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The Man Who Despises America: Mark Hyman

Is his anti-American rhetoric a threat to national security?

Mark Hyman
Mark Hyman, right-wing commentator, won Keith Olberman's Nov. 3 2006's “Worst Person” award.

(SALEM, Ore.) - Mark Hyman, the VP for Corporate Relations of one of the country's mainstream broadcaster organizations, the notorious Sinclair Broadcasting Group, wrote a Veterans Day article full of blistering lies and thinly veiled racism directed at the American President.

I don't know if he is aligned with domestic terrorists or some other kind of anti-American activists, but Hyman was and is out to steer Americans off the cliff.

Hyman's extremely leading analogies seem expressly constructed to injure the American vision of its first black President.

And it seems likely that Hyman's statements could be construed as "aiding and abetting the enemy", as he provides false, agenda-driven information to bring down the image of the President, which in turn potentially puts national security at risk in numerous ways.

Sinclair is known for some of the most greedy and anti-employee business practices in the media world. They've also gone to a great extent to manipulate the news.

The Rolling Stone wrote, "In the firmament of right-wing media outlets, Sinclair stands somewhere to the right of Fox News." Indeed, these guys will be remembered for their attacks on John Kerry during his election campaign, and for their complete and total support of the two wars overseas, which paid off well under Bush, but not the new President.

They're monopolizers with more local TV stations than any other station holder in the U.S.

Special thanks to

Olberman asesses Sinclair's Mark Hyman with similar findings

I can tell you that they run low-paid employees to the ground, and they were the first to jump onboard of the FCC deregulation in recent years, that allowed broadcasters to consolidate the ownership of multiple stations in one market.

This meant Hyman and his boys would buy a second station, fire the staff, and make all the people from the first TV station, run both. Look up the blogs if you ever want to know what Sinclair's employees really think of them.

Sinclair operates 57 different TV stations across the country in mostly small and medium markets. Some of these stations offer news. This allowed Hyman a chance to insert himself into the mix of media personalities and eventually gain a reputation as a biased GOP mouthpiece.

Hyman was known for his conservative, one minute talk segments called The Point, that ran on Sinclair stations between 2001 and 2006. In these bouts of right-wing propaganda which were highly criticized, he became fond of using words like "Cheeseaters" in reference to the French, and terms like "diddly-squat" as a system of measurement.

His words then and now, are a desperate and pathetic attempt to deliver slightly masked racism and hatred that seeks to engage the emotions of the sheep; those Americans who don't think for themselves, or even have the courage to. (There is hope for all of you by the way.)

People who refuse to acknowledge the truth of the last eight years and the endless string of lies that were fed to the United States public by Bush and his cronies, are no servants to the greater good.

But the people who benefited from the madness of Bush; that top greedy one percent of America's bourgeois elite, they are the ones who should be singled out as the subjects of news articles like this one.

In the first paragraph of Hyman's rant today, he instantly talks about how his words will, "make the nut jobs on the far left excitable beyond belief."

The reality of the matter is that his assessment applies to most everyone else in this country as well. Most Americans, liberal or not, disapprove of dishonest tactics, and most might say that Hyman's the nut job if there is one.

Enemy of Truth

In addition to Obama, this pundit is after the popular broadcasters and media companies and personalities who want to see greed tempered and the poor provided opportunities.

He targets Media Matters for America, MoveOn.Org, Michael Moore and Rachel Maddow. Of course he does! They are the few in the U.S. who speak the truth. Naturally a person representing the interests of Sinclair would be opposed.

His article for Veterans Day is titled, "Barack Obama despises America" and it is the most foolish and stupid statement I have heard in any recent time.

Obama is so far down the road compared to this pundit, that he will probably never really be able to address the writer's slanted, false statements. Barack Obama has plenty of faults, but characters like this don't even know what the real faults are. These pro big business advocates pump misinformation, and keep an eye out for weak spots, jugular veins, and more ways to inject lies into the informational pool.

Hyman cuts people down in his article because they are old, or fat, or different. It's a perfect snapshot of what the modern day neoconservative is willing to say and do. He's a spokesman for the bullies, the ones who dominate and lie. In Maddow and Moore and Olberman and a growing list of others, people like Hyman see their demise.

