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The White Minority of Post-America, The Obama Phenomenon and The Indigenous World Court

The Post-America world of minorities is a fitting backdrop for the larger picture of the world's indigenous people.

Indigenous people

(DAYTONA BEACH, FL) - There is a tide in the affairs of men

                                      Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;

                                      Omitted, all the voyage of their life

                                      Is bound in shallows and in miseries.

                                      On such a full sea are we now afloat,

                                      And we must take the current when it serves

                                      Or lose our ventures.

                                                                       - William Shakespeare

                                                                         Julius Caesar

On the 5th of November, a day before the Presidential election, Jim McTague, a discerning columnist in Barron's Magazine, wrote a brilliant piece predicting a stunning victory by Mitt Romney. He said in part:

"Polls contain ominous portents for Obama. Romney is in the lead in 'toss-up' states like Virginia (13 electoral votes) and Florida (29) and is within striking distance of Obama in perceived Democratic strongholds like Pennsylvania (20 electoral votes), Minnesota (10) and Michigan (16)...

"A final predictor: the Washington Redskins, who have a 3-5 record. When they've won the last home game before a general election, the incumbent party usually has held on to power. This Sunday, the Redskins play the hapless (1-6) Carolina Panthers at home - the only really good omen for Obama. "

Following this irrefutable case, in a sidebar, McTague dwelt on the familiar Republican refrain, the Wall Street dogma that had dominated the financial media's liturgy for months: unfettered laissez-faire freedom and innovation as offered by a smiling Mitt would triumph over the crippling "big government" wielded by that socialist cum overspender, Obama.

A strange thing happened on the way to the polling booth (or rather two strange things): first, with overwhelming spontaneity, 50-odd million Americans provided a forecast of what will eventuate within the next two or three decades: the end of a white majority in America. In a minor key, but on that prior bloody Sunday, the "Redskins" domiciled in our capital, usually happy harbingers, illustrated the failure both of Wall Street reasoning and the palefaces' pitiful cartoon depiction and hold on North American culture. The Carolina Panthers won 21-13.

The fragmented Republican party still apparently doesn't get the message, because they are still, in post-election tatters, mumbling excuses, such as the breaking ranks of former adherents like Charlie Crist and Colin Powell, or the machinations of Hurricane Sandy. The message? America is already in the twilight of the arrogant white Anglo-Saxon exclusivism, which not only remains the central plank of the party both of Bob Taft and the looney-tune teabaggers, but harks back to 1787.

The Philadelphia Convention in that year may have been suggested by Martha Washington, tired of languishing back there on the farm, watching George gnash his wooden teeth in bored frustration. But it designed our nation. The American saga promulgated since that historic get-together, was embedded in a new nation dedicated to the proposition that a government of rich white guys, by rich white guys and for rich white guys would not perish from the earth. Apparently, if not dead, it is in its geriatric final boarding process. Although Karl Rove, the Koch Brothers and the U.S. Supreme Court all must be having their doubts, since Tuesday, the demographic fact is as indisputable as the millions who stood in voting lines for as much as nine hours on November 6, in defiance of the rich white guys who tried to suppress the vote.

According to the Census Bureau, by 2042, projecting birth rates among all demographic groups in the country, the white population in America will sink into minority status. Kicking and squealing, perhaps, we - nous autres - will become just that.

Barack Obama encapsulates what is going on. The President of minorities has DNA that is half-minority, half white guy. He points to the direction in which we're headed. But Obama didn't win the other day as much as the American people did, altering the tradition for the first time. Almost half of us still voted for a dominant, omnipotent white society. But a majority of minorities - women, Hispanics, black Americans, Asians (huddled masses yearning to be free?) recognized what is happening, what will ultimately happen. A nation of minorities turned that corner.

It is perhaps time even to include and admit that original majority, those native "Americans" that we decimated, to our group of equal minorities.

Perhaps about the time when the minorities are joined by us - the pale-faced ones - we will retain the annual celebration known as Columbus Day, simply because we need a holiday from political bickering, but we might consider calling it Red Cloud Day. And it would be refreshing if that Central Ohio metropolis could be re-named Sitting Bull, Ohio and the famous New York City locale should become Geronimo Circle.

The Post-America world of minorities is a fitting backdrop for the larger picture of the world's indigenous people, once the majority, now decimated minorities, coincidentally like the American population close to 350 million people around the globe. All or most of them have suffered since men built boats from intrusive invasion by that curious little European armpit of the Euro-Asian land mass, peopled by default by a race dubbed Caucasian because of their obscure migratory origin. This small, jumped-up little race still dominates the globe, although it is noticeably in the decline.

