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Air Glow Layer and Sprites

"Air glow is due to the short wavelengths, the ultraviolet wavelengths that cause sunburn if you don’t use sun block, or X-rays..."
- Dr. Kerri Cahoy, M.I.T.

Green oxygen airglow is seen as a thin line beneath the red and green aurora. (Photo: NASA ISS-6 crew).
Green oxygen airglow is seen as a thin line beneath the red and green aurora. (Photo: NASA ISS-6 crew).

(SAN DIEGO) - On Nov. 20, 2013 KPBS broadcast a “Nova” program titled, “At the Edge of Space”. It included data and video of lightning, sprites and, “the air glow layer that is a part of the ionosphere, which is a vast sea of electrically charged particles, or ions. It’s these particles with help from the Sun that creates this glow.”

Milky Way Mourao Airglow-

The narrator said: “But the most important thing about the airglow may not be why it glows but where it’s located. It’s the lowest part of the ionosphere, the uppermost region of the atmosphere. It begins about 60 miles above the Earth and extends over 600 million miles to the very edge of space. The airglow is just the most visible component of the ionosphere which is created by radiation from the Sun interacting with the top most layer of the Earth’s atmosphere. So the image of the sprite reaching the airglow shows the incredible height these massive sparks can reach. But these stunning images from space still leaves many questions unanswered. How exactly does these sprites form and what accounts for their peculiar shape?”

Note that the air glow occurs 60 miles above the Earth where the atmosphere becomes close to the near vacuum of a fluorescent tube. The gasses in a fluorescent tube (not particles) are stimulated to a glowing state of excitement by the magnetic field surrounding a piece of polyethylene material in the demonstration I have described in my previous articles.

Dr. Kerri Cahoy, M.I.T.

Dr. Kerri Cahoy, M.I.T., said: “Air glow is due to the short wavelengths, the ultraviolet wavelengths that cause sunburn if you don’t use sun block, or X-rays that we use to image our bones and that can transfer energy to the molecules in our atmosphere and that energy transfer causes them to glow."

Dr. Cahoy correctly refers to the short wavelengths of electromagnetic energy that causes the molecules to glow. However, the scientists refer to ionized particles instead of molecules of glowing gasses similar to the glowing gasses within the near vacuum of a fluorescent tube. My demonstration assimilates the precise glow with the known conditions and gasses in the vicinity and the known flow of the wavelengths of electromagnetic energy without any unanswered questions. Notice that the science community is still trying to understand how these anomalies can occur with the flow of ionized particles.

The narrator said: “Images like these are helping scientists to understand how a huge storm can generate sprites. During a thunderstorm electric charge builds up in a thundercloud causing lightning to emerge from the lower part of the cloud and strike the Earth, discharging an immense electric current. But if that lightning bolt is powerful enough it can trigger a sympathetic spark above the cloud."

They explain that while ascending in altitude, the density of the air decreases and so low density air is easier to make a spark in than high density air. A sprite is actually caused by lightning down in the lower atmosphere that exerts a stress on the upper thinner atmosphere and causes a spark and that spark gives rise to a sprite. As the scientists examined the images, one of the top of the sprites reached all the way to the air glow layer.

View of the earth from Apollo 17

The program continued, "The air glow is a part of the ionosphere which is a vast sea of electrically charged particles, or ions. It is these particles with help from the Sun that creates the glow. By combining images of a sprite the structure of a sprite becomes apparent. A large number of electrons collide with the atmosphere creating brilliant bursts of light and opening channels where the electrons can flow. These sprite channels can be hundreds of yards wide. A sprite event is like a switch that turns on an electric current in the space between the Earth and the ionosphere. In fact our planet is surrounded by electric current from the surface to the edge of space. Like lightning, sprites help to complete a global circuit allowing charge to flow continuosly around the Earth.”

This is the first time the scientists have ever publicly stated that “Our planet is surrounded by electric current from the surface to the edge of space.” For over 30 years every scientist and professor I have communicated with has insisted that comparing the magnetic field of planets to electricity is like comparing apples to oranges.

Dr. Earl Williams, M.I. T., said: “When a sprite occurs the parent lightning that causes the sprite radiates electromagnetic waves. Those waves propagate in what we call the global circuit. The global electric surrounds everything on Earth and connects us to the edge of space. Sprites connect to the ionosphere from below but the Sun also affects the ionosphere resulting in the vivid displays of the aurora borealis. Auroras are light displays caused by the collision of charged particles streaming from the Sun into our atmosphere. Ninety three million miles away auroras are born from a landscape of blistering temperatures and violent eruptions from the surface of the sun. Huge volumes of solar material in the form of charged particles are blasted into space. Two satellites are tracking the Sun and also tracking solar activity and the powerful forces from the Sun.”