The truth is a bitter, jagged pill.

Hyman twists and lies his way through the whole article in question, with small truthful references sprinkled here and there, just enough to slime his lies down the word chute.

At one point the writer claims, "Obama ordered the release of the so-called CIA 'torture memos,' seriously damaging delicate intelligence relations with allied nations and placing at grave risk the safety of U.S. intelligence officers working overseas."

Note how he uses quotes around torture memos.

So come right out and say it Hyman, you believe in torture?

I saw this crap while covering the war in Iraq last year; detainees abused by contractors while they were bound, hooded and made to sit cross legged in ways no person really should. When they moved, they were kicked or had their hoods jerked. They couldn't see it coming, but it came, even though I was aboard this two and a half hour flight at night in an Army CH-47 that I boarded from the Marine base in Fallujah.

I guess that's how casual they are over there about torture. I was "taken away" after finally landing at Balad, and Army intelligence forced me to erase the tape. That's integrity for you.

And people like Hyman believe these serious crimes should be overlooked? Demented and out of control civilian soldiers at Abu Graib with no backgrounds in corrections, entertaining themselves with depraved sexual behavior and horrible human abuse?

Does anyone like seeing Americans appear as monsters? I think they're really bad representatives and wrong is wrong. In this case it's worse than wrong.

Hyman doesn't mention how Obama refused to release evidence of the torture at Abu Graib very recently, much to the chagrin of people who actually have Christian values and stand firmly against being a "torture nation".

Time to Wake Up

Almost all Americans know we've been had. This nation was sold down the road for the benefit of Haliburton and private mercenaries and we look terrible in the eyes of the rest of the world.

Thanks to irresponsible personalities, especially those who take advantage of their positions, like Hyman, Barack Obama has faced so many contrived charges that we could never list them all. It is treasonous. These Republicans just can't believe that we elected a black man as President, but they had better get over it, because people are paying attention and people remember.

The central theme against Obama in Hyman's article, if indeed there is one, is probably that Obama is bad because he is critical of this nation's past deeds. Like the rest of us, he knows that the United States has committed errors in the past and that atoning for those errors is the correct and honest thing to do. But he will use his position with Sinclair to perpetuate the misinformation.

He states in the article, "One of Obama's very few suggestions to cut into his $1.4 trillion budget deficit was to have servicemen and women pay for their own war injuries."

Obama never called for any such plan. This line is taken from Obama's suggestions that insurance companies carrying coverage for those wounded troops, above and beyond their regular federal coverage, might have to share the bill.

Imagine making the insurance companies, bailed out by the federal government... contribute. No wonder this Republican lost his mind. Certainly he has to protect the overtly greedy and dishonest insurance industry.

Then, even though it is specifically, clearly written that the new healthcare plan will not help illegal aliens, this Sinclair representative writes, "He's all for providing free health care to illegal aliens but believes wounded warriors should foot their own hospital bills. In fact, the Defense Department is about the only sector of government in which Obama has proposed slashing spending."

The Defense Department. Does anyone have any idea how badly we veterans have been treated by the DoD?

Oh, and Hyman, in case you didn't guess yet, is totally behind the oppressive racist state of Israel and its ongoing colonizing of Palestine.

He thinks Obama is bad because he has stood up to Israel. Indeed, Obama in the opinions of most thinking people, has caved to Israel in allowing the Jewish state to continue its systematic oppression of Palestinians, as well as Israel's obsession with stealing land historically owned by others.

Fear and lies: that is what you can expect from writers who attach their names to American companies that have drug us all down, and continue to.

Hyman and his bunch care about padding the pockets of their shareholders, and their own wallets; they don't care about you and I and they don't take the high road.

Tim King & Jim Rassman in Salem, 2004

Interestingly, Wikipedia states that, "Hyman continues to offer his conservative opinions in print and online for American Spectator magazine which erroneously states that he continues to provide commentaries for Sinclair Broadcast Group stations".

Andrew Heinz Kerry & Tim King in 2004

I know one thing, Hyman and his band of jackals organized the "swiftboating" of Presidential Candidate John Kerry, and that got us another four years of horrible leadership under Bush and his team.

