in August. Welch, thus far, longtime Israeli associate, Bush enjoy and now CEO of Bechtel Corporation may well have been successful.

A trillion dollars belonging to the Libyan people has vanished. We can count, we know what oil and gas costs and how much money Libya actually spent on its “revolution.”

You know, catching phony terror plots isn’t all that hard. The cleanest job, other than debunking the bizarre “hijacker” theories you so embarrassingly peddle about 9/11 was 7/7. John Anthony Hill actually forced that one into court where a jury, in a defacto trail, convicted the British government and Mossad of staging a terror attack. You can see the whole thing here, a “slam dunk” as it were.

Now, as for this Iran thing, consider yourself “busted.”

You and Biden, Holder, the phony FBI, all caught running errands for the Mossad. The reason I suspect is blackmail or coercion of some kind. No secret there for anyone who understands American politics. You don’t trust the American people, you consider them hopelessly stupid after decades of Fox News.

If you, yourself, aren’t a total moron, just the failure of Americans to rise up over 9/11, an obvious “false flag” is reason enough to keep lying to the people. If your rationale is that they don’t deserve better, that they “can’t handle the truth,” you may be right.

We also noted your support of the Occupy Wall Street movement. We aren’t blind. We want to give you a second chance.

Here are a couple of my suggestions:

  1. End the CIA/Mossad operation against the Egyptian people.  They fought for a democratic government and now we are helping Israel keep the corrupt Egyptian Army, Mubarak’s thugs, in charge.  It will blow up in your face, this is a tragic failure.  A note for those who saw NATO plots in Libya:  You have a very real one going in Egypt but so many of you are silent?  Is that because the Israeli/Gaddafi money paying your bills for Libya allows you to overlook something a thousand times more obvious in Egypt?  Consider yourselves “busted.”
  2. Announce a federally based inquiry into “inconsistencies” involving Building 7 at the World Trade Center.  After the election, you can use the easily proven missile attack on the Pentagon to jail many of your political opponents.  You have dozens of videos showing the incident.  It will help you “clean house” and give America a real chance.
  3. Immediately purge the military of private contractors and groups operating outside official chain of command.  This is your constitutional responsibility.
  4. Announce a “blue ribbon panel” to investigate ways to “restructure” our relationship with the Federal Reserve.  These same banks took down the EU and, as you very well know, are ready to take another shot at America.  The GOP has introduced legislation to deregulate “securities” to enable another “pump and dump” as you are more than aware.  It’s time you laid out the truth for the American people.  We hear some of it, the occasional gem of truth along with the Bush era mythology.  It isn’t enough.

It has become increasingly obvious that Holder and Napolitano were going to be liabilities.

Allowing them, and those behind them, to send us into another war that I guarantee you we will lose, like we have now so many times, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, the War on Drugs, the War on Terror, the War on Poverty, we can’t take other one.


Gordon Duff is a Marine Vietnam veteran. A 100% disabled vet. He has been a featured commentator on TV and radio including Al Jazeera and his articles have been carried by news services around the world. He has been a UN Diplomat, defense contractor and is a widely published expert on military and defense issues. Duff is Senior Editor at one of the most widely read Veterans Online publications Veterans Today

He is an outspoken advocate for veterans and his powerful words have brought about change. Gordon is a lifelong PTSD sufferer from his war experiences and he is empathetic to the plight of today's veterans also suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to feature Gordon's timely and critical reports on, a news organization staffed by a number of veterans, particularly former U.S. Marines. You can send Gordon Duff an email at this address:

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Daniel October 13, 2011 7:23 pm (Pacific time)

Tim you left out the reason the Iranians took the hostages was because we let the Shah into the country for medical reasons . The Shah was regarded as a Hitler type figure by the iranian people because of his secret police and repressive measures on his people . I am also not a large fan of the current Iranian government .

Tim King: Thanks Daniel!

Anonymous October 13, 2011 12:57 pm (Pacific time)

In 2013 there will be a round up of those aiding and abetting the enemies of America, regardless if you even stopped that behavior now. I imagine less than 1/100th of 1/100th of 1 percent of Americans believe Iran is an in nocent party. Ask any Iranian living here in the states what they think of their government, but then Duff, an individual who was a Section eighter gets revenue from our enemies. The insanity plea will not work dickheads...

Tim King: OK, here it is; as if you can't look this up for yourself you useless idiot...