And now they are about to be brought to the bar of justice, symbolically represented by "Christian" and political leaders, but in fact through an ancient common law principal: when ruling governments fail to bring justice on their leaders and others, it is the right of the people to do so themselves.

Monday, October 15, 2012, marked the formal online convening of the five sworn judges of the International Common Law Court, from Canada, the United States and Belgium. They were joined by fifty eight sworn citizen jurors from Canada, the USA, Ireland, England, Holland, Italy and Australia, who were prepared to receive the evidence in the first of five cases in the Court's Docket.

This first case involves the evidence that the government and churches of Canada entered into a criminal conspiracy to commit genocide and other crimes against indigenous people and their children for over a century; and that such crimes were committed by the defendants and their organizations, and continue today.

Thirty two officers of church and state were issued Public Summonses by the Court to reply to these charges. None contested or denied the charges made against them, including Pope Benedict, Queen Elizabeth and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The Prosecutor's Office filed a motion with the Court that a guilty plea be entered on behalf of all of the defendants named in the Summonses, in absentia, since they did not contest or deny the charges made against them.

The aim of the Prosecutor`s Office is to achieve a final verdict of guilty against all of the persons and organizations named in the Public Summons.

The volume of evidence gathered against the defendants is considerable, comprising nearly two hundred exhibits that will be presented as primary evidence by the Prosecutor`s office.

      The Prosecutor's Office of the International Common Law Court of Justice commenced opening argument and presentation in the first case in its Docket, on Thursday, November 1, 2012.


                                      On such a full sea are we now afloat,

                                      And we must take the current when it serves

                                     Or lose our ventures.


Bill Annett grew up a writing brat; his father, Ross Annett, at a time when Scott Fitzgerald and P.G. Wodehouse were regular contributors, wrote the longest series of short stories in the Saturday Evening Post's history, with the sole exception of the unsinkable Tugboat Annie.

At 18, Bill's first short story was included in the anthology “Canadian Short Stories.” Alarmed, his father enrolled Bill in law school in Manitoba to ensure his going straight. For a time, it worked, although Bill did an arabesque into an English major, followed, logically, by corporation finance, investment banking and business administration at NYU and the Wharton School. He added G.I. education in the Army's CID at Fort Dix, New Jersey during the Korean altercation.

He also contributed to The American Banker and Venture in New York, INC. in Boston, the International Mining Journal in London, Hong Kong Business, Financial Times and Financial Post in Toronto.

Bill has written six books, including a page-turner on mutual funds, a send-up on the securities industry, three corporate histories and a novel, the latter no doubt inspired by his current occupation in Daytona Beach as a law-abiding beach comber.

You can write to Bill Annett at this address:



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William Annett November 12, 2012 12:09 pm (Pacific time)

You are so totally clued in on everything in the world, why do you remain anonymous?

Anonymous November 12, 2012 3:45 am (Pacific time)

I live in the US. I can see what is going on in our Country. You are either stupid or totally ignorant when it comes to your Country. And there is more than just Salem News. Believe it or not, there is real news outthere. So now go and smoke your dope and wait for your Government handout check.

Editor: Morning entertainment committee?  

Anonymous November 11, 2012 5:57 pm (Pacific time)