I remember the revulsion in Jim Rassman when Hyman's name was mentioned. Rassman is the Green Beret that John Kerry rescued in the Mekong River during the Vietnam War. Hyman's efforts were the biggest at pushing the false information about Kerry forward.

I spent half a day with Jim Rassman during the elections, when I was a reporter for KATU in Portland. For him, the actions of Hyman in discrediting through deceit, was more than aggravating.

I also spent part of a day with John Kerry's stepson, Andre Heinz Kerry, during this time period. He was very positive and upbeat, but he couldn't fully conceal the way the lies about Kerry were affecting the campaign. It seems fair to say that the swiftboating of that Democratic candidate cost us the election.

People who vehemently represent the political interests of this sarcastic neocon can only have bad motives. Obama's Healthcare plan will be hard on insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies, and it will make large corporations take better care of employees, which affects their bottom line, and that is what this whole thing is about if you boil it down.


Rolling Stone: Beyond 'Fair and Balanced' by Eric Klinenberg Democracy Now's Amy Goodman interviews Mark Hyman

Drudge, NY Post spread Mark Hyman's false anti-Kerry accusations

A Disturbing Night in Iraq: Witnessing the Abuse of 'Insurgent' Prisoners - Tim King


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Shea December 6, 2009 4:09 pm (Pacific time)

Shucks, there for a second I thought I was linking to a legit news site. Now I see that it is just another Obama outlet, looking to slam anyone and anything against this takeover of America. Will you now do a story about the media and republicans being shut out of this transparent administrations meeting on the hill today? I bet not, you probably think it is just grand that We The People have no clue what this joke of a president is up 7o with our lives. Yes, our lives - it was a meeting about health care.

Editor: How funny, you are that same crazy lady who always uses different names, sometimes male, who knows? Get help, mental help, you know plenty about us based on the long string of comments you have left, which I have to say sure aren't the brightest.  If you think we are wrong for believing that the meek shall inherit the earth, you'll just have to wait and see.

Henry Ruark November 15, 2009 11:36 am (Pacific time)

Stephen: Yours-here is as distorted and off-realities as anything by Hyman: You keep referring to your "12 years of research" on the Bilderberg group; why not share some of the published material if ever solid enough for print in a respectable journal ? Re Bilderberg, in my "checkered career"l have personally known several of the constant participants and can assure you neither they nor Bilderberg-activities ever come close to the smears you and others continue to use on their sensible, rational and reasonable continued study by (mostly) elected leadership. IF you have ANY solid fact, why not share in open,honest Op Ed, complete with some of that vaunted "research". Yr link to youtube suffers from obvious fact that y-tube takes anything from anybody, thus somewhat denigrating its use as source...might as well cite HUSTLER, if you know and see it... You write:"Upcoming treaties that obama will sign, will basically end our Constitution." There, friend Stephen, is absolutely saleable coverage for TIME, NEWSWEEK, NYTimes, et al...if you can provide anything except wild, radical, undocumented personal feeling re whatever drives this itch for display here. Check with Tim for Op Ed space anytime you feel up to open, honest, documented dialog based on fact checkable by source/reference other than yr b-button...

Rory Fanning November 12, 2009 5:26 am (Pacific time)

I am losing confidence in the administration by the day but someone could spend hours refuting that Hyman article. His knowledge of U.S. history is an absolute joke. Thanks at least for starting the criticism of this idiot.

stephen November 12, 2009 5:11 am (Pacific time)

I have zero respect for Hyman, but I think people are missing the big picture. The last 12 years, I have been researching the Bilderberg Group meetings. The inside info that has come out, has been 100% accurate. Security at the G-20 last week was ten-fold, so very little info was snuck out the doors. They are catching on it seems. 1. More effort in forming an African Union, much like the European union, and the upcoming North American Union. 2. Population reduction. 3. Russia and China say a strong no to the U.S. when asked to devalue the dollar. On a positive note, Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty made a show of standing up for the people of the planet by noting that “the recent public policy of privatizing profits and socializing losses is unacceptable to taxpayers,” to which someone responded “Do you think they have noticed?” The response provoked laughter from the assembled oligarchs. Upcoming treaties that obama will sign, will basically end our Constitution. There is much going on, and as so many presidents before him, obama is just another puppet of the elite Agenda. It shocks me people cant see this. You might want to view this 4 minute video.

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