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Israel's War on Gaza Enters Day 6

Two women and a child have already been killed in an Israeli air raid on Gaza City today.

Little girls in Gaza where numerous children have already been killed by Israel today.
Little girls in Gaza where numerous children have already been killed by Israel over the past six days.

(TEHRAN Press TV) - The besieged Gaza Strip is being hit by Israeli airstrikes for the sixth consecutive day, with rising civilian casualties among the Palestinians due to the Israeli attacks.

Almost 15 Palestinians were killed in the latest airstrikes on the Gaza Strip on Monday, raising the death toll from the Israeli aggression since Wednesday to at least 94.

The Israeli military says it has attacked the Gaza Strip 1,350 times since Wednesday.

The city of Rafah in southern Gaza Strip has been targeted in the recent Israeli airstrikes.

Israeli drones have bombarded the Ministry of Youth and Sports, as well as a stadium in Gaza.

Two people were killed and several others injured in Israeli airstrikes on Khan Yunis in southern Gaza. A Palestinian girl is reported to be in critical condition.

Reports indicate that fresh Israeli airstrikes have targeted eastern and western Gaza.

Two women and a child were killed in the air raids on Gaza City on Monday.

Three members of a family were also killed in an Israeli strike on Dair al-Balah.

Meanwhile, three rockets fired by resistance fighters in Gaza hit the Israeli regional council of Eshkol and five others hit Ashkelon.

Also on Monday, Izzeddin Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, attacked Israel’s Re’em military camp with missiles.

An explosion was also heard in the Israeli town of Eilat, situated at the northern tip of the Red Sea. The Israeli military announced that the town had been hit by a Palestinian rocket.

Gazan rockets also hit the cities of Be’er Sheva and Gan Yavne.

Red alert sirens have gone off in the Israeli city of Sha'ar HaNegev and in Be'er Sheva, Bnei Shim'on and the Eshkol regional council, as Palestinian resistance fighter fire retaliatory missiles into Israel.

Israeli TV has announced that Israel's Iron Dome missile shield has intercepted only 310 out of 1,000 Palestinian rockets fired into Israel.

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God November 20, 2012 1:15 am (Pacific time)

Christians absolutely do not support wars of aggression, ever.

November 19, 2012 11:18 am (Pacific time)

So, if I understand you correctly, you’d be much happier if Jews and capitalist Gentile Christians (the ones who do not turn the cheek, but kill those who try to kill us) were being killed, right? Would that fulfill your sense of fairness?

Editor: Sorry I had to go throw up my dinner to be able to answer your extremely stupid question.... Turn the other cheek like 1.5 million dead Iraqis from American weapons in a war based on bad information?  Do you really think that way? Is your IQ over 8?

My personal capitalist axiom to you unwashed moochers from us capitalists, you know, the ones who founded, built and defend America: 'First they ignore you... Then they mock you... Then they fight you... Then you WIN'/ War is coming and we will completely eradicate the anarchists and their criminal and equally violent lemmings. I am going to really enjoy finally bringing peace to the world. We are the Oathkeepers, the veterans, we know what real war is...and how to win.

Editor: Oathkeepers? Is that another group that totally has no FUCKING clue what the Bible and Jesus say?  You are warped, probably heading for an abortion clinic to what... attack women who try to make access?  Oath to standing for evil killing?  Other cheek, wow... the world is full of people like this.   For the record, there is no such thing as a Christian who supports war or killing.  Hey nameless wonder.... you are apartheid.

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