Bill,as you know there were in excess of 7 million LESS votes during the last election than in 2008. Hell even Sen. McCain got more votes in 2008 than Obama did this time. Eventually there will be more and more info coming out, but for those loons who cannot handle the exposure of the left's long history of cheating, well they simply have DNA from some other goofy planet, I guess. Certainly there were many factors that hurt Mitt Romney and favored Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential election. The Democrats portrayed Romney in the worst light possible; as a wealthy, out of touch millionaire who wanted to return women to the 1800's. The left wing media predictably did everything it could to perpetuate that false caricature. Obama's race was an advantage; voters of all persuasions, particularly minorities, still cannot get over the allure of the first black president. The 47% of Americans on welfare were predisposed to vote for the food stamp president over Romney, wanting the free goodies to keep on giving, despite the long-term unsustainability. n spite of those odds, polls indicated that Romney was going to win the election. The economy is close to Great Depression era conditions, and unemployment is almost as high as when Obama entered office. Economic conditions became so dire after Obama took office it prompted the rise of an entire new movement, the Tea Party. Presidents rarely win reelection when the economy is in the tank. So how did Romney lose a race that numerous reputable polls and pundits predicted would be an easy win, based on historical patterns? The most realistic explanation is voter fraud in a few swing states. According to the Columbus Dispatch, one out of every five registered voters in Ohio is ineligible to vote. In at least two counties in Ohio, the number of registered voters exceeded the number of eligible adults who are of voting age. In northwestern Ohio's Wood County, there are 109 registered voters for every 100 people eligible to vote. An additional 31 of Ohio's 88 counties have voter registration rates over 90%, which most voting experts regard as suspicious. Obama miraculously won 100% of the vote in 21 districts in Cleveland, and received over 99% of the vote where GOP inspectors were illegally removed. The inflated numbers can't just reflect voters who have moved, because the average voting registration level nationwide is only 70%. The vast majority of voters over the 70% level are not voting because they want to, they are voting because someone is getting them to cast a vote, one way or another. Those 31 counties are most likely the largest counties in Ohio, representing a majority of Ohio voters. This means the number of votes cast above the 70% typical voter registration level easily tops 100,000, the margin Obama won Ohio by. Videographer James O'Keefe, known for his undercover videos exposing left wing fraud, caught a Virginia Democratic Congressman's son on video in October explaining how to commit voter fraud. Patrick Moran, the son of Rep. Jim Moran, told O'Keefe's videographer that in order to make a vote for someone else, you'd need two pieces of identification, such as a utility bill, explaining, "they can fake a utility bill with ease, you know?" He went on to advise the videographer that he should also call the voter and pretend to be a polling company in order to make sure the voter isn't intending to vote. He said that Democrat attorneys would be located in the polling places to assist him if challenged casting one of these illegal votes. In another video, O'Keefe's videographer tells a DNC staffer from Obama's Organizing for America that she intends to vote in both Texas and Florida. The staffer laughs and says, "It's cool." The staffer then prints out a voter registration form for the undercover videographer and advises her on what to do if she gets caught. These are just the known instances of attempted voter fraud. How many instances occurred that were not discovered? Obama's Organizing for America looked up voters in swing states – many who would not have bothered voting otherwise – and got them to vote. How did they get them to vote? They may have given them rides to the polls, they may have offered to fill out and return their ballots for them, or they may have voted ballots for the ones who were not going to vote. Many on the left believe there is nothing wrong with committing fraud in order to ensure Obama's reelection. It is a common tenet on the left that the ends justify the means. Saul Alinsky, the 1960's radical who inspired Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, taught community organizers like Obama that dishonesty is acceptable if it achieves your political goals. And when caught, Alinsky teaches radicals to deny the wrongdoing and change the topic to put their accusers on the defensive. One Obama supporter brazenly posted on Facebook that he was voting four times for Obama, asserting that the ends justify the means. Aiding Obama's win was a devious suppression of the conservative vote. The conservative-leaning military vote has decreased drastically since 2010 due to the so-called Military Voter Protection Act that was enacted into law the year before. It has made it so difficult for overseas military personnel to obtain absentee ballots that in Virginia and Ohio there has been a 70% decrease in requests for ballots since 2008. In Virginia, almost 30,000 fewer overseas military voters requested ballots than in 2008. In Ohio, more than 20,000 fewer overseas military voters requested ballots. This is significant considering Obama won in both states by a little over 100,000 votes. Voter fraud has been in the works for years. At least 52 employees of the left wing group ACORN have been convicted of voter registration fraud. ACORN itself was convicted of the crime of "compensation," paying its registration canvassers bonuses to exceed their quotas. In 2008, 36% of ACORN's voter registrations were invalidated. Left wing political pundit Chris Matthews admitted last year that pretending to call someone from a polling company, then voting their ballot for them, has been happening in big cities since the 1950's. He admitted he knows that kind of voter fraud takes place in Philadelphia. Strong-arming people into voting who really have no desire to vote undermines our form of government. People do not choose to vote because they are uninformed about the issues and candidates, are lazy, cynical, or are content with the status quo. Voting someone else's ballot for them is cheating the system and essentially giving yourself two votes. When people claim that Obama won because the economy was improving, or because Americans generally think he is doing a good job, it is not true. He won through dishonest methods and rhetoric. Many of the votes cast in the swing states were cajoled, some legally and perhaps even more illegally, into supporting him. If voter fraud becomes acceptable, then maybe Donald Trump is right: it's time for a revolution.

Bill Annett November 11, 2012 2:24 pm (Pacific time)

Anon, old boy, what planet do you live on?

Anonymous November 11, 2012 3:25 am (Pacific time)

Obama only won because there was massive voter fraud. Illegals, people voting more than once, intimidation by the racist group Black Panthers, voting machines which came up for Obama even so the person voted for Romney, no verification if the person is even allowed to vote, dead people and pets. You name it, it was fraud all the way around. And there is proof. Obama was and will be a lose cannon. Nothing is going to change that.

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