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'Traitors' Convention' - Really?!!!

The NY Post is a paid Propaganda shill!

(PORTLAND, OR) - Every person shown in that photo beneath the headline, "Traitors' convention", is an American Hero! Along with many others in our ranks, they are Whistleblower Patriots who stand tall and walk far above the likes of any scribe setting type for the canned propaganda articles published in the NY Post. Back in the day, if that scribbler were a man, they might have discovered someone’s fat lip policy for printing such egregiously offensive garbage. My suspicions include, this NY Post employee has likely never served their nation with the aforethought that it was their turn to protect and serve the rank and file. Equally as it appears that same NY Post employee has never risked everything while defending the buttressing genuine principles of our constitutional democracy. Most informed readers would likely view the person crafting this drivel for the NY Post as having morphed into something cousin to a sidewalk commando while growing cyber muscles on paper.

Personally, I’ve been twice wounded and died once during national service, before they brought me back to begin the process of relearn to walk a second time. During my service with the FBI, following a second trauma, I successfully completed a five year long undercover group one investigation that never afforded one day off and while working the final three months in breathtaking pain with a spinal injury. As an agent of the US government, I endured by superimposed the faces of those I loved over that of the victims. When I mustered out of the FBI from permanent disability, the media called me a "hero" and said that I had performed above and beyond the call of duty during the nature of my classified work.

Later my case file that measured over eighteen feet on four shelves, produced a new federal law from a bench ruling. That law helped save human lives, protect the nation from harm and I'd like to believe has helped to make the world a better place.

Still later and after assisting a US Special Prosecutor to convict a clandestine federal agent operating in Portland for the theft of government funds, unknowing, I became an FBI Whistleblower by simply doing my job. During that investigation, I discovered that federal administrators had committed congressional perjury to fraudulently obtain millions of US taxpayers dollars for their program's black budget.

Additionally, I made it known that Condoleezza Rice had committed congressional perjury during her 911 testimony regarding the non-existence of CIA/FBI joint antiterrorism taskforce offices before September 11, 2001 when they had in fact existed since the early 90s and predicted the assassination of Michael Connell, Karl Rove’s Republican IT Specialist whose private plane exploded in midair shortly after takeoff and three days before testifying in court regarding the “Middleman Black-box” Election Fraud during both the 2000 and 2004 U.S. Presidential Elections.

Following my publishing of that information and more, the Bush White House had a federal agent telephonically contact me. That agent who is known to me, had committed a list of actionable offenses, and remains an active mole in our government. The mole conveyed the message that I had people in very high places afraid to death that I would destroy their programs [black projects with huge budgets] and added, "they said, to tell you if you do not remain silent, the government will invent a criminal charge against you." My refusal to forget, kneel or surrender, resulted in endless political sanctions, being outed multiple times to create a mortal threat environment and the punitive withdrawal of my Social Security Disability Benefits under protest from the government's own judge.

As an FBI Whistleblower, I qualify as a US torture victim and have been targeted by covert and overt acts of terrorism and torture beneath the four principles of the CIA Torture Paradigm and ongoing illegal Cointelpro operations that continued long after the official end of the program. All of this I've included so the nation can recognize the life of a Whistleblower Patriot, we love our country and the people. Those who attack Whistleblower Patriots are criminals, traitors, terrorists , and those intent on destroying the dream and promise of America, by replacing it with a national holocaust and a guaranteed virtual death camp environment.

Whistleblower Patriots work to serve and defend America against its foreign and domestic enemies, but this NY Post article was crafted to do the exact opposite. Tell those cowards at the NY Post who produced this article, if they were all wounded and crying out for their mothers, rest assured, I would walk over top of each of them like vermin and watch them bleed out so they could painfully find their special places in hell!

Likewise those same anti-American, craven and feckless manure eating parasites at the NY Post, are each invited to go pound salt for crafting this counterintelligence reverse piece. The NY Post is not needed by the thinking and questioning members of the American ranks and file. The NY Post is a shill for the outlaw components within the US government, its congressional capos and the cabal of war criminals within the military industrial complex and elsewhere!

This propaganda article also marks the last time that I will ever buy a copy of the NY Post or read anything produced by this newspaper that has sunk beneath the qualifications of even being useful as a fish wrapper! The NY Post is not a member of the free press, it’s a propaganda rag that exists to serve up a buffet of canned stories for their corporatist pimps! The NY Post self-projects anti-American aspersions while giving aid and comfort to the actual foreign and domestic enemies of the United States and its residents. The American rank and file have raised their heads towards Capitol Hill, have seem the true enemies of the United States and a lawful restorative revolution remains our duty.

If the NY Post and its staff wants to see a "Traitors’ convention", then they only need to huddle around in the bathroom for a circle-jerk and take a look in the mirror – you’ll see the unmasked faces of traitors!

Bob Levin

Investigative Journalist

Former FBI Whistleblower

Portland, Oregon




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Chris P October 15, 2013 8:23 am (Pacific time)

We do have a huge problem with the mafia elements in all levels of the government. A lot of it seems to be the Jewish mafia.

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