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Newsic Album of Celebrates Activists on World Stage

Newsic is Agron Belica's highly anticipated album that dissects misinformation, for the sake of human beings that suffer needlessly worldwide.

Newsic by Agron Belica
Newsic has been dubbed the "Official Soundtrack of" for 2011.

(SALEM / BOSTON) - Of the most pivotal announcements to intrigue visitors since the launch of is the release of Newsic by author and musician Agron Belica out of Boston, an alternative hip-hop album consisting of seven tracks... commissioned by editor-in-chief Tim King. The album, produced by Black Tree Records in Oregon, is more than ‘just music’.

Newsic represents an emerging genre of News/Music. Agron's unique flavor of alternative pop-rock provides background and context for stubborn conflicts in the contemporary world that often go un-witnessed and find no justice.

While music that stimulates some does not seem to motivate every artist or individual, Black Tree Records takes pride in the support of artists with dignified purpose, regardless of their stylistic diversity.

Important topics in the world today are seldom subject matter in the songs on your typical Top 40. It seems more-often-than-not, artists today avoid controversial topics, doing little to fight disinformation, working only for self-preservation.

Tribute to Vittorio Arrigoni
on the "Israel separation wall", Gaza
(4 February 1975 – 15 April 2011)

“No sing, sing, about the bling, bling,” says the Albanian-American hip-hop artist. Agron's music both entertains and educates, “Let the hip-hop music capture their mind state, while I educate with lyrics that I dictate.”

Agron sees value in a less commercial existence, caring more for compassion and generosity than money or possessions. He speaks for the oppressed without hesitation, in the hope for a better world.

Newsic’s seven song themes are reflections of social problems and injustices. The album demonstrates the feelings and views of editor-in-chief and album commissioner Tim King, as well as Gilad Atzmon, and every single contributor.

Newsic is available digitally through many online distributors at this time, including iTunes and CD Baby. You can also pre-order a physical copy through Black Tree Records on compact disk, to be released in late 2011 for the holiday season.

Patrick Dreier performed with Agron on
3 of Newsic's 7 tracks.
The owner of
Double D Recording Studios in Boston,
his style adds definitive flavor to Newsic.


A lament for the slaughtered Tamils of Sri Lanka.

A little history on Agron Belica’s latest work and its opening track, straight from the newsroom in the words of Tim King:

“Agron's talent became all the more evident when he released his moving tribute song for the late Italian activist Vittorio Arrigoni, End of The Road, which played on all six inhabited continents.

“Unfortunately, we cannot display this as the YouTube crew shut down our newsroom video account, immediately after the release of Sermon from the Throne.

“In March of 2011 I called Agron at his Massachusetts home to ask him how he felt about producing an 'official soundtrack' for entitled Newsic, that would consist of songs relevant to the newsroom’s publications of articles, choosing which ones he felt best to address creatively. Three days later, I received an email with a new track entitled Depression, a song written and performed by Agron after reading and viewing the graphic evidence of genocide by the Sri Lankan government against the Tamils, both Hindu and Christian. 'These are human beings man! What is wrong with these people?' Belica said, or maybe something a bit stronger.

"After the shock of that contemporary grim history, the Newsic album was on its way, to be produced for distribution here in Oregon, through Black Tree Records. Both Agron Belica and this album demonstrate that our beliefs with respect to peace and justice are in line with all of humanity.

“The songs of Newsic include voices of hardcore peace-activists, really driving the message home. We know of no other news agency in the U.S. or elsewhere that approaches news the way we do. In many ways, our unique approach is refreshing. However, we warn new readers who been indoctrinated by the mainstream way of thinking, a visit to can be a 'mind-blowing' experience.”

‘Hardship’ An audible illustration of an incredibly misunderstood conflict at the ‘center of the world'.

When he speaks for the Palestinian people, Agron Belica shows his humanitarian values without fear of contention. Hardship paints a picture of the plight of Palestine, as Belica attempts to bring average citizens of the western world up-to-speed, encouraging individuals to see the invaluable nature of human-rights-awareness, and to uncover their own incorruptible virtues.

‘History’ Agron Belica’s passion to create songs in tribute to world peace-activism begins in Gaza. “It was when Agron released his song History, a tribute to Gaza human rights activist Ken O’Keefe, that I knew he had talent. The timing of its release couldn’t have been better as it came during the Egyptian revolution just before the fall of Mubarak.” –Tim King

“There are no people in the world more oppressed and brutalized than the Palestinians. There are no activists deserving more praise then those who live and die for Palestinians to be free. If the rap game brings in millions I say give it all to the suffering Palestinians,” Belica says unflinchingly.

