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Press TV Talks to James Morris on Republican CNN debate about Ron Paul on Iran

James Morris Examines Ron Paul's anti-war position.

James Morris appearance on Press TV
James Morris appearance on Press TV

(LOS ANGELES / TEHRAN) - Ron Paul has openly criticized suggestions that the U.S. engage in a war with Iran. He stresses that dangers posed by the American political and financial commitment to Israel's military whims is leading down a no win path.

Press TV interviewed Political Analyst and Commentator James Morris in Los Angeles about Ron Paul's appearance on CNN during which he cites Israel's collection of nuclear weapons while questioning the endless U.S. commitment which seems unnecessary in light of Israel's military might.

"The whole thing is going to backfire once we remove our troops and I think we need to be careful about our willingness to go to war and send troops without a proper declaration from U.S. Congress."

Editor of, Morris talked with Press TV about Ron Paul's statements from the Republican Debate, saying he didn't completely agree with everything Ron Paul said with allowing Israel to attack Iran.

...but I did agree with most of what he said. He can say what he can say because he isn't owned by AIPAC- the pro-Israel lobby, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, and the neo conservatives.

There has been a long running rift in the Republican party when the neo-conservatives such as American Enterprise Institute, which sponsored that debate tonight, and mind you it was hosted by the former AIPAC newsletter editor, Wolf Blitzer, who used to be a correspondent for the hawkish Jerusalem Post.

Morris says Blitzer has been pushing for war with Iran too. Catch the interview below:

End Israel's Unwarranted Murder of Kids

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Patricia McAllister December 22, 2011 11:37 pm (Pacific time)

I agree with you James. We have laws in America, and Obama needs to obtain proper authorization from the U.S. Congress before he declares war. Obama declared war on Libya without Congressional approval. Who does he think he is? I think the Zionist Jews are telling Obama what to do. I don't think Obama is making these decisions on his own.

NoMoreWars_forIsrael December 20, 2011 4:21 am (Pacific time)

Ron Paul and Iran: General Petraeus Leaked Emails about Israel (scroll down to the comments as well):

William Waugh December 14, 2011 9:43 pm (Pacific time)

M. Dennis Paul, Ph.D., I quote your comment from above in its entirity at to try to draw more attention to the concerns you point out.

M. Dennis Paul, Ph.D. November 29, 2011 10:02 pm (Pacific time)

I appreciate that people respond to the seemingly Anti-war sentiments expressed by Ron Paul. It shows that we are getting tired of war, police actions and/or whatever other name we can use to cover up the realities. However, Ron Paul is not now, nor has he ever truly been, anti war. Listen carefully to his words and you will hear that he is against undeclared war.. that is, war not fully okay-ed by the Congress. Further, what Ron Paul genuinely stands for is an economic policy that is based upon the writings of a clearly sociopathic individual who would see the collapse of the middle class as a sign of economic maturity and well being. It is this very policy, gradually promoted by the heads of national economics policy, that brought us to where we are today.. on the brink of total global economic collapse. Ron Paul's response to this is to employ more of the same and in an increasingly sociopathic manner. That is not an answer to a problem.. it is an enhancement to exacerbation. In my opinion, Ron Paul has been playing on antiwar sentiments for a long time and fooling his followers into thinking he is the genuine article on this and other pressing issues. Ron Paul is a walking talking disaster in the making and the further away he is from the Presidency of the United States, the better off are we. If you are looking for someone who is genuinely antiwar and genuinely seeking responsible resolve for our economic woes, I would take a closer look at Dennis Kucinich. Far from simply talking "anti-war", he has actually proposed measures to create "peace". Far from pursuing the Ayn Rand wet dream of a "free" market that altruistically polices itself, he actually explores alternatives and discusses probabilities, possibilities and 7 generation sensibilities for a sustainable future. A good measure of the sincerity of Ron Paul is the degree to which he attempted gaining support and traction from OWS. It was significant. When it became evident to him that this was not going to happen, that on the whole the OWS youth could not trust him, he turned on them and started to denigrate them to the media. This reminded me of George McGovern. I warned the Party that he would spit on them when he lost.. he did lose, by a land slide.. and he did spit on everyone that worked for him. Ron Paul is definitely NOT the best man for the job.. for this ailing nation.

Louis Nardozi November 29, 2011 7:36 pm (Pacific time)

Help support Ron Paul. We know he's the best man for the job, but unless he receives support from within the RNC he will not receive the nomination. Show your support by going to and signing the petition to support Ron Paul at the convention.

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