Persia is an ancient place, not some zit speck of a country that has been here for fifty or one or two hundred years.  The land is ancient and humanity there is ancient.  it is one of the few cultures on this earth that has not been fully eradicated like the Native Americans or the Jews or Gypsy's of Europe prior to the Holocaust.

The country we now know of as Iran was occupied by the British in their typical colonial quests and ripped off and exploited and abused for a long time.  Then WWII comes around, which this country had nothing to do with, and after WWII ended the Iranians wanted to receive fair payment from the British, who had established the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, which today is BP.  The government of Iran asked repeatedly to see the books, to be compensated at the rate they were promised, and then Iran elected a president willing to stand up for his country. 

He talked about nationalizing oil and the next thing that happened was a U.S./British coup d'état (known in Iran as the 28 Mordad coup that displaced the president who was a great man - Mohammad-Rezā Shāh Pahlavi,  (prominently featured on the covers of national U.S. magazines)  and replaced him with the western puppet the Shah who allowed the U.S. and U.K. to pillage Iran all the more, until 1979 when they put their foot down and the Islamic revolution was on.  Everything is the fault of the bastards in the U.S. and U.K. governments and that is why I do and always will rally for the beautiful people of Iran and every other country in the Middle east that has its moral compass on and is not an oil pig environment like the Saudis. 

The Iranians took American hostages but they let the women and Blacks go in the beginning, and they didn't kill them.  The ego bruise was enough to cause the U.S. to fund the Iraqi invasion of Iran during which chemical weapons were used.  This left hundreds of thousands dead, many civilians, and all was needless brutality.  The mere fact that the U.S. funded that destruction of a nation and then turned around and intentionally literally competed to be the military group that ousted Iraq from Kuwait.  The Saudis had a very successful warlord in their ranks named Usama bin Laden who had just returned victoriously from defeating the Soviets in Afghanistan the year before and was an Arab hero.  He could not believe that the royal family would bring the U.S. all the way from across the world to defeat an enemy he could have easily taken care of, and that is where bin Laden's contempt for the U.S. came into play. 

All the United States needed to do, was nothing.  Everything would have been taken care of internally, but instead we slaughtered the Iraqis (as they retreated) and gave hundreds of thousands of Americans this lovely gift called 'Gulf War Syndrome' and every person was impacted in some way.

Iran Air Flight 655

Also, lest we forget the Iranian families who were blasted out of the sky in a civilian airliner by a U.S. Navy jet jockey from the carrier Carl Vincennes.  We aslso should not forget the lies, the deceit, all of it 100% red white and blue.  It was 3 July 1988, it happened  on 3 July 1988, over the Strait of Hormuz, toward the end of the Iran–Iraq War. The aircraft, an Airbus A300B2-203 operated by Iran Air, was flying from Bandar Abbas, Iran, to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  

The U.S. Navy's Vincennes was traversing the Strait of Hormuz, and it was inside of Iranian territorial waters, and at the time of the attack, (This brings to mind the Mavi Marmara incident in 2010, where Israel attacked a Turkish ship with unarmed peace activists, killing nine and leaving scores shot and seriously wounded, when it wasn't even in Israeli waters.  The U.S. backs Israel in its deadly attack on peace activists because it has become one of the most evil nations in history, with regard to human rights and moral standards)  290 civilian passengers were blown into flaming pieces , including 66 children, ranking it ninth among the deadliest disasters in aviation history.

And you asshole, you dare to suggest that we should be aggressive toward Iran?  Did you know that the largest candlelight vigil held for Americans who died in 911 outside of the U.S. was held in Tehran you ingrate?  No, you just know how to hate things you don't understand and you know how to take the mainstream media bate and f*ck you and your Shah friendly Iranian friends, they sold out and bailed out of their country and they will never go back.  I don't mean that toward good people who put up with direct harassment from the Iranian government, I see it all as a big mess that the colonial U.K. is responsible for and Americans by and large are really out of date, kept very stupid by corrupt corporate media that backs Israel, which is a war crime state with apartheid laws and roads for 'Jews only'. 

Conversely, Iran has laws to protect its Jewish citizens and never ever would allow them to be treated the way Palestinians are treated every day.  And asshole, since you took the time to insult my Marine Corps Brother Gordon, I am writing an entire article about Iran and Mohammad-Rezā Shāh Pahlavi and the murders from the U.S. Navy, thanks for the idea .


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