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We're Here to Change News in America is News for Smart and Brave People.

Hard truth

(SACRAMENTO, CA) - I do not think this point has been made frequently enough. was launched in 2004 to redefine the way news should be followed and presented. Granted, we did not enter the fray for the financial profits, we did so because the world we live in is in bad shape, and journalists are one of the few tools available to truly serve as watchdogs of politics; governmental leaders, wars, education, the economy and myriad subjects beyond that. We are still here and stronger than ever after almost a decade. An important message exists within that.

Many still believe television news is a defining aspect of our society and sadly it is, yet we all know that the completely ridiculous advertisements from big pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies are the only things keeping an entire industry alive. Isn't it telling how their powerful, non-stop deep pocket advertising knows no bounds? It is up to media to regulate who pays for its existence.

Why? Because media is so easily compromised. Mike Wallace proved that to us with the big tobacco whistleblower fiasco, where he allegedly buckled to advertiser pressure, effectively killing the story and reducing its potency.

I looked at a story today from our local newspaper in Salem, Oregon, and they are attempting to sell general local news photos to the public, they have no shame or limitations in their pursuit of money. They lost their way, all of them.

Corporate Media = Big Government

I frequently tell people that you can't describe "the U.S. government" in any one sentence. It is too broad, too diverse; there is simply far too much government for any single description. There are good and bad elements working in thousands of roles and they do not all talk to each other. This is the same case with huge, conglomerate media that alternate attention between amusement fantasy parks and the national news.

The nation's most prominent newspaper, The New York Times has published utter fiction time and time again, ala Jason Blair. That black eye is the kind that never goes away, Blair went on making up news in a modern age for a long time until he was finally caught.

The only reason Bush was able to sell the Iraq invasion to lawmakers is because of the Judith Miller reports about WMD's in Iraq. Over a million people in Iraq died over that one and hundreds of thousands of Americans will live with the damaging effects of that war. Thousands were killed, tens of thousands maimed, hundreds of thousands left with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

This single fact- that a single newspaper greased the political wheels to allow the Iraq war to go forward, alone proves corporate media is a beast too big to trust. Plus, it was the second terrible war in that part of the world that involved the use of 'dirty' rockets and bombs and these will contaminate the region and cause cancer for at least a thousand years, experts say.

Internet Credibility

One of the constant news issues just slightly out of the mainstream, is forced vaccinations of American children. People are asking questions they have never asked before. Interestingly, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is in a mode where they are attacking the Internet over published information that is changing the way Americans see vaccines. Rather than fighting in the ring, their main defense is that 'the Internet can publish anything' and the truth is that it is nothing but press freedom at work. You will not find it in a newspaper nor will it show up on television.

The truth is that the Internet provides the most credible information that has ever been relayed to the public. This is where constantly shines. We can compete with the largest mainstream press and broadcast media online; in fact it is not uncommon for our reports to dominate categories in the Google News feed, topping CNN, BBC and other major heavy hitters.

If media publishes false information in a news story, it takes about five minutes for the sirens to begin blaring and we hear about it. When we are wrong we can acknowlede it, fix it; at minimum we can at least become aware of the objection and take whatever measures are appropriate.

With Web news, we always have the ability to update and change stories; and clarify information. This is not possible with a newspaper. They publish what they decide to go with, and then perhaps there are corrections later over mistakes. How often do TV news anchors review their mistakes on air? Yet this is the system of credibility?

We in Internet news are even taken to task over credible reports about unpopular subjects; like the enriched uranium contamination showing up mysteriously in places like Fallujah and the Gaza Strip. (These reports led to a recent, still ongoing online attack against our group by a man named Roger Helbig who works with the Department of Defense in California). If we make mistakes we are called out for them, and we are also assaulted on several fronts for publishing unpopular truth.

So yeah, we're here to prove that truth is so valuable that it can be self-sustaining. What you can count on with us, is that if a mistake is made, is did not happen because it was overruled by some type of financial decision. I personally think that means a lot.

Now however, has tens of thousands of dollars of unsold ad revenue and it needs the involvement of one or more parties who have funds to back this human rights news operation. We need people with funding to become involved in an extremely important operation. We seek relationships with parties that see the importance of keeping this information alive. We have done a great deal without outside help, this is poised and ready to become a fruitful venture that will reward those who help greatly.



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Anonymous October 20, 2012 3:16 pm (Pacific time)

If the 90 minute video is too much for ya, I received this 4 minute video in my email just now. (I dont have a tv)..THisis what I have been saying for over 15 years after reading U.N. documents, especially agenda 21...What the U.N. has planned (owned by rothchilds/queen/vatican/etc), have in store for us. TO control everything we do, to bring all countries close to a third world status (its happening in their test case right now with the eurozone and coming to the U.S.), they will control your appliances thru the smart grid, they already control the indoctrination system they call an education (keep the kids indoctrinated slaves), etc...The atrocities in the world are caused by these people, and until you understand this, and expose this, the atrocities will continue..Do you REALLY care about humanity across the globe as much as you mention time and again? Then get off your butt and learn what the heck is going on Tim..Ijust gave you les than a two hour crash course..LEARN IT!! People need to wake up NOW!!

Anonymous October 20, 2012 2:57 pm (Pacific time)

Hey Tim..I usually would not post a 90 minute video because either people are too busy, or their attention span is 5 minutes, or they are too busy watching sports etc. This video cuts straight to the chase big time, hard core of reality that most wont believe. But if you take the time to listen to this (video is good to watch, but you can also simply listen while doing the dishes or something) it will change your entire view on what is going on in the world. This info matches my 20+ years of dedicated research to a TEE...The entire way you do business, what you write, will change for the better, and I truly believe will make your website go off the charts my friend..Trust me on this one. Thanks...Skip to the 9 minute mark tho, the first 9 minutes is into stuff not worth the time... Your website mentions many atrocities on the globe, lets find out who is causing it and expose them!!! Or it will never stop.

Lav Zimmerman October 9, 2012 6:45 am (Pacific time)

Move on people, this is not the Drone you are looking for.

Bill Annett October 8, 2012 10:25 am (Pacific time)

Sock it to 'em, Tim.You're right on the money. A single example: two years ago, when BP trashed the Gulf for no other reason than that they valued net revenue above the safeguards that could easily have been put in place, the mainstream media pallidly protested about what was happening. Ever since that news cycle has expired, the crap goes on, with complicit federal regulators and business as usual resuming. Every maritime industry, every form of life in the Gulf, has been either extinguished or marginalized. The estimate of what it would take to restore the Gulf to its former at least productive state - not that it would ever happen - is $192 billion. BP brags publicly about having contributed 20 billion, and nightly - nightly - airs an idiot ad campaign, endorsed by the five Republican governments in Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida, which cost about 5 million, extolling the magic of the Gulf as a vacation paradise. Thank you, mainstream media.

Tim King: Thanks Bill!

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