Again, the science community persists in believing that the Sun is blasting huge volumes of charged particles from the surface of the Sun. Even after the SOHO, IMAGE, TRACE and POLAR satellites have very clearly videotaped the electromagnetic loops and violent electrical explosions that occur whenever these loops combine or collide with each other. These electrical explosions radiate a flow of electromagnetic energy at tremendous speed that stimulates the gasses already in its path to a glowing state of excitement and ionizes particles already in its path and carries them with its flow. This makes it appear to be a flow of ionized particles creating a flow of energy when it is actually a flow of energy ionizing particles already in its path and carrying them with its flow. The difference is subtle but the importance is immense when trying to determine the cause and effect of many phenomena. An explosion of particles from the surface of the Sun cannot achieve the speed of the solar wind flowing away from the Sun against the tremendous pull of gravity of the Sun. In addition, if it were particles, they would not vanish from view only a few million miles from the Sun since particles purportedly sublimating from a comet reflecting sunlight remains in very clear visibility 600 million miles from the Sun.

Dr. Kerri Cahoy said: “The Sun is constantly blowing hot energetic winds in all directions and this hot energetic fast moving particle stream hits straight on with Earth.”

The narrator said: “Earth’s magnetic field blocks and deflects the solar wind protecting our planet from a full on assault. But there is a back door that allows some of the charged particles from this solar wind to reach the Earth. In the Earth’s shadow there is a region in space where the charged particles accumulate. These particles so drastically decreased in numbers sneak in through small gaps in the Earth’s magnetic defenses. The charged particles dash toward Earth and interact with the magnetic field which deflect and diverts them to the poles. They rain down forming luminous rings in the sky. The beautiful vibrant colors of the aurora are visible evidence of the particles interaction with the Earth’s second line of defense – the atmosphere.”

There aren’t any particles that flow past the Earth at tremendous speed and then accumulate in the Earth’s shadow and then mysteriously turn back around toward the Earth and equally mysteriously form luminous rings around the poles.

The Earth’s magnetic field at the equator resists the flow of the like polarity of the flow of energy from the Sun. So the energy flow combines with the Earth’s magnetic field current flow toward the poles where the opposite polarity attracts the flow of energy with its flow into the poles.

It is the natural pattern of the flowing magnetic field current lines of force from completely around the 24 thousand mile circumference of the Earth that concentrate into the poles and it is this combined energy that both stimulates the gasses in its vicinity to a glowing state of excitement and creates the luminous rings. You can check the pattern of magnetic field current flow of any magnet and you will see that it creates the very same funnel effect as they enter the poles of the magnet.

My concept is exactly in accordance with the known and demonstrated characteristics of electromagnetic energy and magnetic field current. Dr. Kerri Cahoy said: “The aurora has different colors at different altitudes depending on the gases in the atmosphere that the particles are interacting with. At the high altitudes, oxygen and then blue and green, oxygen and nitrogen and then when it gets down to where the air is thicker, pinkish purple color at the bottom where there is more nitrogen.”

We create the very same glowing colors in neon tubes by producing a flow of electricity through the very same gasses that are common in the Earth’s atmosphere in the vacuum of the neon tube. No particles are involved in fluorescent tubes or neon tubes, only gasses stimulated to a glowing state of excitement by an electric current. And if you follow that electric current back to the generator you will find the electric current is generated simply by forcing the magnetic field of the rotor through the magnetic field of the stator.

In other words, electricity is simply a mechanically intensified magnetic field oscillating back and forth in a wire 60 cycles per second. In the past few years the science community appears to be on the verge of recognizing the importance of the magnetic field in solving the many unresolved mysteries of the universe and then they revert back to their erroneous flow of ionized particle belief that has failed to shed light on the many unsolved mysteries for centuries.




Edsel Chromie is a Detroit Michigan native who moved to San Diego in 1965. Edsel is a World War Two Navy veteran who served as a motor machinists mate on diesel electric systems where he learned about the magnetic field current swirling around the primary current flow through a wire as a part of Navy training to trace the direction of flow of the electricity in case of torpedo damage.

This led to Edsel's unique explanations of many phenomena of the universe. He also has four approved patents on solar energy and Sun tracking systems. Today Edsel writes about this unique set of life experiences for, conveying information that seems especially relevant as nuclear disaster, potential changes in the earth's atmosphere, and what many view as an increasing level of natural disasters continue to dominate headlines. Perhaps many of the answers are on hand, yet unaccepted by the scientific community. You can write to Ed Chromie at this address:


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