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'US will stop funding Israeli crimes'

We can't waffle, we can't grovel anymore. It's time for America to stand up to the Zionist apartheid regime.

Dr. Franklin Lamb
Dr. Franklin Lamb is also a writer.

(TEHRAN / BEIRUT) - A prominent political lawyer says that the US cannot continue to supply arms or economic aid to Israel who is under international pressure for its atrocities against humanity.

In an exclusive interview with Press TV, Franklin Lamb, international lawyer, tells us more about the future of the US-Israeli relationship.

Press TV: As violent as that video was, it really shouldn't come as a surprise because, well, this type of behavior by Israeli forces is pretty much done on a weekly basis in the occupied territories. But you tell us what you think based on the video that has been released by human rights activists.

Lamb: It's one more clear, clear message to President Obama that it's time for America to cut this tie with this occupation Palestine and disengage.

It's not public, yet, but it will be tomorrow, Panetta spoke with Netanyahu in very, very strong terms. He declared that the Israeli government, as it is, and the state of Israel may not survive this Islamic and Arab awakening. And this is exactly why.

The American people have no stomach for this and I don't think that Obama can sustain this current course of his of groveling to Israel in terms of the United Nations fiasco and now UNESCO.

This clear message is that the Zionist apartheid Israel has no place in the region, and it has no place in asking for its 6 billion dollars a year handout from the American tax payer. We're fed up.

Hopefully, Obama will sacrifice a second term, if that's what's necessary, in order to revive American principles and American values.

I think this shows that it's that clear, it's black and white. We can't waffle, we can't grovel anymore. It's time for America to stand up to the Zionist apartheid regime.

Press TV: You talked about the UN and, of course, the UN General Assembly wrapped up a couple weeks back. Tell us why it is that the UN does not really have any real effect about what Israel is doing? Of course, you can tell us more about the countless resolutions that Israel doesn't listen to. I want to talk about Ban Ki Moon, during the 2008 war, was standing in that debris in the Gaza Strip and seeing that this shouldn't be happening with smoke billowing from the background. But yet, we see time and again Israel committing these acts.

Lamb: Absolutely. As we know, the United Nations Security Council, as with NATO, has been diminished to nothing more than an adjunct of the American-Israeli foreign policy. We have to revisit both of those, discard NATO and reform the United Nations.

It's true, as you say, we cannot rely on Israel to do anything of a humanitarian nature, but we can rely on the people in the street, in the nine countries that are revolting here and in Wall Street.

It's up to us, individually, ultimately to bring this change. While we are very concerned about the inaction of these institutions, our governments, ultimately it's up to us.

I think Panetta was right. And the report will be made public this week that we're going to have to disengage. The quantum military edge that was incorporated into law in America in 2008 by Howard Berman, a pillar of the Zionist community, doesn't apply anymore.

We're not going to be able to support Israel anymore in terms of arms or economic aid, and we're going to have to disengage. And that is what Panetta told Netanyahu in private. I think that's the direction.

It's clear that this region is not turning back the genies out of the bottle. All of this past has passed, and the new intifada from Tunisia to Yemen and Ramallah is the future order. I think all people of good will must support that and change this situation forever.

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Palestine Civil Rights Campaign-Lebanon


“Failure is not an option for the Palestine Civil Rights Campaign, our only choice is success”

15 year old Hiba Hajj, PCRC volunteer, Ein el Helwe Palestinian Camp, Saida, Lebanon

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Franklin P. Lamb, LLM,PhD
Director, Americans Concerned for
Middle East Peace, Wash.DC-Beirut

Board Member, The Sabra Shatila Foundation and the Palestine Civil Rights Campaign, Beirut-Washington DC
Shatila Palestinian Refugee Camp

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