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From Genesis to Genocide in Palestine - Déjà vu Gaza 2012

Thoughts on the genocidal assault on the civilians of Gaza in 2012.

This is what Americans are supposed to accept, if they were Israeli not Palestinian Americans would come unglued.
This is what Americans are supposed to accept, if they were Israeli not Palestinian Americans would come unglued.

(WASHINGTON DC) - Project Humanbeingsfirst observes the self-evident fact of the matter that reading and crying and then repeat, which is what humanity continues to do upon discovering another holocaust, does not help those who are seeing the end of their genocide! Those escaping their holocaust continue to endure it for a long long time. The images on television brought to the rest of us in the comfort and safety of our home only tell a futile story –– for it repeats again and again with even more inhuman brazenity while most just watch on, perhaps with a silent prayer.

A battle for Zionistan primarily seeded in the Machiavellian intellect of the ubermensch which begets the genocide of yet another untermensch even as we speak, cannot be fought with tears, protests, and narratives.

Project Humanbeingsfirst uses the word “genocide” and “holocaust” very circumspectly. To the dead it makes little difference whether they are murdered in a concentration camp in the tiny Belsen or the large one in Gaza. To the living, it becomes only a narrative: for some to be borne with screams and nightmares, for others to become a bountiful harvest of political and pecuniary gains. That spans the full gamut of opportunism, from the Holocaust IndustryTM to peddling the travails of a beleaguered peoples in the garb of erudite scholarship and high-minded morality. The worst of which is to plant clever red herrings among the victims in an unprecedented intellectual and psychological warfare to ensure that the golem will never be identified and put down by the victims even in their existential struggle for survival. The onslaught of this holocaust is full spectrum.

The genocidal assault on the civilians of Gaza in 2012 by the mighty state of Israel is once again only enabled because no Palestinian evidently learnt in 2009, never mind in 1948 or 1917, that the power which unleashes this holocaust upon them, now in its 64th continuous year, actually beats in the heart of a golem that resides not in Zion, but elsewhere.

That golem has surrounded its criminal enterprise with an “Iron Wall” of such power and obscurity that few have been able to breach it –– evidently none among the beleaguered Palestinian peoples themselves if their silence on it is permitted to speak of their missing wherewithal. To this day, most Palestinians, never mind the rest of the peoples on planet earth silently watching the spectacle of an innocent people being systematically eradicated from their own land like “cockroaches”, remain unaware that the principal land deed which gratuitously granted their land to the Jews was addressed to Lord Rothschild. It is their oligarchic enterprise. Yet none dare utter that name –– not even among the Palestinians! Because of that absurdity, it is once again Déjà vu in Gaza, 2012, today


The Balfour Declaration addressed to Lord Rothschild November 2nd 1917

Caption The Balfour Declaration: Dear Lord Rothschild, 'His Majesty's Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavor to facilitate the achievement of this object. it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.'

The invisible House of Rothschild

Download PDF Part-2: The invisible House of Rothschild

Download PDF Part-3: The Omnipotent Rothschilds

The holocaust in Palestine cannot be interdicted without first effectively breaching that “Iron Wall” which protects the criminal enterprise of Zionistan. Since few speak of it – never mind comprehend it – the price is continually paid in the pound of flesh extracted from the Palestinian peoples while they are kept innocent of knowledge of their most cunning and diabolical foe.

Pamphlet: How To Return to Palestine


Download PDF (1.4 MB, 118 pages)

A Public Service Message from Project Humanbeingsfirst.org. For what it's worth!

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A Public Service Message from Project Humanbeingsfirst.org



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