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Israel and Gang Warfare in Gaza

The strike came at sundown on the second night of the Eid Al Adha holiday, in a busy section of the city.

Explosion that killed two men in Gaza
Explosion that killed two men in Gaza courtesy: Ma'an News

(SALEM, Ore.) - Try to imagine driving down the street in Los Angeles, London, or any other modern city, and watching the car in front of you blow to smithereens from a drone strike as parts of auto and men fly into the sky, filling the air momentarily with a reddish haze.

This was the scene in the historic city of Gaza today, when Israel savagely attacked two men in a white Subaru in a busy part of Gaza.

Medical officials at Ash-Shifa Hospital identified the deceased as Muhammad Yassin and his brother, Islam Yassin. Muhammad Yassin had died before reaching the hospital with his upper body covered in burns. Doctors performed surgery on Islam, including the amputation of his left arm, but then he died too.

An Israeli military spokeswoman confirmed the assassination, which was the second in two weeks.

Welcome to the Mideast gang wars.

That is how Israel operates, like a ruthless street gang; perhaps the supreme street gang. My friends and I don't really disagree on that. Israel has killing and death absolutely wired. In fact you could say Israel has written the book on cold blooded killing.

This man made it to the hospital but died in surgery. Courtesy: Gail Alfar's Gallery

In 1967 Israel mimicked the Japanese at Pearl Harbor by attacking its neighbor countries with a force that had never been seen.

Israel continually rants about its "security" as it murders and slaughters the indigenous population of this land they moved to sixty years ago.

Ma'an News agency reports that the drone strike targeted th men just off central Gaza City's Al-Wehda street, leaving a hole in the ground.

"The car was ripped in half, the back blown 10 meters from the front with other pieces littering the street. Power lines were damaged in the blast. Black stains from smoke and fire could be seen on an adjacent building."

This was not a strike on Hamas, these men reportedly were members of the Gaza defence force known as "Army of Islam", a small Gaza-based armed group lead by Mumtaz Doghmush. Israel claims that the men were plotting to attack Israeli citizens in the Sinai, however zero proof of their theory was offered.

The Mideast gang wars are endless. Israel has the money and control and no desire to follow established international law or rules. This particular attack happened exactly two weeks after Israel assassinated another member of the Army of Islam.

Source: 2 killed in Gaza strike - Ma'an News

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