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Desperate Pleas From Burma's Dying Rohingya Population

Food shortages and continuing violence spell out one of the saddest stories in modern history.

Rohingya people hold signs begging for world help
Rohingya people hold signs begging for world help

(YANGOON / SACRAMENTO ) - Photos from our contacts on the ground in blood drenched Burma, tell the story in silence of the suffering of stateless people.

The rights of the Rohingyas were stripped away in '82 like the clothing of so many rape victims in this war of ethnic cleansing.

Now it has been announced that U.S. President Barack Obama will visit Rangoon, Burma along with Bangkok, Thailand and Phnom Penh, Cambodia later this month.

The U.S. seems hellbent on doing business with Burma and removing the sanctions from this former rogue country now called 'Myanmar' that has been run by a military junta for decades, known for torturing and murdering its political opponents. The easing of national rules allowed the current Genocide of Rohingya Muslims to begin and it is similar to Bosnia and out of control.

The main problem is that these people were stripped of citizenship by that same rogue government way back in 1982 and nobody has bothered to correct this illegal law that has so many now suffering and dying without adequate representation.

So they do what they can and get as many photos out as possible. I hope people reading this will look at the signs they are holding up.

Some will note reference to the 'OIC' and this group, Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), has been thwarted in its attempts to assist this population crying out for justice and mercy.

UN reacts to food crisis in Rakhine State

The United Nations’ World Food Programme (WFP) announced on Tuesday that it has begun distributing food for more than 27,000 people in townships affected sectarian violence in Burma’s Rakhine state.

Addressing reporters in Geneva, a WFP spokesperson, Elisabeth Byrs, said the UN food agency expects to reach 35,000 displaced people by midweek, and, wherever possible, it will deliver food directly into the hands of refugee camp committees.

Byrs added that all food supplies were dispatched predominantly by boat, as this was the most practical way of reaching most of the affected populations. At least 12 separate boatloads have been completed, she said, and in areas with shallow waters, WFP has used smaller boats to reach the displaced.

At least 89 people have been killed and 35,000 displaced since the upsurge of inter-communal violence a fortnight ago, and more than 5,300 houses and religious buildings have been destroyed, according to UN estimates.

Byrs also said that WFP urgently requires US $11 million to cover six months’ food needs of 100,000 displaced people in Rakhine State, as well as to ensure that food can be purchased now and delivered in time.

“Without a strong, immediate donor response, WFP would be forced to start cutting rations to the displaced by December,” she said, adding that the agency will continue to work closely with the Burmese authorities and local governments to ensure access to the most vulnerable populations.

The UN announcement came after Geneva-based Médecins Sans Frontières released a statement on Monday claiming that its medical teams were being prevented from treating people in Rakhine State. See: http://www.mizzima.com/news/regional/8357-msf-says-it-is-prevented-from-treating-arakan-victims.html

Meanwhile, the humanitarian news service IRIN reported on Tuesday that thousands of ethnic Rohingyas in Burma and Bangladesh may “take to the high seas and head to Malaysia” following renewed clashes between the Muslim community and Rakhine Buddhists in the region.

“The risk factor is certainly there,” Chris Lewa, director of the Arakan Project, an advocacy organization for the Rohingya, told IRIN. “Many [Rohingya] simply feel they have no other choice. Bangladesh has closed its borders so there is no other escape.”

“More people are getting on boats to get to Malaysia,” Phil Robertson, the deputy director of the Asia Division of Human Rights Watch, said. “This year might be one of the largest sailing seasons [of Rohingya refugees going to Malaysia from the two countries].”

According to UNHCR, more than 24,000 Rohingya refugees and asylum seekers are currently residing in Malaysia.

07 Nov 2012
President Office Issues Announcement No. 2/2012 Regarding Conflicts in
Rakhine State

Government of Myanmar
The President Office of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar issued an
announcement regarding the recent incidents occurred in Rakhine State.
The full text (translation) of the Announcement is as follows:
Republic of the Union of Myanmar
President Office
Announcement (2/ 2012)
31 October 2012
1st Waning of Thadingyut, 1374 M.E.
Announcement regarding conflicts in Rakhine State

    President Office has already issued Announcement No. (1/2012) that
individuals and organizations who were behind the incidents in Rakhine
State will be exposed and legal action will be taken against them.
    Starting from 21 to 30 October 2012, 89 people were killed, 136
wounded and 5351 houses burnt down, leaving 32231 people homeless in
the renewed waves of conflicts.
    The conflicts between the two communities showed signs of evolving
into an armed violence, even threatening security forces. A total of
180 percussion lock firearms were seized in the violent incidents.
Besides, actions are being taken against some arms-markers and
evidences used in making arms were seized.
    It is found that organization on the other side well prepared
their activities with organized arrangements using local made arms to
commit mob threats, terrorist attacks and violence and arson attacks.
It is obvious that not only political parties and organizations that
made peace with the government but also some local and foreign
organizations that are on the side of the other organization involved
in the incidents.
    In addressing the conflicts in a peaceful way, it is required to
be wise enough to take measures that benefit both sides in accordance
with the law. With regard to the recent incidents, all monks and
people are urged to join hand with the aim of preventing the image of
the State from being tarnished so that the nation can stand tall among
the world nations.
    It is announced that now is the time when the government is taking
actions against those who are involved in conflicts and individuals
and organizations who are behind the scene so that such kinds of
incidents with the devastating impacts on lives and property of the
people not occur again.

(Source: New Light of Myanmar, 1 November 2012, Vol. XX No. 195)


Americans, write to your political reps:

Find Your Representative - U.S. House of Representatives

Contact US Senators - U.S. Senate

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