History is the first song written by Belica giving tribute to Ken O’Keefe, and all world-level peace-activists that are, or have been fighting for freedom.

The proceeds from Newsic's physical and digital distribution have a clear destination. “Give my cut to Ken O’Keefe’s Samouni Family Project. He is the only one I trust to get it to the Palestinians who need it,” Agron states plainly.

‘Truth Justice Peace’ Agron had the pleasure of featuring the world-renowned jazz musician Gilad Atzmon in this important song, also featuring co-producer Patrick Dreier.

Agron is joined on the album by the amazing saxophonist, author, and writer, Gilad Atzmon, out of London. He is a relentless activist for Palestine, as well as a member of the group Orient Ensemble, formerly a member of Ian Dury and the Blockheads (Sex and Drugs and Rock & Roll-1977).

Gilad is not only a superb instrumentalist, but also a brilliant writer. His recently published book The Wandering Who? has been endorsed by many academics and has received superb reviews.

The Cruficixion: Mistaken Identity?
John The Baptist & Jesus The Christ
Edited by Jay R Crook, Ph.d,
is Agron Belica's internationally recognized
published research on
John the Baptist. Agron's theories
are fairly controversial
among theologians.

Gilad joins Agron on TJP, a song in tribute to the celebration of world peace-activists Ken O’Keefe and the late Vittorio ‘Vik’ Arrigoni. In the verse dedicated to Vittorio, Agron asks the people of the world to bow their heads in silence for the late martyred hero in the fight for Palestinian freedom.

“I never met Vittorio, but it’s like I’ve known him forever,” Agron said. “Our hearts beat to the same rhythm.” Truth Justice Peace is a powerful tribute to Ken O’Keefe, the founder of TJP, and to the oppressed Palestinians, especially in Gaza, where Vittorio Arrigoni was so tragically martyred. “I felt proud and honored to write and perform this song for Vittorio and Ken O’Keefe, humanitarian champion on the Palestinian stage! TJP!”

‘Sermon from the Throne’

The Prophet Yahya is celebrated in this song featuring Patrick Dreier, a result of the singer’s passion for the neglected and misrepresented prophet known to non-Muslims as John the Baptist.

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Sermon from the Throne sums up Belica’s conclusions and theories written about in his books, The Revival of the Prophet Yahya and Crucifixion: Mistaken Identity?

Agron’s extensive research on this subject has challenged Christian and Muslim scholars to re-examine their ancient assumptions about the role and importance of that largely ignored prophet. His work on the subject has been given favorable reviews by academics and professionals internationally. His controversial yet relevant research is expected to be accepted into mainstream studies of John the Baptist.


Widely-accepted as a more efficient, versatile and renewable resource than virtually every other cash-crop, this ‘weed’ is the antithesis of chemical-industrial domination, and an answer to more problems than any one substance on Earth: Cannabis/Hemp.

The subject of legalization of marijuana for medical use is often quite controversial. Agron Belica does not condone the breaking of any laws, but the legal use of cannabis for medical use, and probable repeal of prohibition makes the subject of utmost importance to Americans.

The original track Cannabis is inspired by the recent and historical advocacy work of Dr. Phil Leveque. Bonnie King and Dr. Leveque answer reader’s questions in “The Cannabis Report”, a monthly segment on A newly-devoted site, ‘Cannabis De-Classified’ was created by the Salem-News team to handle the
immense bulk of cannabis related news and information.

Black Tree Records / Music Productions is an entertainment & activist group located in the Northwestern United States. Black Tree supports the Occupy America protests going on now on Wall Street, and across America.. Including Portland & Salem OR.
‘Can't Lose; Bully-proof’

Agron Belica takes on the ongoing social problem of bullying.

Agron’s son, nine-year-old Jamal Belica does most of the vocal work in Can’t Lose; Bully-Proof. Aside from describing what nonsense bullying is and how despicable it can be, the song outlines practical solutions about dealing with the problem from a young student’s live perspective.

This album wouldn’t exist without the people who helped create it. Black Tree extends special thanks to music producers Kyle Hall, Tim Adamack, DJ Naydee and Patrick Dreier, whom without the help of, there would be no Newsic.

There is also a book slated for release next year, including many stories, entitled Chronicles of Newsic. It will to a large degree, document just what makes so special, and bridge a gap between a digital audience, and one that is still getting their news from trees.

In addition, Agron's next release, Pop Music is already in production, slated for early next year. Featuring the cut Beautiful Hope: Dedicated to Tim King, which had already claimed the #1 slot in the alternative-pop chart on in early August.

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Most importantly,
Newsic is for you. Behind the songs you will find fact-backed information served with passion to leave you inspired. Take away from it what you will, but we hope that you find an increase in compassion for your fellow man, and see the hope for a better future. If everyone knew the facts, the people would be a force to be reckoned with.

Professional Reviews of ‘Newsic’

"Lest the reader assume that there is something didactic about these songs, he may be assured that beyond the messages he will find the music, the voices, the lyrics, and the delivery exciting, at times poignant, and always entertaining." —Jay R. Crook/Md. Nur, Ph.D.

"Like everything else that Agron Belica creates, this album of seven songs is a unique experiment. The songs deal with life, political issues, social problems, and world peace. The album is also a family venture: Agron’s nine-year-old son Jamal Belica is an artist in the making. Through it all, Agron remains nonchalant and even shy in talking about this side of his talents." —Professor Mahmoud M. Ayoub, B.A. (Philosophy), M.A. (Religious Thought), Ph.D. (History of Religion)
“If beauty is the capacity to introduce a change, Agron Belica expresses the true meaning of the culture of resistance. Through the beat, the lyrics, and the fat bass you can hear the sound of hope, but you can also envisage the prospect of a better future.” —Gilad Atzmon (Internationally-renowned Musician, author and peace activist)
“Every time Agron releases a new song, it blows me away. It is the new style, Newsic, and it brings current events into the popular culture better than almost any medium could. Once you listen to this you begin to get the concept... This is not a time on earth to sing songs that fail to account for the reality of our situation. Newsic allows a solid interpretation of tragedy in ways that chill the listener to the bone. Agron's songs about Vittorio Arrigoni, the murdered activist who also was ripped away from humanity at large, the Tamil genocide in Sri Lanka, the plight of the Palestinians— They are a source of inspiration for so many of us, from the West Coast of the U.S. to Gaza and every point in between.” —Tim King
"Brother Agron and the crew carry on the revolutionary musical spirit that is loved and admired by all of us who fight for justice, whatever medium we employ. Music is indeed the universal language and when we strive for a better world, the songs on the Newsic album provide us with anthems for our cause." —Ken O’Keefe, The Samouni Family Project

Newsic Videos produced by


"Hardship" by Agron Belica Feat. Patrick Drier Newsic LP - Produced by Tim Adamack and Patrick Drier at Double D Recording Studios. Copyright 2011 Black Tree Records. "Hardship" Video Produced by Tim King for


History by Agron Belica (featuring Marka) - , History by Agron Belica (featuring Marka), Dedicated to Ken O'Keefe. Produced by Tim Adamack Co-Produced by Agron Belica, Patrick Dreier, and Tim King. Song Commissioned by Tim King for Newsic / The SNc OST.. Copyright 2011 Black Tree Records.

Truth Justice Peace- (Featuring Patrick Dreier, Gilad Atzmon, Ken O'Keefe, & Vittorio Arrigoni) Produced by Kyle Hall. Co-Produced by Patrick Dreier, Gilad Atzmon, Agron Belica, and Tim King/Bonnie King and Salem-News.Com. Copyright 2011 Black Tree Records.


Depression; Genocide in Sri Lanka by Agron Belica... Commissioned for Official SNc Sountrack, Newsic. Produced by Tim Adamack. Co-Produced by Agron Belica, Patrick Dreier and Tim King. Copyright 2011 Black Tree Records. WARNING! Highly graphic video depicting victims of genocide in Sri Lanka.

"We know of no other news agency in the U.S. or elsewhere that approaches news the way we do. In many ways the unique approach is refreshing, yet to some who are still indoctrinated in the mainstream way of thinking, a visit to can be a mind-blowing experience." -Tim King,

Austin King

In addition to writing articles about local and international music happenings for Salem-News, Austin contributes to the global awareness that Salem-News is about through graphic art design and section coordination.

Austin is the owner of Black Tree Records / Music Productions, a local NW music & activism group to bring supportive people from international communities together. Black Tree provides support for any and all bands/variety artists throughout the NW.


Visit Austin on Facebook.

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Taven October 6, 2011 3:12 am (Pacific time)

Thanks for tellin it like it is! More artists like Agron are what this world needs to wake her people up...

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